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Are you searching for games like Age of Empires so that you can pass time? If that’s the case, you’ve definitely come to the right place! If you’re trying to find some strategy goodness with a historical theme, a fantasy setting, or possibly something that is completely out of this world, there’s obviously no shortage on the various other lands that can be conquered and led. Which is exactly why our list of best alternative games like Age of Empires is here to help you out. 

There’s nothing that compares with creating your own city, civilization or even an empire from scratch with the help of resource management, military tactics, and a lot more things. Since there is such a wide range of experiences on the table for you, once you begin your quest to find the perfect Age of Empires alternative, it will definitely take you to a lot of surprising places. 

We have listed every single top pick below for your ease, with the platforms that the given games like Age of Empires are available on. Hence, without wasting any more time, we present you a selection of marvelous games like Age of Empires to keep you distracted. 

Alternative Games Like Age of Empires To Explore Fantastical History | iOS, Android, PC

games like age of empires

All the best alternative games like Age of Empires have been mentioned right below. They may not match the level of Age of Empires but they’ll do the job. We hope that you enjoy your path of discovering newly found similar games. 

1. Northgard

Developer: Shiro Games

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

games like age of empires

Northgard is an amazing game like Age of Empires. Vikings are totally the fad right now between all the best alternative games like Age of Empires. This indie game, Northgard, allows you to control your very own clan as they continue to create a settlement, managing successful trades, conquests, and lore.

This PC game like Age of Empires is different from your usual historical sims, because Northgard is not scared to lean into Norse mythology. This is exactly where all the gods play an extremely relevant role and you’ll find undead warriors roaming around the woods. If Norse mythology is your thing, then this game like Age of Empires is exactly what you were looking for.

2. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Developer: EA Los Angeles

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Command and Conquer is a classic game series for a certain reason of course. The storyline of this game like Age of Empires is a crazy plot infused with time travel. You’ll find exactly three factions to play as the Allies, the Soviet Union, and the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Actually forget all about historical accuracy, focus on the loads of weapons that you get the chance to play with while building bases and launching attacks. They include psionic schoolgirls, armored war bears, vacuum imploders, proton colliders, and nanoparticle shields and so much more. I’m sure a lot of you probably wish that all the history lessons were more like this Age of Empires alternative game. 

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3. Dawn of Man

Developer: Madruga Works

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

games like age of empires

If advancing your civilization through various periods of humanity is your favorite part of the entire Age of Empire, then trust me when I say that you would adore this similar game like Age of Empires. Dawn of Man would definitely occupy you with a lot of things to do. A few of your tasks would be to get your people from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, hunting for mammoths, cave lions, and even wooly rhinos, even fighting all the raiders.

But you should definitely keep an eye on the seasons because the technology tree is definitely still a few years off adding radiators. You would require food in your stores and even clothes so that your little people don’t turn into pink popsicles. The Dawn of Man is definitely set to pause your search for best games like Age of Empires.

4. Tooth and Tail

Developer: Pocketwatch Games

Platforms: PC, PS4

Tooth and Tail is a fantastic civil war simulation game among all the other similar games like Age of Empires. You’ll notice that it’s a much fluffier version than you may be used to. You have the role of a general in one of four factions- the Longcoats, Commonfolk, KSR, and Civilized.

In this Age of Empires alternative game, you also have the role to direct all the action on every battlefield, every attack, and retreats, scouting and building. You may even notice that this specific game has quite a difficult learning curve and it would definitely deliver a challenge to even the toughest RTS players. 

5. Frostpunk

Developer: 11 Bit Studios

Platforms: PC, PS4. PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

games like age of empires

If you’re a fan of strategy games which are actually bleaker than a Chernobyl episode, Frostpunk has got you completely covered! You’ll find yourself in a world which is completely frozen. Your character is the ruler of the last surviving city and your task is to keep all of your residents happy and alive.

That basically means that you have to put a lot of effort into building facilities and homes, taking care of all the resources, and even managing the power (which makes sure that the entire city is warm enough). This game like Age of Empires may not be one of the easiest but you sure will enjoy this one. After all, it’s in the list of the top similar games like Age of Empires for a reason, right? 

