300+ Trending Songs for Instagram Reels to Go Viral in 2024!

300+ Trending Songs for Instagram Reels to Go Viral

Are you looking to boost your Instagram game and become a top influencer in 2024? If so, look no further than Instagram Reels! These short-form videos have become a viral sensation, with users swiping up and down for hours on end. But what’s the secret to creating a successful Reel? Along with killer content, you need to choose the right music. Therefore, I will share the list of top trending songs for Instagram Reels in 2024 in this article. 

But first, let’s talk about why Instagram Reels is such a powerful tool. Did you know that you can receive and send gifts while watching Reels? Or that you can also share these Reels on Facebook to reach an even wider audience? Creating sponsored content and partnering with brands can turn your passion for Reels into a lucrative career.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the article and learn about the top trending songs for Instagram Reels in 2024. Whether you’re looking for trending Instagram Reel songs, the trending Reel songs this week, or trending songs on Instagram Reels today, I have got you covered. These are the Instagram trending songs to go viral and help you reach new heights of popularity.

List of All the Trending Songs on Instagram Reels 2024

If you are curious to know which songs have ruled Instagram Reels world since the beginning of 2024, this list is for you. These are songs that were and still are in trends for Instagram Reels.

  1. Lovin On Me- Jack Harlow
  2. greedy- Tata McRae
  3. Popular (with Playboy Carti & Madonna) – The Weeknd
  4. Strangers – Kenya Grace
  5. One Love – SHKHR
  6. Surround Sound – JID, 21 Savage, Baby Tate
  7. Angels in Tibet – Amaarae
  8. MONTAGEM- PR FUNK – S3BZS, Mc Gw, Mc Menor Do Alvorada
  9. Take Things Back – VJAI RAIDH
  10. Drowning In Us – Now O Later, Jaime Deraz
  11. Seven (feat. Latto) – Jung Kook, Latto
  12. Anything For Us- Max Landry
  13. Everytime We Touch- WSB
  14. Run Away- Waxel, Robbie Rosen
  15. Single Kiss- Salome Le Chat
  16. BILLIE EILISH- Armani White
  18. MI GENTE DO BRAZIL-The FifthGuys, The Late Night Project
  19. The Spark- Macca Grills
  20. 100 Grand (TheFifthGuys Remix)- The FifthGuys, Swisha T
  21. The World Is Mine – ConKi, B.R.T, Shiah Maisel
  22. As Long As I’ve Got You – Fablers, Kaiz3n, Tyler DiNatale
  23. 3:15- Slowed Down + Reverb – Russ
  24. Jambo – Zummer, Janethan
  25. LALALA- Umur Anil Gokdag, Ascene
  26. Star Walkin’- IAN SIZE
  27. Out Of Your Mind- Miscris, Markay, Nito-Onna
  28. In The Sky- Titanz
  29. I Will Survive- WSB
  30. Beginning- RITIX, Destiny Hooks
  31. Like I Do- J.Tajor
  32. I’m Gone- Arlane
  33. Luminary- Joel Sunny
  34. Backseat- FarKnown, Wolfpup
  35. Holdin’ Me Back- Alex & Mark
  36. After Dark- MusicByDavid, Dean Andrew
  37. Come Check This- FETISH
  38. Joro- Wizkid
  39. Open My Eyes [Sped Up]- Stardust, Nightcore Star, Grizz!, A-MaX
  40. More Than Friends- VIP Remix – Ryan Carcano, Scarlett
  41. Without You- Xincher, OldFox
  42. I Like You (Am I Right) – Courts, Moyan
  43. Too Down- SNI
  44. Diamonds- mgZR, CERES
  45. Time Traveller- M.I.A.
  46. Ta OK- DENNIS, MC Kevin o Chris
  47. Way Down We Go- KALEO
  48. Pixels [Sped Up]- Stardust, Nightcore Star, Lexdez
  49. Thank You- Tom Platts, WildGaves, Baiden Holland
  50. Paint The Town Red- Doja Cat
  51. Dystopia- Paulo
  52. Omen- The Fifth
  53. 2 L.A.- ATREOUS, Fayze, MARRVELLO
  54. Too Late- Roxom
  55. Back There- Desno, Adolfo Bush
  56. Your Love- Toxic Wraith
  57. Make Your Mind Up- HOWL, Toxic Wraith, Synthtonix
  58. Feel You- NICOV
  59. Fractured Heart- Alvin Mo
  60. Stargate- MusicByDavid
  61. Together- Tuneyvy, SIMONS
  62. Shockwave- NOT ME
  63. Business (feat. Naza)- DYSTINCT, Naza, Unleaded
  64. Broken- Adi
  65. The Shadow of Death- Justin Varghese
  66. Do My Thing- DJ Shaan
  67. Fukumean- Gunna
  68. Beyond Infinity- JUNAR, catchyasis
  69. A Pimp Named Slickback
  70. Tacata- Tiagz
  71. Cruel Summer- Taylor Swift
  72. Telling Myself Lies- SNI
  73. Daylight- David Kushner
  74. Gimme A Sign- XanTZ, Jaime Deraz
  75. Never Gonna Say Goodbye- Melli, Radioclouds
  76. Like A Melody- Wildcrow VIP

