What is a Silent Live on TikTok? New Bizzare Live Stream Trend!

What is a Silent Live on TikTok? New Bizzare Live Stream Trend!

Every other day, TikTok comes with trends or challenges that urge all the TikTokers to participate. Recently, you may have done the you’re my bird trend, how do we see each other or any other. Right now, the TikTok live streaming trend is going viral, and creators are doing the Silent Live on TikTok. If you are eager to know what is a Silent Live on TikTok, you are on the right page.

Earlier, TikTok’s NPC streamers trend took over TikTok, and now the Silent Live on TikTok is requesting the users not to send gifts or interact during the live stream. Although the live feature on TikTok allows you to go live as a guest, the Silent Live trend is making the users curious about what is the point of Silent Live on TikTok when you can’t do anything and just sit there.

So, let’s get started and know what is a Silent Live on TikTok. Keep scrolling and understand about this latest livestream trend.

What is a Silent Live on TikTok?

What is a Silent Live on TikTok? New Bizzare Live Stream Trend!

The Silent Live on TikTok trend is all over the internet, where you will see the creator during the live stream, placing a text on the screen and asking the users not to comment, share, or send gifts.

Internet is flooded with mixed reactions, and many users reported that one of the famous TikToker Princessteshome yelled at the users and asked them to leave the live or the creator would end the live if TikTokers continue to send gifts, comments, or share the live during the live broadcasting.

Internet Reaction on What is a Silent Live on TikTok

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about what is a Silent Live on TikTok. Whether it is a new trend or a new way of receiving more gifts on the livestream, you can participate in this bizarre trend. Share your thoughts in the comment section if you find the article helpful. Visit Path of EX for all the trending stuff! Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I mute myself on TikTok live?

Yes, you can mute yourself on TikTok live.

2. What does mute mean on TikTok messages?

Mute on TikTok messages mean you will not receive notifications about the messages.

3. What does you’re muted for this entire live mean?

It means host has muted for an entire live and your comment history will also be removed from the live stream.

4. Who muted you on TikTok live?

Host or trusted helper can mute you on TikTok live.

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