What’s the New Instagram Update Today (January 2023)

Instagram update today (August 2022)

Social media platforms are always full of surprises because they keep adding new features to their platform almost daily. These updates would increase user engagement with the platform. TikTok is the leader in such cases as they have been able to keep their users thrilled with the new updates on their platform. Instagram update today has also introduced new features to their platform.

Although the users are almost divided due to the new introduction from Meta. Some believe it would increase user engagement, and some believe it may harm their reputation on social media. Anyhow people are enjoying the new feature. Gen Z, who spend a lot of time on trending platforms like TikTok, would not find difficulty in adjusting to the new change introduced on the platform.

I will not keep your mystery and would like to introduce the new feature of Instagram through our article below. You will find all the necessary details there.

What’s in the Instagram Update Today?

Instagram has recently updated its platform and has brought many new features. With the New Year, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced a change in the priorities of Instagram. In a recent post, the CEO announced that the platform would be focusing on three major things in 2023 which are:

  • Inspire people to be creative
  • Help people discover things they love
  • Spark connections between people

This is a sum up of all the things Instagram wants to do in the year 2023, but what about today? Is there any Instagram Update today? Well, yes! Instagram has recently released a lot of new features, so let us have a look at them.

Instagram Update Today: Leave a Note

Instagram Update Today

The first Instagram update today I’ll be talking about is the Notes feature. This interactive feature was introduced in December and will be pushed in the upcoming year. The feature allows the user to share disappearing content with their close friends or mutual followers.

Since Instagram has ‘Spark connection between people’ as one of its goals for the year, this feature seems to be an apt addition. Instagram Notes appear above the direct messaging screen of your app. A user can post their thoughts on Instagram using text and emojis with a limit of 60 characters. It is up to the discretion of a user to add as many Notes in a day as you want to, but only the recent ones will show up in the section. 

Instagram Update Today: Add Your Nominations

Instagram Update Today

The next feature that I’ll be discussing in Instagram Update today is something Instagram might release soon. Hopefully, it will be in Instagram’s January update. The ‘Add Your Nomination’ feature is an old feature where you can share a story and ask your followers to share something similar. Say you post a picture of your pet; you can ask your followers to post a picture of their pet with the prompt ‘Share your pet’s picture.’ But this is old news!

In the Instagram update today, Instagram is expected to add a feature called ‘Pass it on.’ So, when you see a prompt that reminds you of your friend, you can pass it to them and ask them to participate.

Instagram Update Today: Candid Stories

According to Meta’s official site, we might see a new feature soon. This feature called Candid Stories, will let the users share their candid moments or what they are doing at the moment. Well, I know that sounds just like stories, but here’s the twist; these stories will only be visible to people who also share their candid stories. So, it will be a multi-author story and people can only see what others are posting, if they post a candid themselves.

Instagram Update Today: Group Profiles

Move over Instagram messaging groups; we are about to get Group Profiles! Yes, you read that right; Instagram is planning to introduce Group profiles on their platform. You can now create a profile with a group of your friends and everyone can share whatever they want to the profile. So, if you add a post, it will be added to the feed of that profile instead of your personal profile.

Instagram Update Today: Collaborative Collection

This is an intriguing feature that Instagram is planning on introducing. Collaborative collection will let the users save the posts they like as a collab with their friends. This is a great way to share your interest with your friends. You can make a collaborative collection with people you share the same interests with. This can be an interesting way to get to see new things that you might like.

Instagram Update Today: Full-Screen Feed

Another update introduced by Instagram is the full-screen feed. This is not a new feature. This is an experiment that Instagram has been trying for a long time. Instagram has rolled out a full-screen feed for selected Instagrammers. The feed will look somewhat like TikTok. As of now there has been no positive review for the feature, but there are chances that Instagram would improve it this year.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is known for its ever-changing trends and updates. In recent months, Instagram has seen many changes for creators as well as their fans on the platform. To know about, Instagram Update today and what new features will it offer to its users, read the entire article and do share it with your friends. For more trending stuff, keep visiting Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Instagram update today?

The Instagram update today is about adding new features like: Notes, Collaborative collection, Shared Profiles, full screen feed, candid stories and much more.

What will happen to the videos uploaded on Instagram?

As per the new feature on Instagram, the new videos uploaded on Instagram will automatically get converted to reels.

I uploaded videos long back on Instagram. Will they get converted to reels?

No videos uploaded before Instagram issued the statement will not get converted to reels.

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