Top Trending Songs on Instagram Reels in February 2024

Trending Songs for Instagram Reels to Go Viral

As we have entered the second month of the year, certain songs are already ruling the Instagram Reels. Using these trending Reel songs on Instagram, you can go viral on the platform.

  1. Le Monde- From Talk To Me– Richard Carter
  2. After The Storm- Nerve, Zack Torrez, Kellen Pars, Jetason
  3. Shades Of Gold- Waxel, Kamish, Dare County
  4. Down- WSB
  5. Lose Control- SNI
  6. No Good- Krexxton
  7. Money Trees- Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock
  8. Desire- WSB
  9. All Night- Crasca, KNVL
  10. Haters’- SNI
  11. Leave Me- eeyrith., Noir Fonce, Ztoyu
  12. Makeba- Jain
  13. Feelings Don’t Die- Fablers, LostVolts, ARMAN, PRYVT RYN
  15. Dat Drop- Strybo, Ferrigno, CGVE, Nieko
  16. Take My Time- Wildcrow
  17. Through Hell- Martin Miller, West Collings
  18. The Destroyer – Moonface, SECMOS, Ayili
  19. MONTAGEM- PR FUNK– S3BZS, Mc Gw, Mc Menor Do Alvorada
  20. Walked Away- SALEEM, Cuish, Robbie Hutton
  21. I Can Feel It- It’nas
  22. Ameyatchi– Mathey
  23. Cupid- Twin Ver.- FIFTY FIFTY
  24. Inside Your Arms- Waxel, BON, Slake Slagger, Clancy
  25. NAIVE– ATREOUS, Nahthexen, Levensky
  26. Here With Me- d4vd
  27. Golden hour- JVKE
  28. My Time– IVRY, Reon
  29. What It Is (Solo Version)- Doechii
  30. North Star- Vowed, Shea Michael
  31. Feed Your Soul- SD Protocol
  32. U&I (SNI Remix)- Black Chip, SNI
  33. Barbie World (with Aqua)- Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, Aqua
  34. Escapism.- RAYE, 070 Shake
  35. Sweet Escape- Arvenius, LostVolts, Arlane
  36. How Can I- Matt Zaney
  37. Fallin’ Hard- SNI, SALEEM
  38. Reminder- The Weeknd
  39. Collide (feat. Tyga)- Justine Skye, Tyga
  40. Trying To Breathe- Kamish, Arvenius
  41. Die For You (with Ariana Grande)- The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, 
  42. Feel It- AANSE
  43. People- Libianca
  44. All I Have Tonight- Joysic
  45. Out Of Love- YLLOW, LostVolts, Robbie Hutton
  46. Until I Found You- Stephen Sanchez
  47. Chose To Believe In You- Nerve, IMMA, PRYVT RYN
  48. She Knows (feat. Amber Coffman)- J.Cole, Cults, Amber Coffman
  49. We Got The Fire- It’nas
  50. Bones- Imagine Dragons
  51. Unholy (feat. Kim Petras) – Sam Smith, Kim Petras
  52. SNAP – Rosa Linn
  53. Break Your Heart- Matrx
  54. Bloody Mary- Lady Gaga
  55. Miss You- Sped Up Version – Oliver Tree, sped up nightcore
  56. NO- Meghan Trainor

