How to Start a Podcast on Spotify: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

How To Start A Podcast On Spotify? 7 Basic Ways to Start a Podcast

Have you been listening to podcasts lately and are thinking of starting one? If yes, you can start a Podcast on Spotify as well. Maybe you don’t have any idea how to do so, Don’t worry at all! I have brought a detailed guide on how to start a podcast on Spotify

If you are a tremendously expressive and extrovert type of person, podcasting can be an ideal job for you. Podcasting requires an individual to share his thoughts, ideas, and opinions. The popularity of podcasts has also been hyped up recently. Among all the podcast listeners in the US, 46% of them use Spotify. So it’s a great platform to debut in podcasting.

So, if you have decided to start a podcast on Spotify but don’t know where to begin, here is a detailed guide for you on how to start a podcast on Spotify. Read the article till the end for the best qualitative information. 

Basic Requirements to Start a Podcast

Start a Podcast on Spotify

Before learning the information to start a podcast on Spotify, you need to know the basic requirements to start a podcast. Here is the list of bare minimum things you need to have:

1.  A Microphone

You will need a good-quality microphone because it will affect your podcast’s overall quality. The choice of your podcast can make or break your recording quality. Here are the qualities of your microphone that you need to check before buying one:

  • Polar Pattern: A microphone has numerous polar patterns from which it picks up the sound. Mics such as Cardioid are great for podcasts as they only pick up the sound from the front and have little access to the background chaos.
  • Connection Patterns: You need to choose between XLR microphones and USB microphones. XLR types are helpful in recordings with multiple guests as it connects with your computer and makes simultaneous recording easier. On the other hand, USB is easier to set up for beginners and for two people.
  • Condenser or Dynamic: Condenser mics are suitable for studio podcasts, produce crisper audio quality, and are more sensitive. Dynamic mics are suitable if you don’t want to capture the soft background noise. Both types are possible for podcasters. 

2. Headphones

You will need to make an excellent choice of headphones in terms of quality. Podcasters should hear their audio quality beforehand so they can fix it immediately. Choose headphones that don’t echo and audio bleed. I recommend you use wired headphones, as there is less chance of lagging, and you don’t have to worry about the batteries running out. 

3. Recording Software

Recording software is something that is required and is an important element of podcasting. There are various podcast editing programs from which you’ll need to make the best choice. Audacity is a free cross-platform audio editor which is best for the first-time podcaster. There are several more platforms, and they may require payments as well. 

4. Podcast Camera

You will require a podcast camera if you are recording a video podcast. Of course, you can also use your computer’s in-built camera, but I recommend using an external camera device. For example, you can use a good-quality DSLR or a dedicated webcam. 

If you have the best quality camera phone, you can consider that too. Make sure to check if it is a high-end camera that gives a 4K recording resolution. You can connect your phone to the podcasting app, along with an external mic, and that’s it. 

NOTE: Spotify currently does not supports video Podcasting. 

5. Laptop or Desktop Computer

Make sure that your PC devices are compatible with the podcasting software you are using. If you have a very old model computer, it may need fixing with the latest formats of the software and programmes. 

6. A Hosting Platforms

Whether you are gathering the equipment for hosting a platform, you will also need to choose the platform on which you would want to put your podcast on air. In addition to Spotify, you will have various choices like Anchor and Buzzsprout. 

7. A Topic and Format

Before you start the podcast, you must choose a topic and build a format for your podcast. Before anything in this podcasting journey, a proper plan is required. First, make it clear to yourself what your podcast will be about and which audience you want to attract. Figure out the goals and motivation of the topic to align best with the target audiences’ interests. 

These were some of the basic needs and requirements to start a podcast as a beginner. 

