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Zenly is one of the sensational applications that has gained recognition among Gen-Z lately. Zenly lets users access their friend’s live location, battery percentage, and the people they hang out with. The latest version of Zenly presents better searching options and an option to share your profile with the public. Are you planning to set foot on Zenly? Let’s see how to find friends on Zenly.

Zenly is hard to explain. It is neither a complete social networking site nor a utility-based application- it runs between these two concepts. According to reports in March 2022, Zenly is the 10th most downloaded social application. I am sure the creators have taken the demand more seriously from the design of the latest Zenly 5.0 version. Zenly was designed in candy colors in the former versions, but now it looks more professional.

You can find friends on Zenly by 5 methods- By phone number, By username, From other apps, From contacts and bumping on Zenly.With the new Zenly 5.0 updates and features, I expect a flow of people to Zenly sooner or later. When everyone is bragging about how cool Zenly is, your curiosity to find more of your friends is understandable. I have added five methods to find your friends on Zenly using settings, and there is a bonus for you. Roam around here to know how to find friends on Zenly.

How to Find Friends on Zenly?

Zenly is an excellent live location mapping application with a tint of entertainment. Adding more people to Zenly will expand your Zenly world and know where the bells are ringing for a party. When you are all friends on Zenly, you know when everyone is free to hang out and where everyone else is gathering. You can also make a surprise meet-up when you and your friends come to the same mall or street.

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When you Install Zenly for the first time, the application asks you to find your friends. If you skipped that part, let’s see how to step back to that scenario again. Let’s learn more about how to find friends on Zenly. Follow these steps to add friends on Zenly.

1. Open ‘Settings.’

2. Tap on ‘Add Friends.’

Zenly settings; How to find friends on Zenly

Now you can view five options to add friends on Zenly- From contacts, By username, By phone number, By bumping phones, and From your Apps. Let’s see how to find friends on Zenly using these different modes.

How To Find Friends on Zenly

There are four methods to add friends on Zenly. The application displays every possible way to expand your Zenly map. I am sure you will be able to find your friends on Zenly using any of these methods.

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1. Make Friends on Zenly From Contacts

If your contacts are synced with Zenly, you can view the friends in your contacts on Zenly. Here is how you add your friends from contacts,

1. Open ‘Settings.’

2. Tap on ‘Add Friends.’

3. Choose ‘From Contacts.’

Zenly settings; How to find friends on Zenly

4. Click on the ‘Add’ icon next to your contact.

5. Click on the ‘Invite’ tab on the right to the name in the contact list if your friend is not on Zenly.

Zenly settings; How to find friends on Zenly

Zenly will send them your invitation to Zenly or the notification that you added them as a friend. Wait for their approval to be friends on Zenly.

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2. Find friends on Zenly Using your Phone Number.

You can find your friends on Zenly if you have their contact numbers. Sometimes, You forget to save your friends to contacts, or they have just changed their number. Then using ‘Find Friends using Mobile Number,’ you can add your friend on Zenly. Here is how you do it,

1. Open ‘Settings.’

2. Tap on ‘Add Friends.’

3. Choose ‘By Phone Number.’

Zenly settings; How to find friends on Zenly

4. ‘Type your friend’s phone number’ on the space shown.

Zenly settings; How to find friends on Zenly

5. Click on the ‘Check Mark.’

You can find your friends from all over the world on Zenly without buffering. Choose and ensure the county code before clicking on the checkmark. If your friend is on Zenly, they will instantly get a friend request. If they are not on Zenly, they will get an invite link to Zenly via text message.

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3. Find Friends on Zenly by Bumping 

Bumping is the coolest feature to find friends on Zenly. Open Zenly on both of your devices and gently bump your phone to one another. Both of you will receive a friend request to be friends on Zenly. Bumping on Zenly excludes the need of remembering user names or searchin your friend’s name on contacts. If you are together, all you have to do is bump your phone together. Zenly also introduces self-bump where you can send an alert notification to your friends and family when you are alone.

