11 Best Apps Like DoorDash To Satisfy Your Hunger in 2024

Apps like DoorDash

Online food ordering has become standard practice for eateries. There are many apps like DoorDash that accept takeout and delivery orders. Online food ordering was created as a cost-effective yet effective way to meet restaurant needs. 

A food delivery system is also planned for maximum performance and adaptability. Customers will have access to the food delivery current app or website, where they may explore the menu, choose what they want, and place their purchases. The system will send the customer’s order to the restaurant through email or fax after they have finished placing it. 

This way is also adaptable in that it allows users to rapidly place online orders with just a “click” as opposed to the habit of taking phone orders. Since a phone bill is calculated based on how long the phone is on the line, ordering online will save you more time and money. The method was employed to satisfy every client’s needs. Scroll down to check the best delivery apps like DoorDash.

11 Best Apps Like Doordash For Food Delivery  At Your Comfort 

You have the freedom to work whenever you want, thanks to delivery applications. Choosing which deliveries you accept and rejecting those that don’t fit your schedule is frequently an option. Now relax, and let me take you to the list of the 11 best apps like DoorDash.

1. GrubHub

Apps like DoorDash

First on the list of apps like DoorDash is GrubHub. A wonderful way to satiate your hunger is with the GrubHub app. Never before has takeout been so simple. No one enjoys waiting in large lines to buy takeout or to sit in the plastic chairs some fast food restaurants offer. The convenience of ordering your favorite burgers, pizzas, or salads from the comfort of your sofa is what makes Grubhub one of the best apps like DoorDash.

The app has many options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They provide the widest variety of restaurants in the country. Since Taco Bell and McDonald’s are exclusive partners with the service, you can eat all the food you like.

When the hour arrives to buy dinner, you can browse through the app’s numerous discounts and deals. It’s simple to sort through the offers because everything is simply and beautifully organized. So, GrubHub is your best bet if you are looking for organized apps like DoorDash.


  • A variety of selections.
  • Supports a variety of diets.
  • Multiple offers.
  • A live tracker.
  • A strong competitor among apps like DoorDash.


  • Tracker is problematic.

2. Uber Eats

Apps like DoorDash

UberEats is one of the best apps like DoorDash that makes ordering your favorite food from virtually anywhere easy. Considering that Uber has an existing transportation network and the design is well thought out, delivery is simple, and customers are more inclined to trust a familiar brand. This makes UberEats one of the alternatives for apps like DoorDash.

With the help of the official Uber Eats portal, its iOS and Android apps, and a huge selection of nearby restaurants, bars, and cafés, users can order food and beverages for delivery. All these features make UberEats one of the best apps like DoorDash.


  • Easy ordering.
  • Several options for restaurants.
  • Live to track the delivery.


  • It can be expensive.
  • In some places, it might not be accessible.
  • Possibility of a driver issue.

3. Olo

Apps like DoorDash

Olo is a top on-demand food delivery platform that is driving the digital transformation of the restaurant business. Olo’s enterprise SaaS engine processes millions of orders daily, allowing brands to maximize the fusion of their online and offline business operations. The Olo platform offers the necessary support to handle customer orders from any channel and to track demand making it one of the best apps like DoorDash.

Olo customers can create digital experiences with the biggest and most adaptable restaurant commerce ecosystem available, thanks to integrations with over 100 technology partners. Olo is on the list of best apps like DoorDash as it is used by more than 500 restaurant brands to increase digital sales, increase profitability, and maintain direct customer relations.


  • Email and Help Customer Care
  • FAQs/Forum.
  • Information Base.
  • Phone assistance.
  • 24/7 (Live Rep).
  • A strong substitute for apps like DoorDash.


  • Olo does not allow for the cancellation of orders or the sharing of information with the retailer or restaurant.

4. GoPuff

Apps like DoorDash

Next up on the list of apps like DoorDash is GoPuff. While many meal delivery applications act as a go-between for users and businesses, GoPuff functions more like a virtual convenience store. 

GoPuff sells anything from phone chargers and toilet paper to six packs of your favorite drinks. For those who are interested, it will even deliver vaporizers. The extensive item database for the service is scrollable here, making it one of the best apps like DoorDash.

