What Does WTV Mean in Snapchat | WTV Meaning Explained!

What Does WTV Mean in Snapchat | WTV Meaning Explained!

Have you ever come across a text message that just says WTV? I am sure must have, but do you know what WTV means on Snapchat? If you don’t, you are not alone, and I totally understand it is not easy to keep up with all these emerging slang terms on Snapchat. But some of them are really useful, just like WTV, as it stands for something you very frequently use in your everyday life. No more riddles! I am going to tell you what does WTV mean in Snapchat in this article. So come along!

Snapchat, your instant messaging and snap-sharing app, is known for all the cool things, whether Bitmoji style, slang, or filters. Out of this all, slangs are one of the coolest things about Snapchat. Snapchatters don’t believe in writing long text messages but prefer cool slang to communicate. And who can deny that it is always more convenient to type WYF instead of writing Where are you from? Isn’t it?

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the article and learn what does WTV mean in Snapchat. Why wait, then? Let’s begin!

What Does WTV Mean in Snapchat?

What Does WTV Mean in Snapchat?

WTV on Snapchat stands for ‘Whatever.’ Instead of writing the 8-letter word W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R while texting, Snapchatters prefer to use the short form WTV, which helps them to reply to messages instantly. WTV is used in the same sense asWhatever you say,” “I don’t care what you say,” or “what will be will be, I don’t care.” “I couldn’t care less,” etc on Snapchat. 

So this expression, when used alone without any follow-up, is usually used to express indifference or show that you are least interested in the thing being discussed. 

Other than expressing indifference, it is also commonly used in situations when a person knows what the other person is saying is right but doesn’t want to admit it and just says whatever to end the discussion.

Like any other word, it also has positive as well as negative connotations. When WTV is used alone without any follow-up, it is usually considered rude. But when it is used in a sense to mean “no matter what happens” (lack of condition/ irrespective of the situation) and “do whatever you love to do” (lack of restriction), it connotes positive sentiments like camaraderie, compassion, unconditional support, etc.

And this is what WTV mean in Snapchat.

How to Use WTV on Snapchat?

How to Use WTV on Snapchat?

After knowing what does WTV stand for and what does the word/expression ‘Whatever’ means, it should be pretty easy for you to use it in your daily conversion. But if you are still a little confused about how to use WTV on Snapchat, here are some examples for you

Person 1: “Don’t you think you are weird?”
Person 2: “WTV!” (indifference)

Person 1: Shopping?
Person 2: “I’m down for WTV you wanna do.”

Person 1: “What will happen, Honey?”
Person 2: “WTV. Don’t worry about it.” (What will be will be)

Person 1: “I want to organize a Chrismas party this year at our home”
Person 2: “Do whatever you love to do, honey” 

Person 1: “Will you be by my side?”
Person 2:Whatever it takes, my friend, I will always be by your side.” (no matter what happens)

How to Respond to WTV on Snapchat?

How to Respond to WTV on Snapchat?

Now that you know what does WTV mean in Snapchat and how to use WTV on Snapchat, it is time to know how do you respond to WSG on Snapchat.

When someone replies to your messages with just WTV, It means they are not interested in the topic being discussed. But if you are not okay with someone’s WTV, you can ask for clarification by emphasizing your point. In other cases, when WTV is followed by a sentence, you can reply to it, keeping in mind the sense in which Whatever is used.

For example:

Person 1: “I want to organize a Chrismas party this year at our home”
Person 2: “Do wtv you love to do, honey” 
Person 1: “Thank you so much. Love!”

What Does WTV Mean on Instagram?

What Does WTV Mean on Instagram?

WTV is the short form of the word/expression ‘Whatever,’ and this expression means the same on every social media platform, whether Instagram or Snapchat. The most common use of the slang WTV is to express indifference. Sometimes, it is even used to play cool, though deep down, you are dying to know the whole story!

What Does WTV Mean in Text?

What Does WTV Mean in Text?

WTV meaning in text is exactly the same as what it means on Snapchat and Instagram. People these days are using the short form (WTV) of the word ‘Whatever’ instead of writing the long 8-letter word, but the sense in which it is used is the same (to express indifference or to play cool). So, if you receive a text with the slang WTV, know that it means ‘Whatever.’

Other Meanings of WTV

Apart from “Whatever,” the abbreviation WTV is less commonly used as:

1. What’s the verdict (what are your plan for today)
2. What’s the vibe
3. White Team Victory
4. Web Television
5. Watch the Video

Watch People’s Reaction to WTV Slang

With the use of WTV slang and other similar slang like WTW, WTM, etc, becoming more and more common on Snapchat and other messaging platforms, many people are taking to TikTok to show how difficult it is to keep up with all these new slang. One TikToker captioned its reaction video to the use of slang WTV by people while texting, TYPE NORMALLY IT’S NOT THAT HARD.” Another TikToker writes, “Swear to God, Girls abbreviate everything. Like, what does WTV even mean?”


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Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope now you know what does WTV mean in Snapchat. So, next time you come across WTV, you don’t need to scratch your head. Just understand the context in which WTV is used and reply to it accordingly. And yeah, for any further queries related to Snapchat slang, acronyms, and phrases, you can comment in the comments section below.

So, guys, that is it for today. Take care! And keep visiting our website, Path of EX, for more such queries related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Till then, Bye! Bye!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Snapchat WTM mean?

WTM means “What’s the Move,” “What’s the Matter,” or “Whatever That Means” on Snapchat. 

2. What is the full form of BTW in chat?

The full form of BTW is “By the Way” in chat.

3. What does WTS mean?

WTS means What the S***, Well that Sucks, What’s the Status etc.

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