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Apex Legends recently arrived on the mobiles and has started off with a banger. The thing that has been tempting the gaming community most is the debut of a brand new legend Fade. Fade is a war-machine, basically introduced for those who enjoy engaging in power-packed combat battles. For you to enjoy it too, we have brought you a guide on how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile.

Fade was introduced in the game with a very interesting back story. When Ignacio Huamani escaped right from the mouth of death using his simulacrum suit, he pledged to take revenge for his murdered family members. He was put in the Apex Legends game as he believes that if he is known to the outside world, the murderers of his family members would come after him and then he would finally be able to take his revenge.

Here in this guide, we have stated two different methods of how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile. So let’s not waste any time and quickly move to the steps.

Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends mobile is a multiplayer combat game by Lightspeed and Quantum Studios, and Respawn Entertainment. Originally launched on PC and Console, the mobile version is an exact replica of the PC version with all the modes, characters, and weaponry. Apex Legends Mobile comes from the genre of battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Garena Free Fire Max, New State Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile. Talking about the variety of modes, the game offers Team Deathmatch and 3-on-3 Arena war mode. 

Now, the main question that remains. Who is Fade in Apex Legends Mobile? Ignacio Huamani was actually the youngest member in a family full of military-tech hunters. As all of them worked together, they created a living “recovering” weaponry and finally sold it to the highest bidder.

When Fade was a youngster, he managed to take up a contract with a strange and mysterious client and finally acquired the suit for him. Unfortunately, the suit ended up being a trap. His entire family lost their lives, and the suit propelled him into a completely different dimension. But, at last he made it back to the Outlands so that he could get justice and Redemption in the Apex Games.

Now that we know Fade’s origin story, let us move on with the article and take a look at the two methods on how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile.

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How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile?

Are you one of those searching for ways on how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile? Do not panic because we have got you entirely covered. Below mentioned are the two easy methods on how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile. Let us move further and check them out.

How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile Using Syndicate Gold?

How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

The first method to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile is rather simple and easy. Fade can be purchased using in-game currency Syndicate Gold. Fade would cost you 750 syndicate gold coins which you can purchase from the rewards store. This gold is available in packs of 280, 465, 935, 2340, 4680 and 9365. Hence, we would recommend you to buy the pack of 935 syndicate gold and purchase your own Fade with a bit of leftover.  

If you find this method of how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile inappropriate and don’t want to spend money on Syndicate gold, no need to worry because the next method is for you.

How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile by Levelling Up?

How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

If the first method seems a bit too expensive to you, then you would find this method of how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile quite helpful. Another way to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile is by levelling up in the Battle Pass mode of the mobile version of the game. Here’s some good news for you. You are not required to buy the Plus version of the Battle pass to unlock Fade. All you are required to do is play this mode frequently.

As you keep clearing the levels, you will be given 2 pieces to unlock Fade every few levels. As you reach level 25, you will have 10 pieces to unlock Fade. You can use these pieces to purchase Fade for free from the store. Pro tip: if you buy the Plus version, the process would speed up and you would be able to purchase Fade even sooner.

There you go! These were the 2 easy methods on how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile. Both these methods are equally effective, hence you may choose either of them as per your convenience.

Although Fade is yet to be introduced to PC and Console, players should not get disheartened as it is not like the developers have forgotten them. Recently, Newcastle was introduced and has been a great success and a center of attraction among the gaming community. Still if you can’t wait to get your hands on this ultimate Legend, then the above mentioned methods on how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile will definitely help you out.

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Powers and Skills of Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

The developers of the game have categorised Fade as ‘Phase Punisher’. It can be figured out from the name itself that like Legends Ash and Wraith, Fade would also focus on dealing with damage while he wipes out his enemies using unpredictable moves. Mentioned below are some of Fade’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile:

1. Slipstream- This is a passive ability possessed by Fade which helps him gain an increase in speed right after a slide with a cooldown period of 10 seconds.

2. Flash Back- This ability is a rather tactical one which enables Fade to go back to a previous position by rewinding his movement, with a cooldown period of 20 seconds.

3. Phase Chamber-  This ability is a rather strong one. Using this skill, Fade can create an area of void around his opponent, and get him stuck which prevents the enemy Legend from inflicting any damage. Fade can use this ability for 90 seconds, which is enough to kill any other Legend.

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Wrapping Up

Since developers are still pondering over when to introduce Fade in PC and console, the only way to get your hands on him is through the mobile version of Apex Legends. According to the developers, Fade was designed especially for Apex Legends Mobile, so whether or not it would amaze the crowd is yet to be decided. 

We really hope that this guide of ours helped you on how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile. If you find yourself stuck somewhere, leave a comment and we would be glad to help you out.  


1. What Legends are going to be included in Apex Legends Mobile?

The Legends including Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore, Octane, Mirage, Pathfinder, Caustic and the newly added Fade are going to be there in Apex Legends Mobile.

2. Which phones can support Apex Legends Mobile?

Requirements for Android is 4GB free space and at least 2 GB RAM and for iOS is the same as that for Android but the phone must be iPhone 6s or later.

3. Will Apex Legends Mobile cross with Apex Legends PC and Console?

The developers of the game made the mobile version distinct from those in PC and Console. Hence no, Apex Legends Mobile will not cross with Apex Legends PC or Console.


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