Top Trending Songs on Instagram Reels in 2024

Trending Songs for Instagram Reels to Go Viral

Though we have left the month of January behind and have officially entered February, songs trending in the past months are still relevant. Therefore, you can have a look at these trending songs for Instagram Reels and choose from this list, too.

  1. Runnin’- SNI
  2. Dance Floor- SALEEM, DVZE
  3. If We Ever Broke Up- Mae Stephens
  4. Until I Found You (Sped Up)- Hiko
  5. Anti- Hero — Taylor Swift
  6. I Did It- SNI
  7. Under The Influence- Chris Brown
  8. Speakin’- Fedo
  9. A Gangster’s Wife- Ms Krazie, Chino Grande
  10. Doja- Central Cee
  11. Not Too Late- AN3M
  12. Calm Down- Rema, Selena Gomez
  13. Be The Same- Empire, Arlane
  14. Where Are You Now- Waxel, Codex (SE)
  15. Betty (Get Money)- Yung Gravy
  16. Monster- WSB
  17. Higher Love- Kevin Krissen, Kaiz3n, PRYVT RYB
  18. With The Flow- SNI
  19. I’m Alive- Joysic, Reynn, James Dawson
  20. Pegasus- Costa D’Ret, T3ZARIS
  21. Bay- AJORIES, Sikstep
  22. I Was Never There- The Weeknd, Gesaffelstein
  23. Find A Way- West Collins
  24. Sweet Love- Waxel, Courts, SweetState, Alessa
  25. Sunroof- Nicky Youre, dazy
  26. Reto- KESLR
  27. All Eyez On Me Remix – Thug Life
  28. About Damn Time- Lizzo
  29. Mansion- Mac Louis

Trending Instrumental Songs For Instagram Reels in 2024

Trending Instrumental Songs For Instagram Reels in 2024

Apart from adding songs to your Reels, you can also add instrumental tracks to make your Reels stand out. Here is the list of trending instrumental songs for Instagram Reels in 2024.

  1. Snowfall- Øneheart & reidenshi 
  2. Howl’s Moving Castle Theme- Frozen Silence
  3. Hotline Bling- Gibran Alcocer
  4. Golden Hour- piano instrumental
  5. Talking to the Moon- Max Arnald
  6. Monaco- Piano instrumental– Chilled Pig
  7. Pluto Projector- remyboi
  8. Dreaming to Fly- Andrea Vanzo
  9. Sunshine- WIRA
  10. Aesthetic- Tollan Kim, Kudasaibeats
  11. Solas- Gibran Alcocer
  12. Sad Sadness (Piano & Orchestra)- Sad Piano Music Instrumental Collective
  13. This is what autumn feels like- Chilled Pig
  14. Luminou- Ludovico Einaudi
  15. New Home- Matti Paalanen, Frozen Silence
  16. Snowfall (sped up)- Øneheart & reidenshi 
  17. Interstellar (Main Theme Piano)-  Gacabe & Jecabe
  18. Wind – Paul Roggenbucklight
  19. Daylight- piano instrumental — Chilled Pig
  20. Zelda’s Lullaby– Gentle Game Lullabies
  21. Spring- Andrea Vanzo
  22. Cherry Blossom Ending- Shin Giwon Piano
  23. La Vie en Rose- Minnz Piano
  24. Golden hour- acoustic instrumental– Edward Ong, Guus Dielissen
  25. Idea 22- Gibran Alcocer
  26. Belving: Ala
  27. Deep Breaths- Austin Farwell
  28. Soulmate- Andrea Vanzo
  29. A Gentle Sunlight- James Quinn
  30. By the Seaside- Austin Farwell

