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Instagram is the go-to entertainment platform these days; there’s no denying that. And since we got reels on Instagram, the platform feels complete. Celebs or not, we love to groove on trending songs. But have you ever wondered which the most liked Instagram reel is? Well, mystery solved because we’ve got the top 5 of the Most Liked Instagram Reels for you right here!

When it comes to Instagram, it’s best not to have high hopes of getting too many likes, but the gram is unpredictable. You might get a lot of likes in just 24 hours, and sometimes too little to be happy about. But no matter how hard the algorithm becomes to please, some famous people have millions of followers. But who among them rules the Instagram reels? And which is the most liked reel on Instagram?

Let’s find out all about what reel got the most likes and what it was about. But stay tuned till the end to know the rest of the top 10 most liked Instagram reels. Butterflies in the stomach? Hang on! There is a lot! A lot to talk about. Read along to know all about them.

Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Reels

Most Liked Instagram Reels

Instagram is such a great use of Technology. If we not posting something, we must be scrolling.

And why not?

It has everything. Stories, posts, IGTV, and now the reels. These Instagram reels can make you cry or laugh and motivate you to do anything, and sometimes, it makes you adore things in a super cute way! That is why millions of people spend a lot of time on the gram watching their favorite celebrities or doing something profitable.

Among tons of reels on Instagram, the ones that made up to be the 10 most liked Instagram reels are:

S. No. Video Likes Views
1Messi With Time21.2 Million156 Million
2Khaby and the googly-eyed stare!20.1 Million272 Million
3Khaby key-ping it simple18.7 Million217 Million
4Khaby in the Squid Game18.6 Million210 Million
5Messi & the FIFA World Cup 202218 Million142 Million
6Don’t mess with Khaby14.9 Million 182 Million
7This is Aim-erica14.5 Million177 Million
8Khaby’s Journey to the afterlife14.4 Million187 Million
9Oh shoot…14.2 Million197 Million
10Hair-larious!14.1 Million184 Million

1. Messi With Time – 21.2 Million

With Messi winning hearts after the FIFA World Cup 2022, it’s no surprise that his latest FIFA video is number one in the list of most liked Instagram reels. Gaining over 21 million likes and 156 million views in just 1 day, it’s probably a record.

Beating France in the Finals in Qatar, Argentina stole the show after scoring in all of their penalty kicks. In the reel, Messi talks about how he wanted to become the world champion so badly but had little hope. He talks about how Diego Maradona, the late footballer, encouraged him from heaven to win.

But they deserved the win and the glory, and we’re glad they finally got it. Congratulations, Argentina, you earned it.

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2. Khaby and The Googly-Eyed Stare! – 20.1 Million

You might not know his name, but you must have seen him roasting people silently. He is famous for correcting people without saying a word. He’s the new comedy man in the house. More accurately, the unknown Charlie Chaplin is in the place.

His reel, which is the second in the list of most liked Instagram reels, shows him reacting to a very serious-faced kid staring from the back of a motorcycle. Like all Khaby Lame videos, it’s original and hilarious!

With 20.1 Million likes and 272 Million views, it makes the audience laugh out loud while he silently reacts!

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3. Khaby Key-ping it Simple

And, of course, it is the third most liked reel on Instagram is by Khaby too.

Don’t you hate it when you lose your keys? Well, some people make the simplest tasks hard by complicating the solution. And Khaby isn’t having it! In this hilarious video, a woman drops her keys below her bench and, as expected, overcomplicates it.

Because when you can just bend and pick up your keys, it doesn’t make sense to detour. But the world is a funny place (and apparently, ridiculous.) So Khaby to another rescue!

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4. Khaby in The Squid Game – 18.6 Million

So I don’t need to explain Squid Game to you because, come on, it blew just as much as Khaby did. And speaking of Khaby and Squid Game, there’s a reel with both!

In this reel, footballer and actor Zlatan recreates Squid Game with Khaby Lame, captioning it, “My Game, My Rules.” With Khaby as a Squid game participant and Zlaton as a guard, you can expect some explosive fun!

But come on, I can’t give away the ending! Go ahead and watch it yourself. And let us know in the comments if you think it should be the most liked reel on Instagram instead, and rate it from 1 to 10!

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5. Messi & The FIFA World Cup 2022 – 18 Million

On Monday, Messi posted an incredible, black-and-white gorgeous ad created by none other than Budweiser. This reel celebrates and congratulates the Argentina FIFA world win in Qatar.

Budweiser tributes the hard work and dedication of the team for leaving the pain behind, enduring time and again, and creating a legacy.

Fans commented, saying, “It was a long time coming,” “King Messi,” “inspiration,” and more. Hats off to the players!

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6. Don’t Mess With Khaby

Two words, instant regret. Ever have the intense itch to do something, and the second you do it, instant regret? That’s what the girl in this video has on her face as soon as she cuts off her bangs.

But Khaby’s face says, “What did you expect.” And then, he proceeds to sarcastically do things and is surprised by the results.

He’s not the Instagram king of comedy for no reason now, is he? So definitely deserves the top spots as the highest liked reel on Instagram.

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7. This is Aim-erica – 14.5 Million

It’s Khaby again, and that’s-how-you-do-it!

Khaby went viral on the platform for his comic silent reels and is currently one of the most followed people on TikTok. A master at switching things up from time to time, he doesn’t disappoint.

And this video starts with a guy showing just how bad his aim is, pouring milk everywhere except the glass. And, of course, Khaby goes on to ridiculously show how dopey it was. And we’re with Khaby on this, guys!

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8. Khaby’s Journey to The Afterlife – 14.4 Million

Planes are scary enough without a disaster being born right outside your window. But with Khaby, comedy takes an unexpectedly dark turn in this reel!

In this reel, Khaby is flying in an airplane whose engine is falling apart piece by piece, and he’s flabbergasted. And what makes this one of the most liked Instagram reels is Khaby’s silently powerful reaction.

And with over 14 million likes, it’s no surprise this most liked Instagram reel broke records and the internet!

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9. Oh, Shoot… – 14.2 Million

Self-defense is a necessity, right? But it’s dangerous to learn life-saving lessons from just anyone on the internet. And Khaby is here to prove that with his reel on Instagram.

After Khaby faces a criminal with a gun in his car, he tries to follow the self-defense steps he learned from the internet. And let’s just say it doesn’t go according to plan.

With almost 200 million views, this definitely makes one of the best, and most liked Instagram reels.

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10. Hair-larious! – 14.1 Million

Khaby and his content; it’s quite popular and goes viral in no time. His videos are quite relatable to his audience. And one of his most viewed reels shows him in a car with his (fake) hair stuck in the window.

And what would you do if it was you? Obviously, you could just roll the window down, right? Right? Apparently, not everyone’s smart enough to make sense to us common-sensed people.

So she sits inside helplessly as another girl cuts her hair off from the outside. And well, Khaby had to do his thing here, wouldn’t you?

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Wrapping Up

That’s the wrap for the Most Liked Instagram Reels.

Though the celebrities have many followers but get massive likes, it requires engaging content like khaby. So, what’s the wait? Grab your phone, choose a trending song for background music, and get started with your own reel.

Also, we want to hear from you in the comment section about which one is your favorite among these most-liked Instagram reels by far in 2022.


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