How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without them Knowing?

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Do you know the feeling when someone sends you a snap and you desperately want to show it to your best friend? To make fun of it probably. But you cannot, cause apparently Snapchat now notifies when you take a screenshot. Does that mean there’s no solution for it? Nope! You just need to learn how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing

Previously, when Snapchat was naive to the smartness of its users, we could screenshot it secretly. But now, after a few updates, it notifies other Snapchatters that you have screenshotted their snap or taken a screenshot of the chat. Clearly, no one wants to be caught and that’s exactly why everybody should read this article. 

Taking a screenshot isn’t a problem. However, when the other person knows, that can cause some. To be on the safer side, firstly try these methods with a friend on Snapchat who isn’t offended by you taking screenshots. Only after that, you can try these methods with other chats to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing. 

How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing | 3 Simple Methods

How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Before we begin the process, it’s important for you to know that Snapchat forbids its users from taking screenshots. It is against Snapchat’s guidelines to take a screenshot of someone’s snap without them knowing. If by any chance they find you doing anything that doesn’t follow their guidelines then your account can be deleted. For which you have to learn different ways to recover deleted Snapchat account

1. Turn On Airplane Mode 

How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

This method actually worked when I tried it on my Android 10. It may or may not work for you. But that doesn’t mean you cannot give it a try. You must. However, you have to follow the steps in the exact manner mentioned here to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing. 

  1. Launch Snapchat.
  2. Wait for the snap to load. But do not open the snap.
  3. Now, visit the Discover page.
  4. Turn on the Airplane Mode
  5. Now, go to the chat page of Snapchat.
  6. Open the snap and quickly take the screenshot. (They might have set a timer)
  7. Now, click on your profile icon on Snapchat.
  8. Tap on Settings.
  9. Scroll down to view “Clear Cache”. Click on it.
  10. Click on “Clear All”>“Clear”.
  11. Now, if you are using an Android, visit the application settings, and clear the cache of Snapchat. This option is not available on iPhones. 
  12. After clearing the cache, turn on the Airplane mode.

Now, check if Snapchat has sent a notification in their chat or not (regarding the screenshot). If yes, then this method does not work on your phone. If it doesn’t send any notification then you can try the method with others. 

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2. Use QuickTime on Mac

How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without them Knowing?

Okay, I will accept this method is a little complicated, but it works guys. You can take screenshots or screen records on Snapchat.  

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or MacBook and open QuickTime Player. 
  2. Click on “File”, and then on “New Movie Recording”.
  3. You’ll see a small arrow right next to the record button. Click on it.
  4. Among the option for microphone and camera, select your iPhone. 
  5. Now, you will be able to see the iPhone screen on your Mac. 
  6. Start screen recording on Mac and view snaps on your iPhone. 

If you don’t want to screen record their snaps rather screenshot them, then everything gets sorted. Open the snap from your iPhone and press Command+Shift+4 from your Mac. This will screenshot the snap on your Mac rather than on your iPhone. 

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3. Capture From Another Phone

How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without them Knowing?

If you are unable to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing then do not worry at all. If none of the above methods have worked for you so far, then you can simply capture the snap from another phone. I know it might sound funny to many people, but if no other method has worked yet, then it might be your only chance to capture someones’ snap without them knowing. 

To ensure that you capture their snap from another phone, you have to be very quick. Before opening their snap, open the camera from the other phone. As soon as you open the snap, capture it ASAP. 

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How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing

Wrapping Up

Besides this, there are no other methods to take screenshots on Snapchat without them knowing. If you have found a new method or hack then comment below and let us know about it. We would love to learn from you guys.

That was all about this article on “How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing”. If you liked it then comment below and share your views. You can also share this article with your friends who often get caught screenshotting. Have a great day! 


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