Trending Songs for Instagram Reels for Every Mood

Everyone has their unique taste in music. Whether you’re a motivational speaker or a fitness coach, the type of music you need for your Instagram Reels will vary. Therefore, I have scoured the internet and curated a list of the top trending songs for Instagram reels that will suit all your different needs and tastes.

Trending Sad Songs on Instagram Reels 2024

If you are looking for some sad songs to add to your Reels, this list is just for you. Go through this once and choose any sad song trends that you like.

School RooftopNew West (Speed Up)
tv (slowed+ reverb)ghostly echoes, creamy
Gilded LilyCults
Pope Is a Rockstar SALES
Here With Me- Sped UpWaq1ux
Freaks (Muffled & Slowed)but are you ok?
The Beach- Slowed+ ReverbLeiser
RoslynBon Over, St. Vincent
snowfall (Sped Up)Oneheart, reidenshi
The Beach (Instrumental)mxpheebz
Old Enough To UnderstandBenjamin Sem
September InstrumentalGoomp
Star Shopping (Guitar)Super Pipo
In My RoomChance Pena
Inside OutDuster
Fourth of JulySujan Stevens
Romantic Homicided4vd
Shootout (Sped Up)Izzamuzzic, Julien Marchal
Gilded Lily- Sped UpCults
Lights Are On Tom Rosenthal
AdviceAlex G
What Was I Made For x I Love YouWizzmashups & Erwchy
Number 7 (Outro)Papii Don 7

Trending Instagram Reels Songs for Workout Reels

If you are struggling to find the perfect music for your workout Reels, here is the list of trending workout songs for you. 

Eye of the TigerSurvivor
StrongerKanye West
Till I CollapseEminem, Nate Dogg
ThunderImagine Dragons
Fight SongRachel Platten
Stand AloneFearless Motivation
Can’t Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton)Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Dream BigFaith and Freedom
There Is No PainFearless Motivation, Zini
Sweat- RemixSnoop Dogg, David Guetta
One For The AgesFearless Motivation
The Champion- Bonus TrackCarrie Underwood, Ludacris
FlamesDavid Guetta, Sia
Keep GoingFaith and Freedom
Never Give UpSia
Find My WayFaith and Freedom
Wake Me UpAvicii
Titanium (feat. Sia)David Guetta, Sia
Whatever It TakesImagine Dragons
The GreatestSia, Kendric Lamar
Hey BrotherAvicii
Let’s Do ThisEric Lives Here
Born To WinFaith and Freedom

Best Trending Music on Instagram for Travel Reels

If you want to level up your travel Reels and vlogs with the best-trending music on Instagram, here is the list of trending travel songs for you. So, get ready to captivate your audience with the best-trending music on Instagram for travel Reels.

Make Your Own Kind Of MusicCass Elliot
Past LivesMartin Arteta, creamy
Until I Found YouStephen Sanchez
A Little JourneyAlexander Motovilov
HomeEdith Whiskers
Bloom- Bonus TrackThe Paper Kites
Another LoveTom Odell
Hymn to the SeaJames Horner
CoastlineHollow Coves
IrisThe Goo Goo Dolls
Gorgeous BeastsRamin Djawadi
Somewhere Only We KnowGustixa, Rhianne
In This ShirtThe Irrepressibles
A Close FriendJames Newton Howard
ExperienceLudovico Einaudi, Daniel Hope
hope to see you againAntent
In the lifetimeDSADS
Can’t Help Falling In LoveStillman
River Flows In YouYiruma
Coastline- Vancouver Sleep ClinicHollow Coves, Vancouver Clinic
SoulmateAndrea Vanzo
TennesseeHans Zimmer
DaylightDavid Kushner
The Mighty Rio GrandeThis Will Destroy You
Running Up That Hill Kate Bush
Could Have Been MeThe Struts
The Night We MetMarianne Beaulieu, Justin Beaulieu

