How to See Spotify Stats in 2023 | Websites to Help You

How to See Spotify Stats in 2022 | Websites to Help You

Spotify has been the customized walkman for you. The digital music platform with millions of tracks and playlists that you will die for. Spotify gained more fame with the addition of podcasts to it. Many creators worldwide have been surprisingly making a living out of podcasts recently. A new thunderbolt has just arrived on Spotify- Spotify Stats! From now on, you don’t have to wait for Spotify Wrapped. Learn how to see Spotify Stats and start analyzing now!

Music Business Worldwide quoted ‘Spotify just dropped a stat that changes everything about how you should judge the streaming economy‘ about the release of Spotify Stats. It is the cocktail of your Spotify activity- top tracks, top artists, top genres, recently played, and many more. Get ready to surprise yourself with your listening statistics.

Spotify always made you in ‘Awe’ with its playlists. Spotify Stats is also not ready to take a step back from amusing you. It is the last guide you want to know everything on how to see Spotify Stats. Bonus notes for you at the end-Keep reading.

How to See Spotify Stats in 2023 | Explore StatsForSpotify

Stats for Spotify are better than a tarot card to tell your music vibe. One’s music choice defines their personality. So getting to know about your music is like getting into your head!

To check your Spotify Stats, follow me through these steps.

1. Browse Stats for Spotify

2. Tap on login with ‘Spotify.’

How to See Spotify Stats in 2022 | Websites to Help You

3. Login with your account that is connected to Spotify. You can also log in from your mobile number. Like I just did here-

How to See Spotify Stats in 2022 | Websites to Help You

4. Tap on ‘Agree.’

How to See Spotify Stats in 2022 | Websites to Help You

That’s it, it was that easy to learn how to see Spotify Stats in 2023.

What Can You See on Spotify Stats?

Spotify Stats gives you more information on your listening. Don’t let it be another hidden gem, explore it! You might be wondering what the data is and how it will help you. In the quest of learning how to see Spotify Stats, you learned how to log in to the tool. Now, let’s learn how to actually see Spotify Stats.

After you log in to StatsforSpotify, you can choose from the 4 categories placed above on the website. Four of these categories show Spotify Stats in the last four weeks, last six months, and all time.

How to See Spotify Stats in 2022 | Websites to Help You
  1. Top Tracks
  2. Top Artists
  3. Top Genres
  4. Recently Played

1. Check Top Tracks on Spotify Analytics

The top tracks section shows the top 50 tracks that you lured over recently. You can choose three scenarios – last 4 weeks, last 6 months, and all time! It displays the album cover, song name, and artist in chronological order of your interest. 

Do you like your top tracks? Make it a playlist then. 

  1. You can easily create a playlist from this Spotify analytics page below.
  2. Scroll down the page and tap on the big green tab saying ‘Create Playlist.’
  3. If you have made a playlist out of this, click on ‘View Playlist‘ to instantly listen to your new playlist.

How cool is that?!

2. Know Your Top Artist on Spotify Analytics

The top artist’s section in Spotify analytics also exhibits the top 50 of your music idols. It is shown as picture grids with the artist’s name below. You can’t create a playlist here. But if you tap on the grid, Spotify will redirect you to the profile page of the artist Spotify.

3. Which Are Your Top Genres on Spotify Analytics?

You might be someone who doesn’t care about the genre of music. But check your Spotify Stats for once and open your top genre. I am sure you will be mesmerized by the fact that you like a particular genre unknowingly. Yes!! There is music for everyone.

4. Check out Your Recently Played on Spotify Analytics

No need for an introduction here. You must be hiding your earbuds under your hair and listening to Spotify now. Recently played sections of Spotify Stats show ‘artist,’ ‘track,’ and ‘played at’ as a list.

I found the Spotify app better for the recently played playlist. Because it provides ‘More of what you like,’ ‘Based on your recent listening,’ ‘Jump back in,’ ‘Your top mixes,’ and ‘Made for me’ using my recently played list.

How to Delete Your Spotify Stats?

Keeping your Spotify stat account is a good thing as you can watch your music taste change over time. The website will be up-to-date with your Spotify activity to provide better statistics. Are you thinking about deleting your Spotify stat account?

No worries here!

1. Click on ‘Account’ on the top right corner of the website

How to Delete Your Spotify Stats?

2. Click on ‘Manage account.’

3. Tap on ‘Data and personalization.’

How to Delete Your Spotify Stats?

4. Click ‘Delete account.’

5. Confirm ‘Delete account’ on the pop-up

How to Delete Your Spotify Stats?

Bingo! Your account has been deleted.

Bonus point as promised- Many third-party applications also provide the same services as Spotify Stats like Chosic. But we will never agree on sharing your credential with unknown apps- Just mentioning here!

Wrapping Up

From party mode to break-ups, Spotify has seen it all. The introduction of Spotify Stats was nothing but a cherry on top. Lately, every digital thing we access has started to show statistics. But Spotify Stats are different since it is close to statistics of our emotional well-being. Every mood has a playlist on Spotify, Right? 

We have covered everything you want to know about how to see Spotify Stats and knock us with any detail we missed. Meanwhile, Enjoy your day!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I trust Spotify Stats?

Yes. Since it is from the parent company, you can trust it. If you don’t want Spotify Stats to collect all your Spotify activity, you can easily delete the account.

2. Can I make a playlist of my top tracks?

Yes. You can directly create a playlist of your top tracks on the Spotify stat website. Scroll down to the end of the website to see the ‘Create playlist’ tab.

3. How do I find my Spotify Stats?

Browse Spotify Stats and create an account with Spotify credentials. Tap on ‘Agree’ to continue to the Spotify stat website.

4. How to See Spotify Stats?

To see Spotify Stats, visit StatsforSpotify, log in with your account, and click on Agree. Now, you can see your Top Tracks, Top Artists, and Top Genres on Spotify easily.

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