7 Secret Spotify Features with Tricks to Enable Them

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Smriti Razdan
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The best platform to listen to songs! Spotify indeed is a great platform that has the best personalized playlists anyone could ask for. But do you know there is a lot more in Spotify? Read this article to get hold of Hidden Spotify Features with Tricks to Enable them. 

Spotify has over 87 million Premium Users and unlimited lists of trending songs. Most of the apps don’t even have that many downloads, so you can imagine how good as a music app Spotify has maintained its position in the market. Although even after being so popular, a lot of its features are hidden due to its interface. This leads us to present to you the Hidden Features of Spotify. 

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List of 7 Hidden Spotify Features that everyone should know

  1. Make Folders of Your Playlists on Spotify
  2. Enable Privacy Mode on Spotify
  3. Make Playlist with Friends
  4. Listen/Download Podcasts and Audiobooks
  5. Use “This is ____” in Search Bar
  6. Import Local mp3 Files on Spotify
  7. Improve Music Quality 

Now that you have seen the list, a huge part of the article is still not read by you that is, how to enable these features. Continue Reading to know everything about these Hidden Spotify Features. 

7 Hidden Spotify Features that are Actually Useful! 

Read closely, because there are many features of Spotify but these are the most useful ones. Don’t miss out on the steps. 

1. Make Folders of Your Playlists on Spotify

Hidden Spotify Features

First in the list of Hidden Spotify Features

Making Playlists from your favorite songs is surely possible in all the Music apps, but did you ever think you will be able to make Folders out of Playlists. Yes, Spotify lets you make folders from the Playlists you create. 

It is a recent feature and hasn’t yet been available in all Spotify applications. But Emma Bostian, a Spotify Software engineer has tweeted that the feature has been applied to 25% of the Spotify Users and will soon reach 50%. 

This hidden Spotify feature will help in sorting all of your playlists and will be more user-friendly. 

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2. Enable Privacy Mode on Spotify

Hidden Spotify Features

Second in the list of Hidden Spotify Features

Did you know you could listen to songs privately on Spotify? Apparently, it can be a lifesaver. Not all of us will need to listen to songs privately but some who share their Spotify Accounts can use it well. Imagine you are in a house party where everyone is DJ-ing from your Spotify account and suddenly an odd song comes up. 

Not everyone can get your music vibe, so it’s better to keep it to yourselves even if you are sharing your Spotify Account. Here is how you can listen privately on Spotify-

  1. From your desktop, Open Spotify.
  2. Click on the arrow displaying in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Select “Private Session”.

On mobile phones, you can open Spotify and go to “Settings”. Click on “Social” and find “Private Session”. 

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If this Hidden Spotify Feature is active then you will see a padlock icon with your avatar icon. You can end “Private Session” following the same steps. This is my favorite from all the Hidden Spotify Features.

3. Make Playlist with Friends

Hidden Spotify Features

Third in the list of Hidden Spotify Features

I think this hidden feature on Spotify can be used by everyone out there.  You can make playlists and share them with friends, along with it you can give them access to edit that playlist too. 

If you are stuck in a lockdown and cannot send any gift to your friends or bf/gf, it is the easiest thing to make them feel special. Send them a Playlist that you have made on Spotify and make him/her a collaborator. I am sure they will feel touched. 

4. Listen/Download Podcasts and Audiobooks

Hidden Spotify Features

Fourth in the list of Hidden Spotify Features

Spotify has undoubtedly the best collection of Podcasts, which you might already know. But do you know that Spotify has also Audiobooks that will amaze you to a greater end? It has audiobooks and stories based on Comedy, Sex, Knowledge, basically every genre.

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So don’t miss out on this Hidden Feature on Spotify and give yourself a treat by listening to Podcasts and Audiobooks on Spotify. 

Hidden Spotify Features

Fifth in the list of Hidden Spotify Features

If you already use Spotify, you will know that Spotify has a playlist for every singer/artist. (At least most of them are covered) These playlists are named as either Best of ArtistName or This is ArtistName.

Guess what? You can search for any artist just by writing the “This is ___” query in the search bar on Spotify. They have a ready playlist made for even the most unpopular singers, which is very surprising. 

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6. Import Local mp3 Files on Spotify

Hidden Spotify Features
Source: TunesKit

Sixth in the list of Hidden Spotify Features

Importing is Possible on Spotify! You heard that right you can listen to your local songs in your phone memory. As long as they are not DRM-protected, every mp3 song can be added to Spotify, just perform the following steps-

  1. Open Spotify
  2. Go to “Preferences
  3. Scroll down to “Local Files
  4. Select “Add a Source
  5. Select the mp3 file that you want to import
  6. Select “OK

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After doing this, you can create a new playlist and add the song there. 

7. Improve Music Quality 

Hidden Spotify Features

Seventh in the list of Hidden Spotify Features

Spotify offers you the best experience in music streaming, and it continuously works in improving the user experience. This leads us to talk about another Hidden Spotify Feature, you can improve the quality of music you listen to because sometimes due to a weak internet connection it is reduced to low quality. Improve Music quality on Spotify by following these steps-

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Go to “Preferences”.
  3. Go to the “Music Quality” Section.
  4. Turn on the toggle appearing in front of “High-quality Streaming”.

That’s it. That’s how easy it is to stream high-quality music on Spotify.

Wrapping Up

Spotify is a leading platform when it comes to music streaming. All of us might be using it but not all of us would be known to these Hidden Spotify Features. You can use these in your daily routine and can also share this article if you fount it helpful to you. Comment below if you need more such Hidden Features of other applications. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does hidden mean on Spotify?

Premium users of Spotify can hide songs they don’t wanna listen to from a particular playlist. That song will be skipped while playing that playlist.

Can you listen to Spotify for free?

Yes, you can listen to Spotify for free. Just log in to Spotify.com or download the app from the App Store/Google Play store to use Spotify for free.

Can anyone see what I’m listening to on Spotify?

If you are sharing the same account with a friend, then they can see what is often played in that account. If you want to avoid that, then use Private Sessions on Spotify


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