Best Instagram Trending Songs for Funny Reels

Spreading smiles is the best thing one can do for humankind. If you make funny Reels to make people laugh, here is your list of songs you can add to your Reels. And you never know if your Reel will get featured in the most viewed Instagram Reels

Smoke Weed EverydayTrick Trick, Diezel
Gangnam StylePSY
The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirDJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Never Gonna Give You UpRick Astley
WWE: The Time Is NowWWE, John Cena, Tha Trademarc
Black and YellowWiz Khalifa
Goofy Goober RockSpongebob Squarepants
WhalesHail Mary Mallon
Crazy Rap (Colt 45& 2 Zig Zags)Afroman
RasputinBoney M.
I Just Had SexThe Lonely Island, Akon
My Neck, My BackKhia
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)They Might Be Giants
Whip My HairWILLOW
Livin’ la Vida LocaRicky Martin
U Can’t Touch ThisMC Hammer
Witch Doctor- Radio MixCartoons
We Like to Party! Vengaboys
Stayin’ AliveBee Gess
It Wasn’t MeShaggy, Rik Rok
I Like to Move It- Radio MixReel 2 Real
Y.M.C.A.Village People
Macarena- Bayside Boys RemixLos Del Rio
Jump AroundHouse Of Pain
Drop It Like It’s HotSnoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams
Cotton Eye JoeRednex
Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice
Barbie GirlAqua
My HumpsBlack Eyed Peas

Romantic Trending Instagram Reels Songs

Instagram Reels are the perfect place to showcase your romantic side with the right music. Looking for the latest Instagram trending songs for romantic Reels? Here is your list. So get ready to add some extra romance to your Instagram feed!

Kiss MeSixpence None The Richer
Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)Doja Cat, SZA
Can’t Help Falling in LoveElvis Presley
My GirlThe Temptations
Can’t Take My Eyes off YouFrankie Valli
Adore YouHarry Styles
Let’s Stay TogetherAI Green
WorkCharlotte Day Wilson
EugeneArlo Parks
ButterfliesKacey Musgraves
ButterflyJon Batiste
BubblyColbie Caillat
The ScientistColdplay
SupernovaPlay’n Go Music, KEANA
This I Promise You*NSYNC
MovieTom Misch
povAriana Grande
Sail AwayDavid Gray
I Was Made For Lovin’ YouKISS
The BestTina Turner
DandelionsRuth B.
You Belong With Me Taylor Swift
PerfectOne Direction
What A Time Niall Horan, Julia Michaels
The Night We MetLord Huron
hotline (edit) Billie Eilish

Soothing Trending Reels Songs

If you are looking for some soothing songs to add to one of your Reels, this list is just for you. By incorporating these viral trending songs on Instagram Reels 2024, you’ll surely be among the most liked Instagram Reels out there. 

My Heart Will Go OnCeline Dion, James Horner
a thousand yearsChristina Perri
Lose Your To Love MeSelena Gomez
I Don’t Care- AcousticEd Sheeran
I Like Me BetterLauv
I Like You So Much You’ll Know ItYsabella
Stuck With UAriana Grande, Justin Bieber
willowTaylor Swift
Back To YouSleena Gomez
WolvesSelena Gomez, Marshmello
Love StoryTaylor Swift
lovely (with Khalid)Billie Eilish, Khalid
Love Me Like You DoEllie Goulding
Don’t Know What To DoBLACKPINK
breathinAriana Grande
We’re GoodDua Lipa
God is a womanAriana Grande
DaisiesKaty Perry
Lover- First Dance RemixTaylor Swift
Never EnoughLoren Allred
Sunflower- Spider-ManPost Malone, Swae Lee
I Don’t Wanna Live Forever ZAYN, Taylor Swift
Rewrite The StarsZac Efron, Zendaya
Who SaysSelena Gomez & The Scene
Make It Right (feat. Lauv)BTS, Lauv
Into the UnkownIdina Menzel, AURORA

Motivational Audio for Instagram Reels

Adding motivational audio to your Instagram Reels not only sets the tone but also helps to capture your audience’s attention. So, let’s make your Reels stand out with motivational audio and trending songs for Reels!