Technical Rules to Start a Podcast on Spotify

Start a Podcast on Spotify

After learning the details of the basic requirements to start a podcast, here is a list of some important technical rules to start a podcast on Spotify. Knowing this set of rules will helpfully serve you. Here are listed as follows:

  • Spotify Account: First of all, you will need to have a Spotify account. If you already are a Spotify user and listen to audio content, then it’s okay. Those who don’t use Spotify can sign up for a free Spotify account. 
  • Follow the Format: As you upload your podcast on Spotify, make sure that you follow the platform format. The file should be in the audio format as Spotify does not support the video podcast format. The audio format Spotify supports includes MP3, MP4, and M4A. 
  • Check Resolutions: Your podcast should have cover art of at least a 1:1 ratio. In simple language, your podcast should be at least 1400X1400 pixels in size. It should be in JPEG, PNG, and TIFF format. Of course, the higher the resolution better it would be. 
  • Information Box: Your file should have an RSS feed box that will include the podcast’s information. The title, description, content category, author, and language are in that feed box. If it allows, you can also explicit content tag. 
  • Follow Guidelines: Ensure your content follows the Spotify community guidelines. Spotify community guidelines strictly condemn and prohibit hateful and illegal speeches and activities.

These are some of the technical rules and regulations you need to know beforehand. These rules will save you from the podcasting mistakes that could ruin your hard work.

How to Start a Podcast on Spotify? 

Start a Podcast on Spotify

Earlier, you learned in detail about all the basic requirements to start a podcast and all the technical rules to start a podcast on Spotify. Now I will list down a detailed guide on how to start a Podcast on Spotify. Here are they mentioned below: 

1. Create a Spotify Account 

The very first step you need to take is to create a Spotify account. If you are already using Spotify, then it’s okay, but if not, you’ll need to create an account on Spotify.  

2. Agree to Spotify’s Terms and Conditions

The next thing you need to do is to agree with all the terms and conditions of Spotify. Spotify will allow you to proceed only after you read all their guidelines and policies. You will only be able to proceed further if you agree to it. Read the page in a detailed print and click Continue. 

3. Enter your RSS Feed Link

The next step you will do is to enter your RSS link to start a podcast on Spotify. You can find your RSS link in the podcast hosting service. Ensure you enter your RSS link correctly; if you add the wrong one, you will receive an error code. You will not be able to proceed further. 

4. Verify That You Own the Podcast

On the next screen, Spotify will verify that you own the podcast. Spotify can verify your ownership by sending you an eight-digit code to your email ID associated with the RSS feed. If you miss the code somehow and the one-hour expires, you can always request a new code. After the verification, hit the next button. 

5. Enter Details About Your Podcast 

Further to the verification process, you will need to add a few details regarding your podcasts. Details include primary language, podcast’s primary category, origin country, and podcast hosting provider’s name. It will also require you to 

choose further subcategories. After completing this section, hit on Next.

6. Review and Submit Your Podcast

This will be your final step in the guide steps to start a podcast on Spotify. You will be required to go through all the details you’ve entered carefully. Review all the entered data because once you hit the Submit button, you cannot edit the information again. 

Ideas to Start a Podcast on Spotify

Start a Podcast on Spotify

You are well aware of the basic requirements to start a podcast on Spotify, the technical rules, and the procedure to start a podcast on Spotify. Now, I will help you choose the topic to start a podcast on Spotify. Here are some suggestions for you to start a podcast on Spotify mentioned below: 

1. Interviews

If you have a great network of acclaimed interesting people, you can conduct interviews with them and let their stories, opinions, and facts known to the world. In addition, you can conduct interviews with people who have some expertise in their field. They can even be commoners who have great interesting stories to tell. 

2. News And Current Events

You can choose the category of news and current events to do the podcast on Spotify. This can be an interesting topic to keep the audience updated and informed. That depends on whether you want to talk about international news, national or local news updates. You can discuss events and current affairs also.

3. Health And Wellness

With today’s modern, super fast unhealthy lifestyle, people are increasingly trying to know and improve their health more and more. You can band this opportunity to grab their attention by choosing the topic of health and wellness. Lately, the podcasts that cover these topics are becoming famous. You can also take in all the topics related to mental health also, as today, every second person is suffering from it directly or indirectly.

