Twitter Blue Subscription | Price, Features, Sign Up, & More

Twitter Blue Subscription | Price, Features, Sign Up, & Review

Every one of us likes to use the free service, but when it comes to the paid service, you get a chance to use the enhanced features. The same goes with the streaming platforms and now it is for the social media platform as well. The subscription-based service is for the Twitter Platform. Here, I will be talking about the Twitter Blue Subscription.

A Twitter blue subscription allows you to edit previously sent messages, view news articles without the interference of commercials on famous sites, share larger videos and get everything with the Twitter paid service. This all can happen once you get all the information.

So, let’s get started and know about Twitter Blue Subscription. You will love using this paid service on Twitter. Keep reading and evolve into a new Twitter world.

What is Twitter Blue Subscription All About

To experience the new version of Twitter, Twitter announced a Twitter Blue subscription service. With the help of the Twitter Blue subscription service, you can get new premium features to enhance the use of Twitter. All you need to do is, you have to do the monthly subscription.

Twitter Blue Subscription is available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the US. It is available on iOS and Android apps and on the Twitter website. You have to make the payment through the payment partner strip. However, you have to keep in mind you cannot get all the features simultaneously on the Twitter app and on the Twitter site. It may vary from app to site.

How to Sign Up For Twitter Blue Subscription on Android and iOS

If you want to know how to use the Twitter subscription service, you must know how to sign up for Twitter. To know how to do it. Go through the steps below-

  1. Simply open the Twitter app or Twitter site.
  2. Tap on three horizontal dots (Profile Menu on Twitter site).
  3. Tap on Twitter Blue.
  4. Click on the Subscriber icon.

Finally, make a payment and enjoy the service.

How to Sign Up For Twitter Blue Subscription on Twitter Website

If you want to know how to sign-up for the Twitter Subscription service on the Twitter website, you need to go through the following steps-

  1. Open the Twitter website on your desktop.
  2. Tap on the More icon on the profile menu.
  3. Tap on Twitter Blue.
  4. Tap on Subscribe.

Finally, make a payment and enjoy the service.

How to Delete Twitter Blue Subscription Service?

once you got aware of the Twitter subscription service, the next step is how to delete the paid service. The process is super easy. For this, you need to follow the steps below-

  1. Open the Twitter app or Twitter websitee.
  2. Scroll through the option and tap on Twitter Blue.
  3. Select Manage Subscriptions.

What is the Twitter Blue Subscription Cost

If you want to know about the Twitter Blue service, let me tell you it costs you around $4.99. You will get all the cost details in the local currency. All you need to do is, sign up for this paid service. However, this price may change for the new subscribers. To get more details, take help from the Twitter Help Center.

Is Twitter Blue Subscription Amount Refundable or Not

Twitter Blue subscription amount is non-refundable other than necessitated by law. It also encompasses the subscription for the suspended Twitter account or if you have lost the Twitter account. Also, you can cancel the subscription by going through the Twitter site.

Whether you have done it on the application or on the site, you can easily do the cancellation on a particular platform. If you are still confused about how to do it, you can get in touch with Twitter Contact support and get all the information.

Features of Twitter Blue Subscription

Once you got aware of the Twitter Blue Subscription, it is time to know about its features of Twitter Blue Subscription.

  1. Enjoy the premium feature of Undo Tweet.
  2. Features are available on the Android and iOS apps as well as the Twitter site.
  3. You will get the Ad-free articles.
  4. Enjoy the Bookmark Folders.
  5. You will get the Custom app icons.
  6. You will get Custom Navigation and Reader.
  7. You will get Themes, Top articles, and Undo Tweet.

Note:- Custom app icons and Themes are unavailable on the Twitter site. Moreover, Themes are unavailable on the Android Twitter application.

What are the Exclusive Features of the Twitter Blue Subscription Account

Twitter Blue Subscription comes with other exclusive features like dedicated support that manages the subscription-based account easily. Another one is the troubleshooting feature. So, you can try these exclusive features only with the paid service of Twitter.

Does Twitter Blue Subscription Account Have Preference Over Free Account

You might be thinking that paid subscribers will get fair treatment over free accounts. The answer is no, Twitter has the policy to treat all its users fairly. The only benefit you can get from Twitter blue subscription service is that you will enjoy the exclusive customized features which is not the case with the free account. Rest, Twitter will handle all the accounts fairly.

My Personal Review on Twitter Blue Subscription

If you want to know about the Twitter Blue Subscription review, I must say it depends on your need. Twitter Blue Subscription service is for the brand accounts/ business account while for casual users, a free account will fulfill all your needs. So, choose the service wisely.

Everything About Twitter Blue Subscription

To know all the information on Twitter Blue Subscription, go through the brief information in the below-mentioned video.

Wrapping Up

So this was all about the Twitter Blue subscription service. Whether you have used it or not, you can enjoy the service right away. Share this article with your friend and let them know about this amazing premium service. explore Path of EX for all the trending stuff. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue helps you to use the premium features.

Does Twitter Blue eliminate ads?

yes, Twitter Blue gives you an amazing feature and that is ad-free articles. But you will still see the commercials on your feed.

Is Twitter Blue real?

yes, Twitter Blue is a subscription-based service introduced by Twitter.

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