Never QuitFearless Motivation, Walter Bond
Beast ModeEric Thomas
I Am More Than ThisFearless Motivation
Morning MotivationFearless Motivation
Motivation Is Not EnoughFearless Motivation
The Great SecretFearless Soul
Do What Others Don’tInky Johnson
Trust Your Struggle IADAMwontLOSE
I Can Handle ItSteven Furtick
You Got To Be HungryLes Brown, Roy Smoothe
How To Stay MotivatedZig Ziglar
BelieveMuscle Prodigy
A Positive Mental AttitudeNapolean Hill
Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t LoseT.Powell
Your View of the FutureJim Rohn
We Become What We Think AboutEarl Nightingale
The Powerful Law Of AttractionEsther Hicks & Jerry Hicks
An Extraordinary PsychologyAnthony Robbins
Wealth & SuccessGrant Raymond Barrett
Where’s your heart at? (2014)ADAMwontLOSE
The Science of AchievementAnthony Robbins
Dear Hard WordADAMwontLOSE
IntroNuff Sed

Chill Trending Songs for Instagram Reels for Artistic Reels

What better way to go viral than with some viral trending songs on your Instagram Reels in 2024? Here is the list of all the latest and chill trending songs for Instagram Reels for artistic Reels!

You Are EnoughSleeping At Last
Miss SummerOdie
BloomThe Paper Kites
Good Vibes InstrumentalUnknown Artist
SunflowerRex Orange County
Put Your Head On My ShoulderThe Macarons Project
In My Mind (“If only you knew what goes on in my mind”)Lyn Lapid
Call Me90sFlav
Missing PieceVance Joy
FridayUnknown Artist
The KingSarah Kinsleyd
New HomeAustin Farwell
Cute Memory Lane SoundUnknown Artist
SurrenderNatalie Taylor
PiecesDanilo Stankovic
WFM (Wait for me)RealestK
HomeEdith Whiskers
Dissolve (JBroadway Remix)Abso Facto
Champagne Poetry (choose the “I love you” part)Drake

Trending Reel Songs This Week for Lip-Syncing

Somewhere along the way, we have all stumbled upon those lip-sync Reels on Instagram that have caught our attention, haven’t we? Well, if you are wondering where to look for trending Reel songs this week, look no further! 

Lip-sync videos not only attract a lot of followers, but when you add text to such Instagram Reels, they work like magic. So, keep an eye out for the following trending Reel songs this week to take the Instagram world by storm!

Days of the Week
Wow — Owen Wilson’s VoiceOwen Wilson
Alright, so I got these, these, those
People think I’m obsessed with it. But I’m ok with it. I’m obsessed with it
There Will Be Another OneBronze Radio Return
I saw that going differently in my mindWill Smith
DreamsFleetwood Mac
Draw Me A MapDierks Bentley
I’m sorry I just hallucinated. What?!
How does it feel to live MY DREAM?!
Are You Bored Yet (ft. Cairo)Wallows
I’m not coping!!!
Ends of the EarthLord Huron
When the Night is OverLord Huron
The Night We MetLord Huron
Check me out, check me out. Boom, Bam, BAM!
Autumn Town LeavesIron & Wine
Yellow BirdBen Stevenson
Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) — It’s gonna be a long, long timeElton John & Dua Lipa
No I don’t think you understand. I’m OBSESSEDNicki Minaj
Please don’t be ugly
At first I was like: Aaaaah! But now that I have had time to absorb it, it’s all working out — Ross in FriendsRoss in “Friends”
All I WantKodaline
Island in the SunWeezer
What do you want? It’s not that simple. What do you want?
What makes you happy?
What does it mean?! from Twinkle Song — Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus
Are we supposed to know what we’re doing? No? Great! just checking
Welcome to the new rich
Build A StageBronze Radio Return
Is it easy? No. Do I like it? No. But do I do it? Yeah I do — The OfficeThe Office
Broken BonesKaleo
Comethru (feat. Bea Miller)Jeremy Zucker
Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)Stevie Wonder