4. Business And Finance 

If you have some experience in the world of business or you know somebody who has, you can make an episode of the podcast with them. It could be a bit of great advice and a tip for the listeners in that field. In addition, you can discuss topics like investing, entrepreneurship, and market finance by sharing your experiences.  

5. Pop Culture 

If you choose to take up this idea to start a podcast on Spotify, you will have a variety of ranges to cover. It will include music, TV shows, movies, and social media. If you have a person who has expertise in these certain domains, then you can focus on that. It will attract a great audience as people love to have information and updates from the entertainment industry.

6. History  

Podcasts on historical topics can be both educational and entertaining. For these types of topics, you may need an expert in this field as only discussions will not help, but fact check by an expert will help to fetch real information. There are tons of unexplored stories and topics people want to read about but cannot due to the lack of time and sources. You can take a historical topic from a particular region, event, or person’s life.  

7. Comedy

If you love making people laugh, this can be a great idea. You can develop some comedy routines and telecast them on your podcast channel. You can do a series of comedy sketches or have a rotating series of guests on your show.

8. True Crimes  

True crime podcasts have recently been receiving a lot of attention from listeners. These podcasts are based on the real crimes that were committed. People love to hear such exciting and thrilling stories. These mysterious storylines develop great interest in listeners, which is very good for engagement with the audience. 

9. Culture And Spirituality

Start a Podcast on Spotify

Topics related to cultures and spirituality are gaining growth in the fanbase lately. Especially youngsters, who have little knowledge about these topics but are fascinated by them as they get to know them. Spirituality is also a topic that attracts a lot of youngsters as they find these topics very interesting.

10. Advice of the Day 

You can also take the advice of the day as the topic to start a podcast on Spotify. You can suggest to your listener healthy lifestyle advice that will improve the quality of their life and well-being. You can ask your listeners to comment on any advice they have. 

11. Paranormal Activities

Many people out there have a spooky and crampy interest taste. People love to know and explore unexplored and weird mysteries that have no logic behind them. Such events and activities have no explanation behind them and pull great attention when discussed. 

12. Animal and Pet Care

Numerous people are animal lovers. You can pick this topic to start a podcast on Spotify. You can share many pieces of advice and guidelines with your listeners who have pets or are animal lovers. By listening to the information you shared, they will be able to look after their four-legged friends with more care, expertise, and attention.   

13. Reviews

Podcasts are very easy and interactive. You can choose the topic to review if you are a great observer and have amazing analytics skills. You can review a movie, book, album, or product. The choice is yours. You can invite a guest on your show to discuss and exchange opinions about the particular genre you wish to give a review for. 

14. Sports 

There is a vast community of sports lovers across the globe. Your country or region would also have such a community, so you can consider taking this as a topic. Sports lovers would definitely love to listen to the discussions of their favorite teams, sports, matches, and events. Consider inviting a sportsperson to your studio for such discussions. 

15. A Topic You Know Nothing About

To start a podcast on Spotify, you don’t need to be an expert. You can choose to explore and gain knowledge. Take up a topic you know nothing about; you can know about it along with your listeners. You can invite an expert or source information from another source. You can discover various new topics and their information and quench your curiosity.

Wrapping Up 

In this article, I have discussed all the detailed information you require to start a podcast on Spotify, basic requirements to start a podcast, and the technical rules to start a podcast on Spotify. In addition, you also have read various ideas to start a podcast on Spotify. I hope all this information serves you in the right direction and will help you make your podcast creative and successful. To read more about such topics, visit our website, Path of EX. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to pay to upload my podcast to Spotify?

No, you do not need to pay Spotify to upload your podcast. Spotify is an all-in-one podcasting platform. Spotify is absolutely free for podcast listeners as well. 

2. How long does it take for my podcast to be approved by Spotify? 

Spotify definitely takes time to approve your content. It can take up to a few days to a few weeks for your podcast to be approved by Spotify. However, in some cases, approval may come within 24 hours.

3. Can I make money from my podcast on Spotify?

Yes, creators are free to choose ads based on quality. This factor can maximize your income from listeners and fan support tools. You can also get paid by sponsorships, paid membership programs, and affiliate marketing.   

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