Twitter Daily Limit: A Glitch Or Upcoming Twitter Policy?

Twitter Daily Limit

Twitter users are in a rage once again, but wait, this time, it is not something concerned with usual pricing and policy changes. Instead, this time is related to the basic functioning of Twitter– Follow and Following, and the matter of concern is Twitter Daily Limit.

This recent happening has made people question even the normal function of Twitter now. Also, it has put a big Question mark on the quality of services Twitter provides to its users. Since yesterday, people have been complaining about Twitter Daily Limit for following people, which all of a sudden has decreased to 1 user per day for many.

It seems like Twitter has sworn to downgrade the user experience with each passing day ever since Musk has taken over the reins of Twitter. Inc, the platform is in the limelight for not-so-good reasons. And the changes Musk has been committed to bringing in are no source of happiness to anyone, neither users nor to most of the company’s employees.

What is Wrong With Twitter Daily Limit?

What exactly happens is that when any user is trying to follow more than one person on the same day on Twitter, it shows a prompt saying Limit reached; you are over the daily limit for sending tweets. People are shocked because, as many of them, they haven’t followed any account in weeks, and now when they want to follow someone, it is showing You are unable to follow more people at this time.

And the recent Twitter API pricing policy has made it much more difficult for users to compile with them anymore. This recent change in the policy was not digested by the users yet, and there is a new issue- the Twitter Daily limit for following. Whether it is, a technical glitch or some change in the policy is not confirmed. But if the latter turns out to be true, then the day is not far away when you need to pay each time you want to follow someone on Twitter.

The irony of the fact is Twitter is a platform that is being used by most of us to complain about the issues and concerns that all of us face in our day-to-day life. But more often than not, this platform is being used to complain about the issue and concerns regarding Twitter only. Strange but True!

People’s outrage comes in many forms, and one of the users even satirically asked Twitter, “Did twitter fired all their QA? This type of bug that company like twitter should caught easily. I cannot follow anyone because they give limit of following 400 daily which broke, So following 1 people daily its overlimt. Its not even a rare bug, lots of people have it. SMH SHM.”

Twitter Daily Limit For Following People?

Twitter Daily Limit For Following People?

Twitter’s current daily limit for following people is 400 per day. So per day, you can follow 400 accounts on Twitter, but there are additional rules to prohibit following aggressive behavior, which they didn’t mention.

And if an account reaches a number of 5000 (following), then additional attempts to follow accounts are limited by account-specific ratios.

But there is another thing, “API requests from all third-party applications tracked against the hourly API limit.” This means people who use multiple third-party applications with their account will therefore reach the API limit more quickly than others.

Their support page even mentioned that “limits may be temporarily reduced during periods of heavy site usage.” Was it the time of heavy site usage? Well, I don’t know, but people are facing issues while following others.

If you encounter a message that states, “You are unable to follow more people at this time.” And following are the reasons that Twitter support has mentioned in their blog post.

  • You have reached the daily limit.
  • You have followed too many accounts in a short period.
  • You have hit a follow ratio limit
  • Your account is locked or limited.

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope now you know what the Twitter Daily Limit is for following people on Twitter. For any further queries related to Twitter, you can comment in the comments section below.

So, guys, that’s it for today. Take Care! And keep visiting our website, Path of Ex, for more such updates related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Till then, Bye! Bye!

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