Trending Instagram Reels Songs for Friends

What better way to celebrate your friendships than by creating Instagram Reels with some trending songs? Whether you’re feeling nostalgic about your childhood memories or looking forward to creating new ones, the right music can add magic to your videos. 

This list of trending Instagram Reel songs for friends will help you to know about trending songs on Instagram Reels today.

Nostalgia Hop Trap BeatTopSecretMusicNetwork
Rhythmic Strings — Overly AttachedSamuelFrancisJohnson
Children Playing —  Kids MusicFreeGroove
Rhythmic Strings — Overly Attached —  IntroSamuelFrancisJohnson
Centyś —  BookCentyś
Island TimeIndie Pop
Trouble Prone [No vocals] —  Indie PopIndie Pop
Trygve Larsen — A Beautiful Friendship – Instrumental JazzNesrality
Ordinary StoryRomanSenykMusic
Pentatonic Longing — Short ThemeSamuelFrancisJohnson
Skarbuniek – Skibka — Centyś – Colorful Life DEMOCentyś
Good Days Are Here Music Bedleepritchard
Old FriendshipOlexy
Friends — Positive Folk Acoustic Background MusicFreeGroove
zer0words — How to Fix a Broken Friendshipillia reznikov
Overly Attached — Electronic VersionSamuelFrancisJohnson
8-bit Dream LandMoodmode
Misty Forestmatthewmikecolemusic

Trending Instagram Reels Songs for Your Pets

If you love capturing your furry friends’ adorable moments and sharing them on Instagram Reels, then you’ll definitely love this list. So, prepare your camera and select from these hottest trending Reel songs to make your pet’s video go viral!

Cool Cool CatShowaddywaddy
Wild CatUB40
The Lion Sleeps TonightTight Fit
Rollin – Country lifeUnknown
Howls of MelodyZ8phyR
FunIvan Luzan
Lost KittenMetric
Silly audioTootymcnooty
Curiosity Killed the CatCuriosity Killed The Cat
Waltz of the FlowersTchaikovsky
Cool For CatsSqueeze
Happy UkuleleIvan Luzan
Jingle Bells Rock — Energetic Positive Upbeat Happy Christmas PartySoundGalleryByDmitryTaras
Puss ‘n BootsAdam Ant
Marching Music — Pet of the PetticoatsJohn Philip Sousa
Petty ThemeAlfred Grupstra
That Made Me CryThecincomedy Original
The LovecatsThe Cure

You can also use all these trending songs for an Instagram story as well.

Reasons to Use Trending Songs in Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are a popular IG feature for creators to showcase their work. One of the major components of Reels is music. Incorporating popular music helps boost engagement and grow your following. Here are the top five reasons why you should use trending songs for Instagram Reels.

  • Trending songs for Instagram Reels can boost your videos’ views and engagement. Using popular songs increases your chances of appearing on the Instagram Explore page.
  • Using trending songs on Instagram Reels helps your videos go viral. This helps you get more views, shares, likes, followers, and overall engagement.
  • Instagram trending songs are great for keeping your content fresh and current. By using popular songs, you show your audience that you are up-to-date with the latest trends and always strive to create engaging content.
  • Trending music on Instagram is a great way to stay ahead of the competition and stand out from other content creators. Using trending songs, you can capture your audience’s attention and keep them returning for more.
  • Using trending songs for Instagram Reels is the best way to showcase your personality and brand. Trending songs add personality and flair to your videos and can help you connect with your audience more personally.

