Top 8 Pro Tips on How to Get More Reach on Instagram (2021 Updated)

Do you wonder how celebrities or influencers get so many likes and reach in a short time span? To let you know that all the growing services are playing an important role here. The popular website Growthsilo customer reviews might help you for a better understanding. Is Instagram being biased for them or do they know a magic trick? Well, if you think of this as a magic trick, then Shhhhh, you can also master this by this post as this post is all about the Pro’s tips on How to get more reach on Instagram in 2021. But, remember to keep this a secret…

Instagram is a one-stop solution for the social networking world. It is an app with more than a billion daily users. This means Instagram makes the world come into your mobile phone where you can connect to people and directly tell them what you have got for them, but understanding to handle it can be hectic work because of its constantly changing algorithm. But not for you.

Going with the pro’s tips on how to get more reach on Instagram, you need to:

  • Be A Genuine Instagram User
  • Analyze and Post On-Peak Times
  • Share Engaging content as Engagement is everything
  • Use Instagram Stories to the fullest
  • Make Reels as a secret to new reach
  • Do the research and going with Proper Hashtags
  • Never underestimate the power of content
  • Concentrate on Alt text

But are these ways really helpful? Will this boost your reach on Instagram? Will this help you gain followers? Oh!!! So many questions. Don’t worry, you will find the answer to all these questions, below in this post.

How to Get More Reach on Instagram?

Instagram is a social network all about connecting people with each other and helping brands and creators reach and connect with their customers and audience respectively. But there comes a time in every creator’s life when the growth of numbers, their reach becomes slow and almost stops growing.

Tip no. 1: Be A Genuine Instagram User

Be A Genuine Instagram User: Pro's tip on how to get more reach on Instagram in 2021
Source: Teknoted

What does it mean to be a Genuine Instagram user?
What does it have to do with increasing and boosting reach?

Here it is!

Being a genuine Instagram user means following and abide by all the community guidelines provided by the gram. These guidelines are to promote healthy user behavior on Instagram- avoiding the content of nudity, violence, and abuse.

CAUTION: Instagram does not prefer this kind of content!!!

But what does this has to do with reach?
How this can help you to get more reach on Instagram?

It is simple! Instagram does not like this kind of content and makes sure it does not reach people and henceforth, decreasing your reach on the platform.

Bottom line being, Post content that agrees to the community guidelines of Instagram. That’s all!

Tip no. 2: Post On Peak Times

Post On Peak Times: Pro's tip on how to get more reach on Instagram in 2021
Source: Pinterest

Peak time??

What is meant by posting on peak times??

Not rocket science, Posting on peak time is to post your content- post, carousel, story, reel, igtv, etc. at the time when most of the users and your followers, in particular, are most active on Instagram.

As you post, your content reaches more and more people as early as it can and increases initial reach.

But how can you know about this? Well, Instagram itself will help you out. It has got insights, where you will get to know about the time, days, even hours when your audience is active.

Tip no. 3: Engagement is everything

Engagement is everything: Pro's tip on how to get more reach on Instagram in 2021
Source: We eat Together

What is engagement?

You know how we always hear-“content is the king”?
What we don’t hear is “engagement is its queen.”
And just like chess, queen, u…la…la…. is the most powerful weapon.

Engagement in simple language means interaction. The interaction, which your audience is doing with your posts, stories, or videos on Instagram. The engagement can be in the form of likes, comments, shares, and saves.

Here, The more the better.

Instagram’s algorithm detects that people are engaging with particular posts and makes it reach more and more people hence boosting your reach.

Tip no. 4: Don’t Underestimate Instagram Stories

Don't Underestimate Instagram Stories: Pro's tip on how to get more reach on Instagram in 2021
Source: Buffer

Confused as to how Instagram stories help you to get more reach on Instagram?
Wait! You did not know Instagram stories are Reach Gods?
Well, now you do!

Don’t fuzz, just curate a visually appealing Instagram story, hook up relevant hashtags and post it on the peak time.

That’s it?
Ha… Ha…. Yes!

Try creating Instagram stories that are engaging. Add polls, ask questions, quiz your audience, and use sliders. These little things just make your stories fun. And people love fun. What say?

Tip no. 5: Reels are new Reach

Reels are new Reach: Pro's tip on how to get more reach on Instagram in 2021

If you are looking to get more reach on Instagram organically and haven’t tried reels yet, where were you living? Under a rock?

Instagram reels are the key to tremendous organic reach even if you don’t have that much followers on your account!!!

You can reach thousands of people with just one reel. And if your reel is innovative and creative enough, just one reel is enough to make you a celebrity. You can use tons of filters, trending reel songs, creative ideas. And darling, the stage is all yours.

So what are you waiting for? Go try one now!

Tip no. 6: Proper Hashtags Boost Reach

Proper Hashtags Boost Reach: Pro's tip on how to get more reach on Instagram in 2021
Source: Shopify

This is obviously not a secret to anyone that using hashtags helps to boost reach.

But what kind of hashtags should one use?

That would be an Instagram crime!

You are always supposed to use tags which relate to your post/content that you have created. You cannot use hashtags related to books in a fashion post!

Avoid spamming too!!! This has a very adverse aftermath on your reach.

Tip no. 7: Underestimating Content Is A Crime

This post about Instagram would be incomplete if it didn’t ask you to focus on your content. You will get engagement-a lot of it if your content is liked and loved by your audience. There is no other way.

Here is what you can do:

  • Create an amazing Instagram post
  • Write a bomb caption for it
  • Use proper hashtags
  • Tag relevant people if any
  • Post it on the peak time that means hen most of your audience is active on the gram.

What will happen after this? Will this help you to get more reach on Instagram?

When you create a post this way, you will be creating a blend of each of these tips and tricks mentioned above, hence creating a post optimized for reach.


Share it on your story and wait for it!

Tip no. 8: Get the best out of the Alt text

Get the best out of the Alt text: Pro's tip on how to get more reach on Instagram in 2021
Source: The Mighty

Hey hang on! It is not over yet!

Here is how you can get more reach on Instagram with the most underrated thing, which is an alt text

Alt text is to help people with visual impairments know about what your post is about.

Don’t miss this chance and enter the alt text- focusing on the keyword of your Instagram post. Instagram does it anyways but isn’t it better to take control and choose the alt text of your post?

It enhances your reach as it will let the gram know specifically what your post is about so that it can reach relevant people.

Summing up:

Pro's 8 tips on how to get more reach on Instagram in 2021
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So, these were the Pro’s Tips on How to get more reach on Instagram in 2021. All these tips are proven to be effective. But do not forget that all this will take time. It is not a one-night show!!

So, it is your turn now, get ready to do some research on Instagram, follow these tips, and get ready to rock the Instagram world.. But, don’t forget to tell me which tip worked best for you and share your views on them.


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