11 Hidden Spotify Features That Will Change Your Listening Experience

Hidden Spotify Features

Spotify has been on the air for a while now, and many people might be stuck on its primary routine use. It has evolved a lot since 2006, and there’s an excellent probability that you might have missed some amazing features and hidden Spotify features.  

Spotify has some amazing features that you are unaware of. No problem! I have brought up some features that are hidden, and very few people know about them. Knowing them will definitely enhance your user experience and streaming service, and you will love Spotify more than ever before. 

Many people think that Spotify is only limited to listening to music, but it’s not the case. By reading this blog, you can find out all the details you need to know about the hidden Spotify features. 

11 Hidden Spotify Features That You Must Know About

 Hidden Spotify Features

There are many interesting and amazing features that you must know about on Spotify. Since Spotify’s launch in 2008, it has updated, added, and made great changes in its service. Music lovers and admirers would love to be aware of hidden Spotify features that they might have missed.

After great research work, I have gathered a list of hidden Spotify features that will give you the best knowledge of the above-mentioned. 

1.  Receiptify Spotify 

There are enormous features that are unknown to people out there. Spotify has been updating itself since its existence. Receiptify on Spotify is also one feature that counts in the hidden Spotify features. Many people are not sure how exactly it works. Before knowing how it works, let us find out its meaning.

What is Receiptify Spotify?

For people who don’t know what receiptify Spotify is, it is a web application that allows you to have a receipt of the songs that you have heard. You can have the receipt in the form of a hard copy or in the form of a document. You can share that with your friend later, outside of the app. 

How to Use Receiptify Spotify?

It might sound complex, but it is not. The procedure to use Receiptify Spotify is very simple to do. Here are the guide steps you need to follow: 

1. Open the web browser and go to the Receiptify site

 Hidden Spotify Features

2. Click to choose Login with Spotify. 

 Hidden Spotify Features

3. Put in all the required details or sign in from an existing account. 

 Hidden Spotify Features

4. Click on Agree to all its policies at the bottom of the screen. 

5. Choose the duration for which you want the track record. 

Hidden Spotify Features

6. Wait for the receipt to form completely.

 Hidden Spotify Features

7. As it will form completely, click on the Download at the bottom

 Hidden Spotify Features

8. Open the downloaded image in the Gallery. 

 Hidden Spotify Features

And that is all. Here is your Receipt for Spotify. This is a website only and has no alternate application. Apple Music can also use Receiptify Spotify. 

2. Use Spotify’s Built-In Sleep Timer

 Hidden Spotify Features

Spotify updated this feature in 2019, which is a sleep timer. This feature is helpful for people who need or have a habit of listening to music before falling asleep. Using Spotify’s built-in sleep timer, you don’t have to worry about draining your device’s battery overnight because it will cause the playing music to stop after a certain period of time that you set on the timer. 

How to Use Spotify’s Built-in Sleep Timer

This feature is easily available on Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Here are the guide steps you need to follow on Spotify to use Spotify’s built-in sleep timer.  

1. Open your Spotify app and choose the track you want to listen to.

Hidden Spotify Features

2. As the song will start playing, tap on the three dots in the top right corner.

How to Use Spotify’s Built-in Sleep Timer

3. Then, scroll down to the option of Sleep Timer.

 Hidden Spotify Features

4. Choose the time duration from the options given. 

And you are done with it. After doing this, you can sleep without any worry about the song being played all night. The music will automatically stop after the time period you set. This feature is surely very helpful for people who have difficulty falling asleep. 

3. Collaborate on Playlists

This feature of collaborating on playlists on Spotify allows you to create a playlist of your own. Not only can you create a playlist, but you can invite people to like it and listen to it. You can also collaborate with them in creating a new playlist together. This can be very useful during parties and festive gatherings when many people can put all of their songs in one playlist and enjoy it. 

How to Collaborate on Playlists on Spotify?

