How to Stream Disney Plus on PS5 in 2024 | Watch Disney+ Shows 

How to Stream Disney Plus on PS5

Disney+ brought in more than 70 million users by 2022, with no lack of programming to provide users. Given accessibility to Disney’s streaming service on the PS5, these figures are sure to rise as gamers jump between high-end gameplay mechanics and some of the most well-known streaming brands. Using Disney+ on your PS5, you’ll get quick access to Disney’s animated flicks, live-action blockbusters, and hit programs from Star Wars and Marvel domains. That’s why you must learn how to stream Disney Plus on PS5 in 2024. 

Users could bypass the theatre and see the greatest films from Disney, Marvel, Amblin Studios, 20th Century Fox, and Walt Disney Animators from the comforts of home with Disney Plus.  Despite the lack of prime-time television, Disney+ offers over 7,000 TV episodes and films that can be streamed right to your PS5. The already large collection of information continues to grow with each big update.

Since you are looking to know how to stream Disney Plus on PS5, please go through this article in detail and you will get to know about the options available to stream Disney plus on PS5 in 2024.

How to Stream Disney Plus on PS5 in 2024?

How to Stream Disney Plus on PS5

Sine, the PS5 does not have functional VPN software, we will use ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer software to activate the features on the machine so that we would easily come to know how to stream Disney Plus on PS5. Follow the steps below to activate the configuration:

  1. Activate MediaStreamer via ExpressVPN
  2. Signup to ExpressVPN by going to their homepage.
  3. Go to the ExpressVPN DNS configuration site on the internet.
  4. Also, you can submit your IP address.
  5. Go to the ExpressVPN for the PlayStation settings menu now.
  6. Your MediaStreamer IP address can be found there.

How to Install MediaStreamer on PlayStation 5 to Stream Disney+ 

How to Stream Disney Plus on PS5

Before, you look to install the MediaStreamer on PS5 to watch Disney Plus, please start up your game system first.

  1. Select Network from the drop-down menu under Settings.
  2. Select Set up Internet Connection from the drop-down menu.
  3. Depending on your connection type, choose between Wi-Fi or LAN Cable.
  4. Select Custom from the drop-down menu, then Automatic for IP address settings.
  5. Click on Manual after selecting Do not Specify.
  6. Choose Primary DNS and type in the MediaStreamer IP address that you found previously.
  7. After that, select the Automatic option, followed by the Do Not Use option.
  8. Select Test Internet Connection from the drop-down menu.
  9. To activate the modifications, restart your console.
  10. MediaStreamer is now available on your PS5 device.

All that’s left to do here is go to your PS5 app store and install the Disney+ app. Log in with your details and stream all of your favorite episodes on your gaming platform from anywhere. This will ease out your problem on how to stream Disney Plus on PS5.

3 Best VPN to Stream Disney+ on PS5 

To get through Disney+’s severe location-specific, you’ll need a good set of VPNs. Just the strongest will be capable of breaking through. After long research, I have put over 50 VPNs through their paces to make sure the ones I recommended were the best of the best. The main contenders that stood out research after numerous tests were as follows:

1. ExpressVPN

How to Stream Disney Plus on PS5

The right VPN that will help you learn how to stream Disney Plus on PS5 is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN could bring you Disney+ from every location with access to the content, with over 3000 connections in 90 countries. ExpressVPN can access five gadgets at once and is compatible with all major software and gadgets and external streaming devices. 

2. SurfShark 

To know how to stream Disney Plus on PS5, you can also use Surfshark, which is the most affordable VPN for Disney Plus. This also circumvents Disney+’s location-based restrictions, allowing everyone around the world to watch their favorite episodes.

How to Stream Disney Plus on PS5

It connects to Surfshark on your PlayStation using SmartDNS, which is an alternative to a true VPN client, which requires more than 3200 servers in over 60 locations.

Furthermore, it provides an unrestricted number of concurrent connections per subscription at an extremely low cost.

Surfshark is available for all major operating systems and software, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and others.

3. NordVPN

How to Stream Disney Plus on PS5

While talking about how to stream Disney Plus on PS5, VPN for PS4 and PS5 that offers the best streaming experience is NordVPN. The NordVPN application offers a well-designed streaming setting to enhance the quality of your streaming experience.

It Disney+ is available everywhere at any time on more than 5400 computers in 50 different locations.

In addition to NordVPN’s VPN services, the company also provides a MediaStreamer service for connecting to the VPN on devices that don’t have a built-in VPN program, such as gaming consoles.

There is a 30-day cash guarantee, and you can use up to six devices at once.  This VPN is compatible with many services and apps.

How Can I Resolve Disney+ Difficulties On My PS5?

How to Stream Disney Plus on PS5

Verify the online items if you’re having problems using your Disney Plus program on your PS5 game PlayStation:

  • Your access to the internet.
  • Upgrades to the app.
  • The Disney+ app should be reinstalled.
  • Reboot your game system.

Where can I get the Disney Plus app on my PlayStation 5?

Enter Disney+ into the search bar on the PlayStation play store. Install the software, and it will appear in the TV and Video section of the game’s menu once completed. This will surely resolve the query “how to stream Disney Plus on PS5”.

Is Disney Plus accessible on the PlayStation 5?

Indeed, Disney+ is available on PS4 and PS5 through their respective app shops.

How Can I get Disney Plus to work on my PS5?

Select the Disney+ app on your PS5 and tap the settings icon on your gamepad. A menu will appear; scroll to the bottom to Refresh and hit it.

Is the Disney Plus App available for free?

Although the Disney Plus app is completely free to download, you must have an active Disney+ subscription to use it to watch films.

Is it possible to watch Disney Plus in 4K on the PlayStation 5?

Obviously, whether you’re going to pay a few dollars for Disney Plus, you’ll want to get the most value for money. As a result, you must anticipate using Disney Plus’s 4K streaming app.

You’ll also need a minimum internet connection speed of 25 Mbps to watch Disney Plus in 4K on your PS4.

If The PS4 will not stream Disney Plus in 4K if your connection speed isn’t good enough. You should check your connection speed.

What is the price of Disney Plus?

You’ll have to pay $6.99 monthly or $69.99 each year for a Disney Plus Premium membership. There’s also a Disney Plus package that includes Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99 per month.

Once you’ve signed up for Disney Plus, enter into the Disney Plus app on your PS4 or PS4 Pro with your details to begin streaming.

What Kinds of Shows and Movies Can You Watch on Disney Plus?

In connection with the question that how to stream Disney Plus on PS5, while using your PS5, you can enjoy over 900 episodes and films from Disney Plus.

How to Stream Disney Plus on PS5

Some of my favorite films are all of the Star Wars films, from A New Hope to The Force Awakens, along with classic Disney films like Moana, Coco, and Mulan, as well as some awesome animated comics like The X-Men and The Incredible Hulk series.

Wrapping Up

While we discussed how to stream Disney Plus on PS5, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic, and Disney Originals are all available on Disney Plus, a streaming service. Because of its priceless material, Disney Plus is the most popular streaming service. The steps to get to know how to stream Disney Plus on PS5 have been discussed and listed above. I hope I have done my utmost to meet your requirements and expectations regarding how to stream Disney Plus on Ps5. Thank you very much.

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