How to Use Facebook Ads Manager To Reach the Target Audience?

Your search for the most strategic tool for advertising on social media stops right here. Let me introduce you to do Facebook Manager Ads. It is the one-stop for all your solutions regarding managing all aspects for creating an Ad. Now you must be wondering how to use Facebook Ads Manager?

Ads manager is the command handling center for creating Ads on social media. It plays a major role in planning, organizing, resourcing for creating an ad. Along with that, it is such a vast platform that helps in managing an already created Ad. It will also help you analyze the ad’s performance running across the platforms. Facebook Ads manager assists you from the basics to the elevation point of the ads after you create them.

To begin any advertisement on Facebook, you need to make great use of Facebook Ads Manager. It is a surprise box with many surprises to offer you to assist your Ads creation. To know more about Facebook Ads Manager in detail, do not stop reading this article end. 

What is Facebook Ads Manager?

how to use Facebook ads manger to reach your target audience; what is Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a platform that serves all the social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to run ads on them. It is the priority check to start an ad on social media. Like in the car, the first thing you need is the key to getting it to start. Similarly, the key is the Facebook ads manager to start an ad on social media.

Facebook Ads Manager also helps manage the other information regarding an ad, like when and where it will be posted. Not only this, but it also helps track the performance of the ads. Facebook ads manager is also accessible on ios and Android. It will help you to track your ad performance anytime and anywhere. 

How To Use Facebook Ads Manager in Most Easy Ways?

You are looking to advertise your brand on Facebook, nothing can serve you better than Facebook Ads Manager. To learn how to use Facebook ads manager effectively, keep scrolling down.

1. Create Your Facebook Page/ Ads Manager

how to use your FAacebook ads manger to reach your target audienece: create your Facebook page/ Facebook ads manager

The first thing to be ticked mark from your checklist before accessing Facebook Ads manager is to create your Facebook page. If you have a Facebook page, only then you can think to advertise your brand on Facebook. Afterward, you must think about what tools are available on Facebook to use them. Facebook Ads manager comes into the picture.

After creating a Facebook page, you must consider creating an account for the Facebook ads manager. Do not worry about it. This is because the Facebook Ads manager gets created automatically when you create your page.

2. Enter and Confirm Facebook Ads Manager Details 

how to use Facebook ads manager to reach your target audience: enter and confirm your business details

In this step, you need to add some details regarding where you want to run your ad or which audience you wanna target. All this information you can add on Ad account setup under Ads manager settings. Facebook tries to make your work easy by automatically setting up the currency, and time zone, according to a place where you are recently located.

It will also help you to fill in information when the ‘Create Account’ pop-up appears.

  • Business name 
  • Your name
  • Business email
  • Business address
  • Business phone contact
  • Insert Website URL 

In case you want to edit the currency or timezone, you can surely do that. But the moment you change the time zone and currency, Facebook will automatically create Facebook Ad account, and also it will stop running the existing ads on your page. Therefore it will be a new start altogether. Be alert before you change any of the information.

3. Associate Facebook Profile With Potential Partners

how to use Facebook ads manger to reach target audience: associate your Facebook profile

After filing up all the information regarding your business profile, now it is time to associate your page with potential business partners and business pages.

When you are looking for ad partners on your page, then the Facebook ad manager account allows you to click on Users and click on partners. It will present two options to you.

  • Partners to share assets with.
  • Partners to ask permission to share assets.

4. Create a Facebook Ad in Ads Manager

how to use Facebook Ads manager to reach your target audience:create Facebook ads by using Facebook ads manager

After adding the required crucial information related to your ad, now is the time to create your very first ad. To do so, follow the below steps.

  • Click on the create ad button on the top right corner of the ad manager account.   
  • Campaign pop-up will appear, there choose the objective for your ad.
  • Now go to the Ad set stage, where you will be able to define your audience./ for the same, you can use the audience tool too.
  • Now you can connect the pages you want to display your on (Facebook or Instagram).
  • Afterward, select the Ad display formats (carousel, single image, video, or slideshow).
  • Add text and URLs to the format
  • After selecting all, review your created ad.
  • Now you are ready to start your Ad.

Wrapping Up

Facebook Ad manager helps you to plan, organize, create and post your Ad strategically. It helps you reach a wider audience across the globe. Along with the wider reach, it helps you to meet your business requirements very strategically. Hope you will be able to use Facebook Ads Manager, in a better way to benefit your business. All the best!!

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