Here is the guide on how to collaborate on playlists on Spotify. Follow these steps to proceed further: 

1. Open your Spotify app and click on Your Library.

Hidden Spotify Features

2. Then click on the + sign in the top right corner.

Hidden Spotify Features

3. Then, choose Playlist to create a playlist on Spotify.

Hidden Spotify Features

4. After creating a playlist, copy the link of the playlist and Share it with the friend you want to collaborate with. 

And that’s it. Now you can enjoy the variety of music content suggested by your friends you choose to collaborate with.

4. Find Song Lyrics

On Spotify, it is also possible to learn the lyrics of your favorite track. Now you don’t have to google for the lyrics separately. You can see lyrics on Spotify that every music lover looks for after listening to the song. 

How to Find Song Lyrics on Spotify?

Spotify is now pushing its listeners to sing out loud and with confidence through the launch of song lyrics. This feature is also in the list of hidden Spotify features.

Are you also ready to sing along with confidence? Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open your Spotify app and play your favorite song.

Hidden Spotify Features

2. As the song will start playing while listening, Swipe up the screen.  

3. The Song Lyrics will appear in front of you in motion

4. The lyrics will be synced as they are being sung in the song. 

And that’s it. Like this, you can get access to the lyrics of any song you want. You can also read Are Spotify lyrics accurate to know in detail about lyrics on Spotify. 

5. Discover New Music with Daily Mixes

Daily Mix is also another cool feature that people are unaware of. This feature is available to both premium and non-premium versions of the app. When you listen to the music of your taste, Spotify starts to recognize and sense your taste in music and serves you accordingly. This feature completely reflects the music you are fond of.   

What is Daily Mix?

Daily Mix is a set of up to six playlists that are pre-mixed according to the music you’ve searched and listened to. You can find this daily mix playlist in your library of Spotify account. The Daily Mix feature is among hidden Spotify features and was designed to provide the user with more comfortable and familiar music suggestions. 

The songs in the suggested Daily Mix are roughly in the order. The user can enjoy Daily mixes on paid subscriptions as well as non-paid as well. Also, read more about Top 0.5 on Spotify.  

6. Share Music with Spotify Codes

Music is a shared experience that one enjoys more when explored and shared with loved ones. If you are a Music lover and are surrounded by similar people, this feature is for you then. If you want someone to hear the song playing on your Spotify, you can simply open your scan code, and by scanning your scan code, the other person will directly start to listen to that song. 

How to Share Music with Spotify Codes?

This feature counts in the 11 hidden Spotify features. Here are the guide steps you will need to follow to share music with Spotify Codes: 

1. Open your Spotify app and play the song you wish to listen.

 Hidden Spotify Features

2. Open the Page of the song playing and Click on the three dots at the top right corner.

3. Scroll down to the last Show Spotify Code.

 Hidden Spotify Features

4. As the code will appear, you can go further and share it.

Your friend can Scan the code and directly land on his/her app listening to the song. 

7. Use Spotify Connect

 Hidden Spotify Features

This is another one among the hidden Spotify features that you might not have explored. This is a great feature that allows you to manage all the devices for playing music. It acts as a remote for the music playing on Spotify

There are a couple of requirements that you need to follow. They are mentioned below: 

  • All the devices need to be connected from the same WiFi network.
  • The version of Spotify should be updated to the latest software.
  • A single account needs to be connected to all the devices. The use of multiple accounts will not be possible.
  • The devices like Smart speakers, TV, or computer should be connected properly.

Spotify Connect is a feature that is available to both premium and non-premium users. 

How to Use Spotify Connect? 

The procedure to use Spotify Connect does have a few steps. Here are the steps mentioned as below: 

1. Open the latest version of the Spotify app on your Phone.

2. Select the song to play.

3. Tap on the Now playing bar at the bottom of the screen.

4. Tap on the Devices Available icon. 

5. In the devices available search for TV, Speaker and the devices you wish to connect with.  

And that’s all. This is how you will have Spotify as a remote control for all the devices at your house. 