All around the country, GoPuff is accessible, but it is most prevalent in more than 150 southern and midwestern cities and regions. Also, expanding into new areas, they continue to grow. And standing out as a perfect alternative to apps like DoorDash.


  • Deliveries come from a single central delivery hub, saving you from having to drive around to pick them up.
  • There is a minimum wage that is assured.


  • There might be fewer chances for new drivers because it is less well-known.
  • You may need to cope with carrying a lot of cash on you because orders can only be paid by cash.

5. Postmates

Apps like DoorDash

Any item you request will be delivered wherever you are, according to Postmates. Deliveries ranging from takeaway to alcohol to urgent birthday gifts are available through the service, which collaborates with neighborhood businesses. All these features make Postmates one of the best apps like DoorDash.

There is a network of delivery personnel available to Postmates. To guarantee users the shortest wait times, their process determines each order’s pickup and delivery locations and sends the closest available delivery person. As long as the shop or restaurant they are ordering from is open, Postmates consumers can receive orders anytime because it is open around the clock. So, if you are looking for apps like DoorDash that deliver 24/7, Postmates is your best bet.


  • Work when it suits you. No scheduling times in advance.
  • No specific system of ratings. You are not held accountable for issues at a restaurant.
  • Many consumers leave large tips.
  • You may eat the food if the customer doesn’t respond when phoned or arrive at the door.


  • A poor wage for waiting times.
  • In some places, it is not accessible or active.

6. Caviar

Apps like DoorDash

Caviar ranks sixth on the list of apps like DoorDash. With Caviar, you can order food online and deliver it to your door. It primarily conducts business in Washington, D.C., Seattle, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

All the top restaurants are accessible with Caviar. The best part is that convenience doesn’t have to come at the expense of quality! More than 10,000 eateries are available on the app. So, if you are searching for options, Caviar is one of the best apps like DoorDash.

The mission of Caviar is to improve the dining experience for patrons and the establishments they select.

You can pick your dish using the app, remember your preferences, and place another order later. Real-time tracking is another feature of the app that lets you know exactly when to expect your food. This great feature puts Caviar on the list of apps like DoorDash.


  • Before accepting an order, you can view all of its data, including the payment.
  • Having low order completion rates has no consequences.
  • less dead miles because of smaller delivery zones (miles between orders).


  • Since DoorDash now owns Caviar, you’re not only delivering from upscale restaurants, that means driver income has slightly fallen.
  • Drivers who want the most flexibility should avoid having to arrange their hours in the app.

7. Favor Delivery

Apps like DoorDash

If you are looking for delivery apps like DoorDash to deliver alcohol, then Favor is your best bet. You may get booze and other things through Favor Delivery without worrying about paying exorbitant delivery fees. The organization, which has its corporate office in Austin, Texas, focuses on providing customers with alcohol delivery within a maximum of one hour!

A base cost and a mileage fee make up Favor Delivery’s comparatively low delivery fee. Deliveries typically cost $6, although prices can change based on the region and the business. Additionally, they frequently give discounts on delivery under $3. The low delivery charges and frequent discounts make Favor one of the best apps like DoorDash.

The introductory rates are determined based on the company’s assessment of your location and its drivers’ availability. You will be charged the basic pricing for your delivery if they are offered. All these features make Favor one of the best apps like DoorDash.


  • In some places, you could deliver by bike, thus, you don’t need a car or a license.
  • Pay for drivers is on the upper side.
  • Hourly guarantees that are higher than average.
  • A perfect alternative to apps like DoorDash


  • Currently only accessible in Texas.
  • Even within Texas, not as widely known as the bigger firms.

8. Deliv

Apps like DoorDash

Next up on the list of apps like DoorDash is Deliv. Local delivery company Deliv links clients with personal shoppers. Their main office is in Menlo Park, California. The app allows you to order things from various retailers and have them shipped right to your door. Utilizing their site, mobile app, or phone number, you could order groceries, wine, gifts, and other items.

Your order will be picked up and delivered to your door by them. They have stores at Target, Walgreens, Best Buy, and other places. They also collaborate with many of the most well-known supermarkets, including ShopRite and Stop & Shop. All these features make Deliv one of the best apps like DoorDash.


