How To Start A Podcast On Spotify? 7 Basic Ways to Start a Podcast

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Smriti Razdan
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Spotify has completed 299 million listeners beyond 92 warehouses globally, just setting to create podcasts like yours. To start a podcast on Spotify, first, you need to understand what Spotify is. Spotify is a large platform for running songs, but last year in 2022, it made a powerful portfolio update to request Podcasters and their listeners. Edison Research reports that 43% of monthly podcast listeners used scenes on Spotify. That is why Spotify podcast obedience is extremely important.

Preparing your program across the major podcast catalogs is a vital piece of gaining some audience. It is very important to present a podcast to Spotify if you’re able to begin your show properly. If you need to start a podcast on Spotify, you need to understand the basic concept of the whole scene.

Moving forward, we have a step-by-step pattern on how to start a podcast on Spotify. You can easily learn about the program’s special elements and follow along with screenshots for the precise Spot podcast obedience method. Let’s get straight to it.

How to Start a Podcast on Spotify?

How To Start A Podcast On Spotify

Spotify is the second most familiar place to monitor podcasts in the world. Every podcast listener has nearly multiplied since 2019. On Spotify, anyone can download or run their play on mobile phones and iOS devices, PC, gaming consoles, automobiles, TVs, lively speakers, and whatever distinct mode they use to tune in.

Many podcast records follow a comparable process, and Spotify does not make any difference with that. The essential process is signing up for an account, presenting your RSS feed to the service, then expecting their permission.

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1. Your Podcast should meet Spotify’s Requirements

Before the Spotify podcast obedience process, make sure your program meets Spotify’s specifications. Use my checklist here to double-check your podcast’s frames:

  1. Your MP3 must be in ISO/IEC 11172-3 MPEG-1 Part 3 audio with bitrates within 96-320 kbps.
  2. Screen art must be in a conservative ratio and be in JPEG, PNG, or TIFF forms.
  3. The RSS feed must have a heading, a top art picture, and important details.
  4. Chapter headings and other consumer-facing domains shouldn’t be more than 20 characters and to evade ‘…’ truncation inside Spotify’s stage.
  5. Unique figures must be HTML coded inside podcast headings and information. 
  6. Chapter length can not exceed more than 200MB.

2. Creating a Spotify Account

Your next move is to start a podcast on Spotify, which is going to visit Spotify For Podcasters and logging in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you are suggested to generate one before you can proceed ahead, including the Spotify podcast obedience process.

3. Agree to every Term and Condition

How To Start A Podcast On Spotify in 2022? Basic To-do's List

The following screen is where you are going to start establishing your podcast’s listing. To start, press the “Get Started” key, which directly takes you to Spotify’s Terms & Conditions page. Viewed through the fine edition, add your full name, and agree to the Terms & Conditions. Then press the “Continue” option.

The next step to start a podcast on Spotify is to provide the stage to your RSS field link. Move over to your podcast hosting assistance and find your RSS feed link. Then combine the link to Spotify and tap the “Next” option. If you enter your RSS feed link wrongly, you will get an error text message advising you to enter the right link.

5. Verify your Podcast

Now moving on to the next screen, Spotify will check that you own the podcast content that you’re presenting. Then Spotify will then send an 8-digit code to your email location, which is associated with your RSS feed. This email location is similar to the one which you used while signing up for your podcast hosting service.

Find the confirmation email in your inbox, then enter the given code on Spotify. You just have 60 minutes to verify the code. If you miss this chance, you can always address yourself with another unique eight-digit code.

After confirming you own the podcast, press the “Next” option.

6. Enter Details About your Podcast

The next round is to start a Podcast on Spotify in which you need to record some details about your podcast which, include your country, its communication language, your provider’s name, and the podcast’s basic class.

How To Start A Podcast On Spotify in 2022? Basic To-do's List

After picking a basic class, you are then ready to choose 3 sub-categories. Spotify further authorizes you to pick 2 extra categories with their sub-categories. If your podcast crosses a broad spectrum of materials, it’s worth combining new class entries. In this way, your program will appear in more appropriate positions as Spot users adopt the platform to create new podcasts.

After performing each field, press the “Next” option.

7. Review and Submit your Podcast

The next step that you have to take in the Spotify podcast submission manner is to examine all of the information that you presented. Be careful about this thing because you are not able to refill the details again.

When you are convinced that everything looks OK, press the “Submit” option. After you press this key, you can start a podcast on Spotify very easily. They only need a few hours to examine the data and set your podcast’s listing active. Your program will display on the platform soon consequently.

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Wrapping Up

So, at last, I can say that all the relatable information is given to you through this article. If you find any type of difficulty within the data, you can just comment in the comment section, and I will reply to you on that. I hope all your problems and doubts are clear now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to put a podcast on Spotify?

No. The most obvious approach to making a podcast. Design and host countless events, share your presentation everywhere, and make payments totally free.

Are Google Podcasts free?

By Google Podcasts, you can discover and welcome the world’s podcasts for free. Support and attend to all your chosen podcasts. Examine program and event suggestions just for you. Peruse regular and trending movies in drama, broadcast, games, and more.

Why can’t you find your podcast on Spotify?

It’s difficult to tell, but it’s possibly relevant to the figure of streams a podcast holds. Spotify may also display personalized judgments here based on your listening history. When you agree to see “all judgments,” Spotify doesn’t resemble showing everything, but preferably the top 40 results.


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