Xbox Series S Review: What all to Expect

Xbox Series S

New Xbox Series S is here and the internet is flooded with reviews, already. Microsoft came up with not just one but two new next-generation game consoles: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Both the new game consoles bring up the competition back in the market and an option for the buyers to contemplate over, either Xbox or Play Station.

Xbox Series S Review

The Xbox Series S is smaller in size as well as lesser in price than the Xbox Series X. Not as powerful, but still qualifies to be a next-gen game console.

What to Expect?

While the Series S is disc-less, you might not be able to play a digital version of Xbox games. So, to be very clear, this might not be the best option for players. Players, who own physical copies of the previous generation Xbox games.

On the other hand, new comers and first-timers, Series S is a great option for you. You will be saving not just money, but also a lot of space.

Games in the Xbox Series S will run at 1080p to 1440p in 60fps.

Xbox Series S Design

Xbox Series S Review
Source: Video Games Chronicle

The Xbox Series S is very small in size in comparison to the other Microsoft Game consoles. Microsoft claims that it is 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X. Because of its small size, it requires less space and also uses less power.

With such a simple yet amazing design, the console is made in such a way that it can be kept in any way, horizontally or vertically.

Talking about the appearance, Microsoft chooses to go sleek white for the Xbox Series S, a little similar to the PlayStation 5.

What Games you can play on the Xbox Series S?

A few games that have been already optimized in the Xbox Series S at the launch, with improved graphics and performance includes:

  1. Ark: Survival Evolved
  2. Assassin’s Creed Valahalla (Smart Delivery)
  3. Battletoads
  4. Borderland 3
  5. Bright Memory 1.0
  6. Cuisine Royale (Smart Delivery)
  7. Dead by Daylight (Xbox Game Pass + Smart Delivery)
  8. Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition
  9. DIRT 5 (Smart Delivery)
  10. Enlisted
  11. Evergate
  12. The Falconeer (Smart Delivery)
  13. Fortnite
  14. Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox Game Pass + Smart Delivery)
  15. Gears 5 (Xbox Game Pass +Smart Delivery)
  16. Gear Tactics
  17. Grounded
  18. King Oddball
  19. Maneater
  20. Manifold Garden
  21. NBA 2K21
  22. Observer: System Redux
  23. Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  24. Planet Coaster
  25. Sea of Thieves
  26. Tetris Effect
  27. The Touryst
  28. War Thunder
  29. Warhammer
  30. Watch Dogs: Legion
  31. WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship
  32. Yakuza: Like a Dragon
  33. Yes, Your Grace

Xbox Series S Price

The price of the Xbox Series S is $299.99, which is $200 less than the Xbox Series X. the lower and affordable price is a piece of great news for gamers on a budget.

if you feel that the price of the Xbox Series S is a little pricy, don’t worry because you can also buy the Xbox at EMIs for $24.99/month for 24 months by subscribing to Xbox All Access.

Xbox Series S accessory

Xbox Core Controller

Xbox Series S Review
Source: Somag News

With the two new powerful Xbox Series, Microsoft has now come up with a new controller for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Although the similarity between the new Xbox Core Controller and the older Xbox One Console is not ignorable, its still have some new features. There is a new “Share” button in the middle of the gamepad. This share button helps you to save screenshots and take game clips while playing and then share them.

The new controller also has a USB-C port. This port is used to charge the batteries.

SSD Extra Storage

Xbox Series S Review
Source: Android Authority

The new Xbox Series S and X are known for their storage spaces and expandable storage. Where the Xbox Series S might fall back in the storage department, Microsoft has designed SSD storage. Seagate is selling a 1TB SSD designed specifically for both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles.

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