  • Quite affordable when compared to other apps.
  • Highly attentive team.
  • Simple to implement.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Definitely an alternative to apps like DoorDash.


  • Convenience has a charge.
  • You might still need to visit a physical branch or shop.

9. OrderUp

Apps like DoorDash

You may place meal orders online from many restaurants in your region with OrderUp. This is one of the best apps like DoorDash. They offer a website that allows you to order food in addition to the app, and their corporate office is in Baltimore.

It’s accessible via iOS (iPhone) and Android, and saving the site is a wise move because there isn’t an official app for it. Several other meal options are available on the app’s extensive menu, featuring pizzas, burgers, Chinese food, and lots more, making it one of the best apps like DoorDash.

The app doesn’t partner with well-known restaurants like Subway, McDonald’s, etc., like DoorDash does. Although there are fewer restaurants, the food options are more varied, allowing you to create your ideal meal. So, if you are looking for a good meal, OrderUp is one of the best apps like DoorDash.


  • Customer service is excellent.
  • POS and record-keeping solution for eateries that works well.


  • The system lags occasionally but not often enough to cause a serious problem.
  • If there were more sophisticated inventory management features.

10. Instacart

Apps like DoorDash

Next on the list of apps like DoorDash is Instacart. Since its debut in 2012, Instacart has grown to emerge as one of the very well food delivery businesses. There are two alternatives while operating for Instacart: full-service and in-store shoppers, which is one of the greatest food delivery services to work for. Also, putting Instacart in the list of apps like DoorDash.

Full-service in the app, shoppers, accept customer orders, shop for them, and then deliver the order. Because you can choose the days, hours, and frequency of your employment, these customers have the most flexibility.

In-store customers place purchases on the app and then go shopping and stage the orders for pickup. These customers are restricted to 29 hours per week or fewer and are not considered independent contractors, like full-service customers, but rather part-time employees.


  • Full-service and in-store merchants (who don’t require a car to work) are the two choices available to Instacart customers for employment.
  • To organize your week, you can set your hours in advance.
  • Before accepting orders, you can view the estimated earnings.


  • You can’t just open the app and begin work when you have free time when you schedule hours in advance.
  • The fact that you are delivering groceries may need you to carry large bags.

11. Amazon Flex

Apps like DoorDash

Amazon Flex is a service that outsources drivers. It stands out from the other top meal delivery services on this list because you can also send packages. This makes it one of the best apps like DoorDash.

Although there are no set hours for drivers, you will be required to drive in blocks of three to six hours. To maintain the temperature of frozen or refrigerated foods, you’ll also need wrapped containers or coolers.

More orders mean higher money for Amazon Flex drivers, who are paid according to the number of orders they complete. Having a bigger vehicle allows you to finish a lot more requests. Amazon Flex is thus one of the best apps like DoorDash.


  • In contrast to the majority of the other apps on this list, payouts are made twice weekly instead of once.
  • Among the highest hourly wages.
  • Even if you finish your deliveries earlier, you will still be paid the same amount.


  • A small number of openings are present.
  • You must have the strength to lift heavy packages.

Wrapping Up

We have reached the end of the article. In this article, I gave you a list of the best apps like DoorDash. I hope this list helps you choose the best apps like DoorDash as per your comfort. Also, these apps like DoorDash offer various options that make them superior to DoorDash. For instance, if you want to compare pricing or menus, ordering from many places at once using Uber Eats will save you time.

It is renowned for its quick delivery times and wide range of dining options. You can frequently find Grubhub offers on online orders through the app, which can help you save some money. Additionally well-known is Grubhub’s user-friendly UI. The final decision for the best apps like DoorDash is entirely up to you. Choose carefully.

Enjoy Eating!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company pays more: Postmates or Doordash?

At about $20 per hour, the remuneration among Doordash and Postmates is pretty comparable.

What app for a delivery service pays the most?

The highest paying job is caviar, with an average hourly wage of $25, although it’s not offered everywhere. The companies with the most cities available include DoorDash and Shipt Shopper, where drivers may make between $20 and $23 per hour.

Who is DoorDash’s main competition?

The chief competition to DoorDash and substitute is UberEATS.

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