What’s the New Instagram Update Today (September 2022)

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Social media platforms are always full of surprises because they keep adding new features to their platform almost daily. These updates would increase user engagement with the platform. TikTok is the leader in such cases as they have been able to keep their users thrilled with the new updates on their platform. Instagram update today has also introduced new features to their platform.

Although the users are almost divided due to the new introduction from Meta. Some believe it would increase user engagement, and some believe it may harm their reputation on social media. Anyhow people are enjoying the new feature. Gen Z, who spend a lot of time on trending platforms like TikTok, would not find difficulty in adjusting to the new change introduced on the platform.

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I will not keep your mystery and would like to introduce the new feature of Instagram through our article below. You will find all the necessary details there.

What’s in the Instagram Update Today?

What's the New Instagram Update Today (September 2022)

Instagram has recently updated its platform and has brought many new features. The features are incredible, and people are surprised and happy about it. Meta, the co-owner of Instagram, has announced that all the video uploads will now become reels virtually. This would take place even if the user wants it or not. They have also announced that the reels will get many new creative features that would double and even triple the short video format.

Instagram Update Today: Reels are the New Instagram Videos

What's the New Instagram Update Today (September 2022)

According to a statement by Meta, all videos shorter than 15 minutes would become reels. But the videos posted before the announcement would remain the same. So, from now onwards, you will find all your videos in the reel stream.

Due to the popularity of the reels on other social media platforms, it has earned a lot of attraction from the users for the same. Reels are more popular and trending on platforms like TikTok. So, I believe converting all the videos below 15 minutes to reels is a good idea.

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Reactions of Instagram Users

Some people feel this decision may not go well for the most popular photo-sharing platform. Users feel many people watch reels, and more content would attract more engagement. And it would also bring in more views on the reels. Some even feel this step would make Instagram more popular and more unique to its users.

This step may bring in a new trend in Instagram content for its creators and lead to more engagement for the platform.

Instagram Update Today: New Remix Options

The new options introduced on Instagram are the remix options which would get clubbed with the reels.

1. Remix For Photos 

Instagram is the premier photo-sharing platform; hence, photos are the core ingredient of this platform. So, options like a remix of public photos are available in the coming weeks. This gives you endless options for creating tells on this platform.

2. Remix Layouts

From now on, you can choose between a green screen, vertical or horizontal screen, split-screen, or picture-in-picture reaction view in the video commentary in the existing reels.

3. Add Clip

You may add a clip after the video as a sequel instead of having the remix play simultaneously with the original reel.

Instagram is expanding the access to its Reels templates option. You can enable it to its existing reels formats as templates for your clips. It is also adding a new Dual camera mode, where you can capture content and reactions at the same time by simultaneously using the front and back cameras of the phone.

So, Meta is more focused on the next stage, the metaverse. It needs to get its leading apps until it can transfer users to the next significant phase.

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Instagram Update Today: Favorites Feed

Your feed on Instagram will have two options. You can now have a Following Feed, and a Favorites Feed on Instagram. Yes, you read that right! While your Following Feed will show content from the accounts you follow, your Favorites Feed will show you content from accounts you have marked as favorites. Don’t worry, Instagram does not notify the person when you mark or unmark them as a favorite.

Instagram Update Today: Turn Off Suggested Posts

Suggested posts have been a major problem for Instagram users. Instagram’s algorithm suggests posts that match your interest. However, the problem arises when you see suggested posts in your following feed. To tackle this problem, Instagram has developed the option of turning off suggested posts. You can simply click on the three vertical dots on a post and click on ‘No interested.’ This removes the suggested post and helps Instagram understand that you don’t want to see similar posts.

Instagram Update Today: Snooze Suggested Posts

Instagram has also introduced the option of snoozing posts in its recent update. This can be done for suggested posts. If you see an unwanted post or reel often, you can snooze it by clicking on the three vertical dots and then tapping on Snooze Post. However, a post can only be snoozed for 30 days.

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Instagram Update Today: Full-Screen Feed

Another update introduced by Instagram is the full-screen feed. This is an experiment that Instagram is trying. Instagram has rolled out a full-screen feed for selected Instagrammers. The feed will look somewhat like TikTok. If the full-screen Instagram feed gets positive reviews, it is possible to be rolled out for all users.

Wrapping Up

People aligned with the reel trends on TikTok would be more comfortable using the new feature of Instagram. I believe the Instagram update today is duplicating the creative tools from TikTok and introducing replicant features to its users. This states that Instagram may lack originality in introducing unique features to its platform.

If the new changes on Instagram become famous, I believe people would not even pay any heed to such issues. Whatever it is, You and I have to use the introduced features, even if we like them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Instagram update today?

The Instagram update today is about introducing the new format for Instagram video reels.

What will happen to the videos uploaded on Instagram?

As per the new feature on Instagram, the new videos uploaded on Instagram will automatically get converted to reels.

I uploaded videos long back on Instagram. Will they get converted to reels?

No videos uploaded before Instagram issued the statement will not get converted to reels.


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