How to Watch Hulu in South Africa in 2023?

hulu; How to watch hulu in south africa

It is finally the weekend, and you have plans to binge-watch famous shows like Under the Banner of Sun, Extraordinary, Schitts Creek, and many more on Hulu to do away with your long previous week. But, unfortunately, while you sit down to execute your weekend plan and try to subscribe to Hulu, a message pops up on your screen telling you that you can’t access Hulu. Disappointed, you open Google and try to figure out the problem. After quite a research, you come to know that you cannot stream Hulu from your place, i.e., South Africa. Not to worry, today I will tell you How to watch Hulu in South Africa.

Hulu is an American subscription streaming service majority owned by The Walt Disney Company; it is very popular, with 48 million users, and growing every day. Launched in 2007, Hulu grew in popularity in a short time mainly due to affordable plans offered by the company as compared to other competitors. Hulu also offers a huge range of shows and movies to choose from.

As of now, Hulu can be streamed in the US only due to licensing and geo-restrictions. This means that anyone living outside of the US cannot access Hulu and cannot stream any show or movie on Hulu. But, as we all know, there is a solution to every problem, and we have got you covered on this one. 

How to Watch Hulu in South Africa?

movies and shows on hulu; How to watch hulu in south africa

If you are trying to access Hulu from anywhere in the world outside of the US, you must have come across an error message telling you that Hulu can’t be accessed. The best solution for how to watch Hulu in South Africa is to use a VPN. Connecting to a VPN will help you to stream Hulu from anywhere, bypassing the geo-streaming restrictions applied by the US.

When trying to access any website or app, it identifies your IP address and location. You cant access the said website or app if there is any restriction or it has been blocked by the authorities. The same happens when trying to stream Hulu from outside of the US. VPN will mask your local IP address with any American IP that you choose to trick Hulu into thinking that you are using it from the US only.

Steps to Install VPN to Watch Hulu in South Africa?

Vpn; How to watch Hulu in south africa

Here are some simple steps to follow to easily subscribe and access Hulu in South Africa:

1. Download a reliable VPN with US servers.

2. Install the VPN and select any US server.

3. Go to the Hulu website and signup.

4. Fill in the required information and select a subscription.

5. Choose a payment option( or a Hulu gift card)

6. Complete the signup process, and Voila! 

7. Stream any show or movie that you like.

That’s it! It only took you 7 easy steps to learn how to watch Hulu in South Africa. 

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing a VPN?

vpn features; How to watch hulu in south africa

If you are wondering what features to look for while choosing a VPN, then you are at the right place. Some key features to keep in mind while selecting a VPN are:

1. Server Location – this feature is important while selecting a VPN as it shall be able to provide you with the required location from where access to a particle website or app is available.

2. Speed – The speed of a VPN is quite essential when selecting a VPN. It should be fast and not very slow.

3. Security – Keeping in view security is foremost and important. VPN should have all the latest security features, like a kill switch, good encryption, etc, to make sure you are not vulnerable.

4. Success – While selecting a VPN, it is important to note and research how well the VPN is performing. The success of the VPN should be good.

Pricing of Hulu in South Africa

Now that you have got to know How to watch  Hulu in South Africa by using a VPN,  the next obvious question is, what is the pricing of Hulu in South Africa? Hulu is believed to be one of the most affordable platforms for watching your daily shows and movies. Some plans by Hulu are:

Hulu Basic Package:

At ZAR 145.73 (USD 7.99) per month, this plan gives you access to Hulus content with ads.

Hulu Premium Package:

At ZAR 273.40 (US $ 14.99) per month, this plan gives you access to Hulus content without any ads and also lets you download any shows or movies.

Hulu + Live Tv with Disney and ESPN:

At ZAR 1276.56 ( USD 69.99) per month, this plan gives you access to Hulu and a Live TV subscription that lets you record live TV up to 50 hours of DVR cloud storage and access to live sports but with ads.

Hulu + Live TV with Disney and ESPN (without Ads):

At ZAR 1512.74 ( USD 82.99) per month, this plan gives you access to Hulu and a Live TV subscription that lets you record live TV and access live sports without ads.

Some Devices that Support Hulu in South Africa

ios devices; How to watch Hulu in south africa

1. iPhones and iPads

2. Android phones and tabs

3. Fire tablets

4. Apple TV

5. Fire TV

6. Laptops and Desktops

7. Xbox

8. Kodi

9. Roku devices

Trending Shows on Hulu

trending shows oh hulu; How to watch hulu in south africa
  1. How I met your father
  2. Connect
  3. Alaska daily
  4. Only Murders in the building
  5. The Handmaids tale
  6. This Reboot
  7. Kindred
  8. Welcome to Chippandales
  9. Fleishman is in trouble
  10. Ramy

Trending Movies On Hulu

best movies on hulu; How to watch hulu in south africa

1. Summer of soul

2. The French Dispatch

3. Better days

4. Ultrasound

5. The worst person in the world

6. The last tourist

7. Hellraiser

8. The last duel

9. Dinner in America

10. Pig

Wrapping Up

Whether it is watching Hulu or accessing any other information, it is available at our fingertips. There is no reason that you shall miss out on all the fun due to a restriction. We have solutions for all your tech issues. Hope you finally got to know how to watch Hulu in South Africa with our little help.

If you want solutions to anything more, please comment below.

Happy streaming, folks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hulu available on the Play store?

Yes, Hulu is available on the play store.

Can I watch Hulu for free?

Partially yes, Hulu offers a one-month free trial for some basic packs.

Where can I watch Hulu from?

Currently, Hulu can be watched only from the US, but by following the above-mentioned steps, you can watch it from anywhere.

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