8. Stream Higher Quality Music

Many Spotify users don’t even know that they have access to adjust the quality of the music they are listening to. Spotify allows you to adjust the quality of the music of high quality manually and this is also one of the hidden Spotify features. 

How to Stream Higher Quality Music?

The steps that you need to follow to stream higher-quality music on Spotify are mentioned below: 

1. Open your Spotify music application.

 Hidden Spotify Features

2. Click on the Settings option.

3. Find the Audio Quality option and turn the toggle on. 

And then enjoy the high-quality music streaming on your Spotify. 

NOTE: This is only available for Premium subscribers. 

9. See What Your Friends Are Listening To

If you have a gang of friends on Spotify who are crazy music lovers and have great taste in music, then this one is for you. Now, this is what you can call one of the best hidden Spotify features. You can see what your friends are listening to on Spotify with convenience. This feature, when enabled, can show the Friends Activity on Spotify. 

How to See What Your Friends Are Listening To On Spotify?

Here are the guide steps that are to be followed to see what your friends are listening to: 

  1. Open your Spotify app.
  2. On the home tab, select Activity.
  3. Click on the People’s tab and find your friends
  4. There you can check your Friend’s playlist. 
  5. You can also check the Albums they have liked. 

Checking their playlist will definitely give you an idea/hint of what they have been listening to on Spotify. If you want to see the activities of your friends on Spotify, Click here to learn in a detailed manner.

10. Use Voice Commands to Control Spotify

 Hidden Spotify Features

Spotify has evolved to the possible extent of providing you with a comfortable service. You now have access to use your voice command to operate Spotify like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. It is very a very simple process to conduct. 

How to Use Voice Commands to Control Spotify?    

Here are the guide steps you need to follow up: 

1. Open your Spotify app.

2. Tap on the Search icon at the bottom.

3. Search for the Microphone icon.

4. Tap on it and turn on Hey Spotify.

5. Select Give Microphone Access.  

And that’s it. Now you can operate Spotify by just speaking. 

11. Check Your Stats Whenever You Want

This is a hidden Spotify feature by which you can check your Stats whenever you want. In stats, you can see your various track records, long year trends, and other playlists you’ve been listening to. 

How to Check Your Stats Whenever you want on Spotify?  

The steps you need to follow to proceed with this feature are as follows:

1. Open your Spotify app. 

 Hidden Spotify Features

2. Tap on your profile and open it.

3. When your profile will open, you will see your playlists and songs you played.

Hidden Spotify Features

4. You will be able to see up to 10 Music Artists and 50 songs on the page.  

And like this, you can see all the artists and songs you have been into.

Wrapping Up

After telling you detailed information about all 11 hidden Spotify features like Receptify Spotify, Daily Mix feature, collaboration and voice control, and much more, I wish you a happy Spotifying experience. This blog will help you best in doing experiments with the Spotify app. To read more such informative blogs, reach out to our site, Path of EX. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I see my Spotify listening history? 

To see your Spotify listening history, go to your home page and tap on the Recently played icon in the top right, and you can find all the songs you’ve listened to recently. 

2. Can I download Spotify songs to listen offline?

Yes, you can download Spotify songs offline, but you can do it only if you have a premium subscription plan. Without a premium membership plan, you won’t be able to download songs to listen to offline.

3. How do I delete a Spotify playlist?

Open your Spotify app and go to the playlist you wish to delete. As you will reach there, click on the three dots above the playlists. From the menu, click on the delete option, and you are done. 

4. How do I change my Spotify username?

Open your Spotify app and go to the settings. Open the view profile and tap on the edit profile button. There you can edit your existing profile name with a new name of up to 30 characters.  

5. How can I improve Spotify’s sound quality?

Open your Spotify app and go to the home page. Open the icon of Settings, and from there, turn on the toggle of Audio Quality, and that’s it. Before attempting this, make sure you have a Premium subscription.

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