Zenly settings; How to find friends on Zenly

4. How to Find Friends on Zenly From Other Applications?

Don’t worry if you don’t have the contact details of your friends or relatives. Zenly allows you to find friends using other apps. Currently, the application enables people to invite people using Whatsapp and Snapchat only. Here is how you do it,

1. Open ‘Settings.’

2. Tap on ‘Add Friends.’

3. Choose ‘From your Apps.’

Zenly settings; How to find friends on Zenly

4. Select ‘Whatsapp’ or ‘Snapchat.’

When you tap on any of the applications to invite friends, a link to a message request will appear to share. Select your friends from Whatsapp or Snapchat contact list and be friends with them on Zenly.

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5. How to Find Friends on Zenly Using Username?

Finding friends on Zenly is an easy way when you know your friend’s username. Here is how you do it,

1. Open ‘Settings.’

2. Tap on ‘Add Friends.’

3. Choose ‘By Username.’

Zenly settings; How to find friends on Zenly

4. Type the ‘Username’ of your friend.

Zenly settings; How to find friends on Zenly

Tell your friends to share their usernames next time. It is the easiest method to find friends on Zenly.

How to Find Friends on Zenly | Bonus Methods

Zenly describes five methods to make friends on Zenly by default, but I have two more ways to discover your friends on Zenly. Take a look at the bonus methods.

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1. Find your Friends on Zenly in Friends of Friends

Finding friends using the ‘friends of friends’ feature is another method to make friends on Zenly. The application lets you view your friends on the platform. Go to your friends of friends and tap on ‘Add’ next to their profile icon to send them a friend request. You might not be able to see this ‘Add’ icon if they are in private mode or if they’ve blocked you.

Zenly settings; How to make friends on Zenly

2. How to Find Friends on Zenly in ‘You Might Know Them’

Another straightforward way to guess your friends on Zenly is to check ‘You Might Know Them.’ If you are on Zenly and the application thinks you might know someone, it suggests the list of people you might know. You can tap on ‘Add’ to send them a friend request or click on ‘X’ to remove the list of suggestions.

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How to Find Friends on Zenly | Live Guide Here!

If you are still confused about the technicalities, let me leave a YouTube guide for you here. You can watch all the steps I mentioned above and make friends on Zenly.

How Does New Zenly 5.0 Work?

The new Zenly 5.0 is all dressed up now. It looks more professional, and the user interface also changed without filtering its excellent features. The New Zenly map allows users to register their fingerprints. Now you can search for friends, places, and addresses. Zenly added a new feature to make your profile public if you want. You can also view who viewed your live location if you are in public mode.

 We have three buttons at the bottom while opening Zenly. The middle button is devoted to messaging purposes—the button on the right helps you to recenter your location or view recent highlights. The left button is the searching button, with which you can search places and addresses other than friends now.

Wrapping Up

Zenly is one of a kind application. It feels personal and public at the same time. The idea of building networking social media around a live location is indeed excellent and challenging. The application is still progressing with new updates. Zenly version 5.0 is impressive with its user interface and color palette. 

Zenly being on the trending list, more people are jumping into the ship now. Here I have talked about how to find friends on Zenly and the bonus methods that Zenly unknowingly offers. Share this article with your Zenly friends and make new friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Zenly know that someone is sleeping?

When the profile icon color changes and a moon icon is displayed on your friend’s profile, they are sleeping.

2. How can you tell if someone is on ghost mode on Zenly?

You can’t say if someone is in ghost mode or not. No notification will be sent to you to alert you that someone has turned on their ghost mode

3. How to know who watched you on Zenly?

You can view who watched your location when you are in public mode using ‘My World’ on Zenly. Otherwise, you can’t have access like that. My world is a new category added to the account section in settings. It will allow you to select between public and private modes.


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