How to Find Trending Songs for Your Instagram Reels?

How to Find Trending Songs for Your Instagram Reels?

To create a buzz with your Instagram Reels, you must keep up with trending Instagram songs. Here are some pointers to assist you in finding the most popular songs on Instagram Reels.

1. Consider Suggestions

When making a Reel, consider suggestions. Instagram provides suggestions for popular songs and sounds when creating a new Reel.

2. Look for Trending Songs

You should look for trending songs as you scroll through Reels. If you notice the same song or sound being used repeatedly in multiple Reels, it’s a good sign that it’s trending.

3. Check Out TikTok’s Most Popular Reels

TikTok is a great platform to find trending songs and sounds. Check out the popular songs and sounds on TikTok and try using them in your Instagram Reels.

4. Look for Spotify Playlists

You need to take a look at Spotify playlists before you make a Reel. Spotify creates playlists based on popular songs and sounds used in Reels. Check out these playlists and discover new trending songs for your Reels.

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope you find this article on trending songs for Instagram Reels 2024 useful. With these trending song lists, you can increase your viewership, gain followers, and stay in the algorithm. But don’t forget to keep an eye on new trends to have a good idea of what songs and sounds are currently trending. 

So, guys, that is it for today. Take care! And keep visiting our website, Path of EX, for more updates related to social media, gaming, and technology. Till then, Bye! Bye!

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1. How to Add Music to Reels on Instagram?

To add music to your Instagram Reel:
1. Open the Instagram app.
2. Open the Instagram camera and slide the menu at the bottom to “Reels.”
3. While you’re creating your reel, you can tap on the Audio button at the top of your screen.
4. Browse the lists of music and original audio or search for a specific track.

2. How to Save Music From Other Instagram Reels?

If you come across a Reel with music you like and want to save, simply tap on the song title in the bottom left corner of the Reel. This will redirect you to a page where you can tap on the bookmark icon to save it.

3. What Songs Are Trending on Instagram Reels 2024?

Songs trending on Instagram Reels in 2024 can change from week to week. However, you can stay updated with the latest trends and popular songs by following the tips mentioned in this article.

4. How to Get More Views on Instagram Reels?

To get more views on your Instagram Reels, use trending songs and sounds, post when your followers are active, and engage with them by responding to comments and using relevant hashtags.

5. What Songs Are Popular on Instagram?

As the platform constantly evolves and new trends emerge, countless songs are popular on Instagram. However, by keeping up with the latest trends and including popular songs in your Reels, you can increase the likelihood of your content being viewed and shared by others.

6. How to fix No Music Available in Instagram Reels?

If you see “no music available” on Instagram Reels, try updating your app to the most recent version, checking your internet connection, and clearing the cache on your device. If the problem persists, try a different device or contact Instagram support for further assistance.

7. What Is the Trendy Music for Instagram Reels?

Music trending on Instagram Reels keeps changing from week to week. However, you can stay updated with the latest trends and popular songs by following the tips mentioned in this article.

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    1. Hi Sorry For bad English First!
      im a asian Singer
      and looking for A music that was
      and i haved been remember that song was trend eaither on instragram and Tiktok
      the clip editors use that more on car,football and ufc clips
      and that was so gang
      with a huge bass…
      do you know that?

      1. Hey Leo! We are not sure but we may think the song you are talking about is ‘Sigma Rule’. Give it a try and let us know are we right?

  1. All pretty good! Thanks ???? But you should added some songs like
    Ali Gaite:It’s you
    Sabrina Carpenter:Skin
    Tyler Shaw: With you
    This songs are most trending I guess

    1. Shivangi Gupta

      Thank you, Janice for the feedback. Will connect with the editorial team and add the songs you suggested.

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