5 Most Liked Instagram Reels | Khaby Rules The List

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Instagram is the magical house of entertainment for everyone. Especially the reels introduction to Instagram made the platform complete. Be it a famous star or an ordinary person; everyone loves to groove on the trending songs on the reels and show what they got for the audience. But, have you ever wondered which is the most liked Instagram reels ever? Want to know? If yes, keep up the curiosity, as we have got you the top 5 of the Most Liked Instagram Reels in this post.

Instagram is unpredictable. Sometimes you can get lots of likes in just 24 hours, and sometimes not even a single. Ahhh! Why is the Instagram algorithm so hard? But no matter how hard Instagram gets, some famous people have millions of followers. But who among them rules the Instagram reels?

Instagram is more about celebrities, makeup, and businesses, but the Most Liked Instagram Reels are not about them. The reel that is ruling the internet world and has become the most liked reel is a three-year compilation of Stormi’s journey. This reel has got 11.4 Million by far. The reel is not only the most Liked but also has many comments on Instagram.

But, What was the reel about? Who is in the second position? And third? And fourth? Butterflies in the stomach? Hang on! There is a lot! A lot to talk about. Read long to know all about them.

Most Liked Instagram Reels

5 Most Liked Instagram Reels

Instagram is such a great use of Technology. If we not posting something, we must be scrolling.

And why not?

It has everything. Stories, posts, IGTV, and now the reels. These Instagram reels can make you cry or laugh and motivate you to do anything, and sometimes, it makes you adore things in a super cute way! That is why millions of people spend a lot of time on the gram watching their favorite celebrities or doing something profitable.

Among tons of reels on Instagram, the ones that made up to be the two five Most Liked Instagram reels are:

S. No.Video Likes Views
1.3 years of Stormi11.6 Million81.5 Million
2.Summer is coming10.6 Million137 Million
3.Chill, please! I’m relaxing10.5 Million123 Million
4.Lol! Open the door this way10.1 Million118 Million
5.Ice in the bowl10 Million97.7 Million

1. 3 Years Of Stormi: 11.6 Million Likes

5 Most Liked Instagram Reels | Khaby Rules The List

Kylie Jenner might be the Instagram star, but the authentic charm on her Instagram handle is her 3-year-old daughter. Her Insta handle is filled with pictures of them dancing, enjoying, and getting ready.

And why not?

This mother-daughter duo does everything in style, and people should know it!

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But this time, their style did not make the reel at the top of the most liked Instagram Reels. Instead, it is Stormi’s innocence that took away everyone’s heart.

It is correct that kids are the reflection of cuteness and innocence. They are pure. And that is why everyone loves them, be it real-life or Instagram.

You might have seen many videos where kids nap, play, eat or do their favorite activity with tons of likes. From celebrities to ordinary people, everyone loves to watch them. And same is with this reel of 3-year compilations of Stormi’s life.

On her 3rd birthday, Kylie posted an adorable complication video of Stormi enjoying scooter riding, doing fun with water, playing with Mommy, and slaying in glasses. All these made her little journey to get 11.6 Million likes, 49K comments, and 81.5 Million views.

Not only this, They have the crown of the Most liked post or video. The most commented posts on Instagram also belong to them.

Click here to watch the video.

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2. Summer Is Coming: 10.6 Million Likes

It is a reel by Khaby Lame.

You might not know his name, but you must have seen him roasting people silently. He is famous for correcting people without saying a word. The new comedy man in the house. More accurately, the unknown Charlie Chaplin is in the place.

Indeed, you might have got his reels as a suggestion either by your friends or by the app itself.

His reel, which is at the second position of the most liked Instagram reels, is Summer is coming!


Summer is coming!

With the arriving summers, everyone wants to turn on the chill mode. For this, what can be better than spending day time in the pool?

Pool and summer are the perfect combinations.

Oh! sadly, a man does not know how to enjoy swimming in the pool. Thanks to Khaby. He is a superhero. He is there to teach everyone the right way.

It is in second among the Most Liked Instagram Reels, with 10.7 million likes and 137 Million views.

3. Chill, Please! I’m Relaxing: 10.5 Million Likes

Hey, it’s a relaxing time! Do Not Disturb!

So, chill and let Khaby Relax. But this girl! Dude! She did not understand this. Not once or twice, Ahhh! She did so four times.
He became so angry at the last. Just look at his face!

And why not?

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The girl threw the bottle at him when he was playing. And didn’t stop. Then she repeats the same when he was brushing, bathing, and lastly in his bowl when he was eating corn flakes!

No! No! No! let him chill, girl.

You can say anything about him, but this man is hilarious. What a reel! And that is why this reel became one of the most liked reels on Instagram, with 10.6 Million likes and 123 Million views.

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4. Lol! Open The Door This Way: 10.1 Million Likes

Well, Well, Well!

It is again Khaby!

The fourth most-liked Instagram reels belong to him. Oh, come on! This man is a legend.


He slays at the internet at almost everything without uttering a word. He can roast anyone silently. Be it a big brand or a commoner; he teaches everyone the right way to do things.

So, how couldn’t he help a lady who could not open the door to catch a man?

Oh! Poor girl! She doesn’t even know how to open the door. But, no worries, Khaby has taught her the right way. Girl, please take your foot away from the door, which will open without much effort.
Ahhh! Her foot was her enemy! LOL!!!

This video got 118 Million views, 10.2 Million likes, and 85.5k comments. He is helping people out. He deserves this!

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5. Ice In The Bowl: 10 Million Likes


It is a name that is not shocking. Right?

Aside from field ground, the handsome soccer player is already a star on social media. His popularity can be evident from the fact that the legend has only three reels by far and all of them have broken records for one or another.

Two of his reels are the most viewed Instagram reels, including this one. This reel is Messi’s paid partnership video for Pepsi.

Messi is the brand ambassador of Pepsi. In this reel, he showed his precision by kicking the ball to fall on the ground over the spoon with ice. And finally, this made the ice jump into the glass to make a chill drink.

Damn! He has exceptional skills!

This particular reel made it the most liked reel on Instagram, with more than 97.7 million views and 10 million likes.

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Wrapping Up

That’s the wrap for the Most Liked Instagram Reels.

Though the celebrities have many followers but get massive likes, it requires engaging content like khaby. That is why Khaby lame has secured his position on the list not once but three times. He is my personal favorite too.

So, what’s the wait? Grab your phone, choose a trending song for background music, and get started with the reel. Who knows, you can be the next to be featured in the list of the Most Liked Instagram Reels?

Also, we want to hear from you in the comment section about which one is your favorite among these most liked Instagram reels by far in 2022.


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