How to Watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE With Ease?

disney+ hotstar UAE; How to watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE

We all have grown up watching TV shows like Friends, Young Sheldon, Bing Bang Theory, and many more that have made our childhood special in one way or another. If you are a foreigner living in UAE, away from your home, or anyone living in UAE who is a fan of movies and dramas of Disney+ Hotsatr, then there is a way for you to watch all that you are craving. Hotstar is one such platform to stream all the entertainment, but the question is How to watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE?

Disney+ Hotstar is an Over the top(OTT) streaming service released in 2020 that is loaded with all the ingredients of the entertainment industry. Owned by the Star Indian Television Network, it contains more than 60 channels in 8 Indian languages. Not only it streams just regional and Indian channels, but you can also watch movies and stream other national and international channels and web series on it too. 

Disney+ Hotstar is released in India and also can be streamed in countries like the US, Canada, and Indonesia, but if you want to access it from UAE, an error message pops up on your screen. It is due to the licensing and distribution rights of the platform.

How to Watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE?

Disney+ hotstar; how to watch Disney+ hotstar in UAE

As you already have understood that Disney+ Hotstar cannot be accessed in UAE, and you are thinking, now what? Well, there is an answer to every query, and I have just the right one for this one. The easiest and the most widely accepted solution to the question, How to watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE, is to use a VPN. 

VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a service that creates an encrypted tunnel for your data by hiding your IP address and gives you access to another location server to access the services that have been banned due to one or another issue. It also protects your internet connection and privacy online. 

Steps to Install and Subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar in UAE

Free VPN for Hotstar; How to watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE

Mentioned below are some simple steps to help you on how to install and subscribe and how to watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE with VPN:

1. First of all, subscribe to a reliable VPN.

2. Install the subscribed VPN.

3. Log in to the VPN and then connect it.

4. Now, visit the Disney+ Hotstar website.

5. On the top right corner, click on Subscribe.

6. Select your Plan and click on Continue.

7. Enter your email id or phone number.

8. An OTP will be sent to the provided email or phone number.

9. Select your payment method and continue to start the membership.(Make sure that you have a credit/debit card that is acceptable in India)

Why VPN is Needed to Watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE?

Broadcasting and Streaming are governed by a lot of laws and regulations all over the world. Same way, streaming Disney+ Hotstar outside the areas where streaming and broadcasting rights of Hotstar are not there, it requires abiding by many Premium content licensing and distribution rights. It also requires many things to broadcast premium content outside certain areas, and this is the reason why Disney+ Hotstar cannot be accessed outside India and a few more countries. Without the permission of partnered content distributors in many areas, including UAE, Disney+ Hotstar cannot broadcast Premium content.

Hotstar specials; How to watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE

Disney+ Hotstar has used geo-blocking technology to restrict the access of streaming it outside India and a few other countries. Hotstar identifies your location from your IP address and blocks access if restricted. VPN replaces your IP with a different one. It masks your IP making Hotstar believe that you are accessing it from a place where it has broadcasting rights, and thus, you can stream it in UAE.

How Much Will Disney+ Hotstar Cost you in UAE?

Avengers movie on hotstar; How to watch Disney+ Hotstar in  UAE

Disney+ Hotstar has made various Plans that are designed according to the budget and entertainment needs of its consumers.

Some current Plans are:

1. Disney+ Hotstar Mobile Plan at USD6.25 per annum.

2. Super Disney+ Hotstar Plan at USD 11.25 per year.

3. Premium Disney+ Hotstar Plan at USD 18.72 per year.

Compatible Devices to Watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE?

Devices; How to watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE

1. Android

2. Windows

3. Mac

4. Ios

5. Smart Tv

6. Chromecast

7. Fire Tv

8. Linux

Channels available on Disney+ Hotstar

Hotstar channels; How to watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE

1. Starplus

2. Life Ok

3. Hindi1

4. Tamil1

5. Telegu1

6. Star Bharat

7. Star Utsav

8. HBO Original

9. 9XM

10. Hotstar originals and many more.

Wrapping Up

With substantial content among all Disney+ regions, Hotstar is providing its consumers with a quality and wide range of entertainment services worldwide. Being a famous country when it comes to the entertainment industry, India has a lot to offer and has fans all over the world. Even in places where Hotstar content is not easily available, people find ways to watch it. This article How to watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE was one such step to help you all get all the Indian entertainment in UAE, and I hope it helped.

Until next time, Keep streaming Habibi!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Disney+ Hotstar for free in UAE?

No, you cannot watch Disney+ Hotstar for free. You have to subscribe to a plan by following the above-mentioned steps.

Where is Disney+ Hotstar available?

Disney+ Hotstar is available in India, Canada, Us, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia.

How to select VPN for streaming Disney+ Hotstar?

A few things to be kept in mind while selecting a VPN are server location, security, speed, success, pricing, etc.

Can I stream Disney+ Hotstar on my phone?

Yes, Disney+ Hotstra can be streamed on your phone.

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