6. Surviving the Aftermath

Developer: Iceflake Studio

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Our sixth entry on the list of games like Age of Empires is an interesting one. Similar to the ways of how you’re supposed to build a colony in the Age of Empires, but there’s a twist in Surviving the Aftermath. All the similar tasks are to be done in a post apocalyptic world, So other than the normal management of food and power and shelter for people, you also have to keep a check on pollution (which would even cause radiation sickness), bandits, and what actions you would take in case survivors come to you in the search for aid.

You would definitely be required to send out some camp specialists in this alternative game like Age of Empires. This is so that they can manage to collect any rare resources and hopefully add on to your scientific knowledge. This would further lead to you building more at the base. Quite a lot of tasks but totally worth it. 

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7. Bad North

Developer: Plausible Concept/Oskar Stalberg

Platforms: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

games like age of empires

If the tactical battles of Age of Empires were your thing, Bad North is exactly the same game like Age of Empires, minus the survival parts. If that’s your cup of tea then congratulations! You’ll end up with just an addictive and brutal portion of real-time strategy. In this Age of Empires alternative game, you are required to defend your entire island from Viking Invaders who could possibly land on any single coast of your island and would definitely wreck havoc.

If you wanna be successful in fighting those vikings off then you would be required to manage your small units of soldiers while utilizing your island’s geography. No doubt that it is a pretty tough game but that is exactly why it stands out among the best similar games like Age of Empires. 

8. Cities: Skylines

Developer: Colossal Order Ltd

Platforms: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

games like age of empires

There are indeed a lot of gaming enthusiasts who are in the lookout for games like Age of Empires which only involves forming sprawling towns. If that is your situation, Cities: Skylines is definitely meant for you. You can spend a lot of time building a majestic city. But then it’ll hit you hard when you realize that your traffic infrastructure is completely broken. Or no one has any power, and the fact that you need to invest much more in your fire service.

This specific game has managed to get a lot of rave reviews when it was released and since then, it has only kept on expanding with a whole lot of add-ons and mod support. This automatically makes it a must-play game like Age of Empires for all those gaming maniacs who love balancing a craving for power and a good amount of respect for the way that all the systems work. 

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9. Tropico 6

Developer: Limbic Entertainment

Platforms: PC, PS4. Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Tropico 6 is another game like Age of Empires which places you in the role of El Presidente. Now, the decision is completely yours if you wish to be a cruel dictator or a kind and approachable statesman. You even have the option to send out your people on heists to steal trophies such as the Statue of Liberty, or even form strong connections with revolutionaries, and a lot more.

Although ruling a nation may not seem difficult at first, the more you play, the more you’ll understand all the complex situations. If you’re a PS5 or Xbox series X/S player, you’ll be glad to know that an upgraded version of this Age of Empires alternative game has been released. 

10. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Platforms: PC

10 Best Games Like Age of Empires: Working in 2022 | Age of Empires Alternative Games

It would be a violation to make an entire list of games like Age of Empires and not include this Age of Empires alternative game: Starcraft 2. This game is quite a trend and an extremely addictive one as well. The entire real-time strategy occurs in space. You’ll find humans (known as Terrans), the Protoss and Zerg (alien species with out of the world powers). The long term continuance of this game like Age of Empires is the result of mind blowing balancing and map editing options that just doesn’t stop delivering intense and amusing matches. You should definitely not miss out on this Age of Empires alternative. 

Wrapping Up

Well there you have it! Every single one of the top picks for the best games like Age of Empires in existence. We are strongly confident that you will be amazed by all of these. In case you have any more suggestions regarding the various alternative games like Age of Empires, feel free to share them in our comment box right below!


1. What are the best games like Age of Empires?

Some of the best games are:
1. Stronghold Crusader II
2. Age of Mythology
3. Dawn of Titans
4. Total War: Warhammer II

2. What are the best Android games like Age of Empire?

Some of the best Android games like Age of Empire are:
1. Clash of Clans
2. Rise of Kingdoms
3. World of Empires 2
4. Forge of Empires 

3. What are the best iOS games like Age of Empire?

Some of the best iOS games like Age of Empire are:
1. Age of Castles
2. Game of War
3. DomiNations
4. Forge of Empires


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