Most Viewed Instagram Reels in 2021: Kabhy Lame made New Records!

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Most Viewed Instagram Reels in 2021: Kabhy Lame made New Records!
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The launch of the Instagram reels was one of the biggest moves on the platform after the ban of Tik-Tok in most of the leading Countries. Be it a funny video or powerful dance moves, Instagram has made all of them reach the maximum audience. But, have you ever wondered Which is the most viewed Instagram reels ever? Curious to know?
Shhhh… We have got the secret winners for the most viewed reels you in this post.

The reel is one of the most entertaining elements. It is sure that you agree to this point and why not? It can make us cry, laugh, and entertain us in a short 15 to 30-sec video. You can use filters, trending songs, transitions, and what not? Well done Instagram! But, finding the one with the most views is a little hard! as Instagram doesn’t hold such a feature to tell stats of other accounts.

Yes, Kylie, Ronaldo, and Billie have so many followers that they can get millions of likes on their posts even in their sleep. But, the most viewed Instagram reel video is not of a celebrity, nor a makeup transformation video neither a cooking one. All of them are left far away in the race to be at the no. 1 position by Khaby lame who has got 116Million views on one of his Instagram Reels

All these reels are not only the most viewed but also one of the most liked videos on Instagram. But, What was the reel about? Who is in the second position? And third? And fourth? Hang on! There is a lot! A lot to talk about. Read long to know all about them.

Most Viewed Instagram Reels 2021

Instagram is unbelievable! You can be viral anytime. It can be your 1ooth post or the 1st one. No one knows!

But what we know is which are the most viewed Instagram Reels 2021 and why? Dive below to know these in an interesting way.

1.Do things in the right way116 Million
2.Runaway aurora with dog100 Million
3.Ice in the glass 90.1 Million
4.3 years of Stormi77.5 Million
5.Tunak- Tunak Tun66.9 Million
6.Never miss a Monday61.7 Million
7.Therefore I am48.5 Million
8.Bole Chudiyan47.3 Million
9.Pepsi – uniting soccer and basketball34.9 Million
10.Feet at the back25.3 Million

1. Do Things in the Right Way by Khaby Lame: 110 Million Views

First on the list of the most viewed reel on Instagram 2021 is Khaby Lame. If you think Charlie Chaplin is the king of silent comedy, then you must watch Khaby lame once.

The silent man of Instagram has more followers than Mark Zuckerberg! Yeah That’s true!

He roasts the famous YouTubers, Instagram influencers, and pages without saying a word. Be it 5mincraft or any other video, he knows how to kill stupid ideas just by showing things in the right way.

Its sure that you might have got his reels as a suggestion either by your friends or by the app itself.

One of his reels got 116M views and 9.7 Million likes by far. The video was a roast one, on how to float on water in a swimming pool with ease using air floaters. Ahhhh! After seeing his reels you can roll on the floor laughing all day.

2. Runaway Aurora with Dog

The second reel with the highest views on Instgaram is the Runaway trend with a dog! Aurora effect was one of the most reel effect in 2021 with everyone grooving and posing on the runaway allora beats.

Oh! This was so aesthetic!

This effect got a lot of views when my_aussie_gal did used the effect along with her dog.

And, the dog being the man’s best friend did a fantastic job. Trust me it was so soothing and a treat to your eyes and that is why it is the most viewed Instagram Reels with 110million views and 9.3 million likes.

3. Ice in the Glass: 90.1 Million Views

Next on the list of the most watched reel on Instagram is by Messi.
Messi… not a name to be shocked!

Messi is a successful soccer player and the brand ambassador for Pepsi.

But, this time it was not Pepsi that made him be on the list but his skills did.

In one of his shoots, he showed his accuracy by hitting the ball at the perfect point. Yes, that is not a thing to be surprised when we are talking about Messi, but you will be amazed to see the reel.

This reel has got more than 90.1 million views and 9.6 million likes by far.

4. 3 years of Stormi: 77.5 Million views

The mother duo of kylie and Stormi is already slaying the Instagram world. They have the crown of the Most liked post/video and most commented posts on Instagram.

So, how could they not be on the list of the most viewed Instagram reels???

it is impossible!

Since Stormi came into this beautiful world people are shedding their piece of love for this cute little bundle of innocence.

Kylie’s insta handle is filled with pictures of them dancing, enjoying, getting ready together. But the one that is close to her heart is a reel of 3-year compilations of Stormi’s life. Her little fingers, scooter riding, fun with water, run on the beach with mommy, all made the journey to get a lot of views.

This video has got more than 11 million likes with 77.5 million views.

5. Tunak-Tunak Tun: 66.9 Million Views

Tunak Tunak tun,
Tunak Tunak tun,
tunak Tunak tun ta ra ra…..

The soul song of every Punjabi has now become the song of the world.

Instagram today is filled with reels of people dancing in full energy on Tunak Tunak. The same is here with this 5th Most viewed Instagram Reels.

This song became an internet sensation when @naz0o._.19 uploaded a reel of a kid enjoying his fun-filled dance on the song without any worries. And why not? His cute expressions and small dancing hands will take your heart away for sure like us!

This reel has got more than 5.6 million likes out of 66.9 Million views and 30K comments. Surely this adorable video deserves to be the Most liked reel on Instagram. Thank you Insta!

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by nazo._.19 (@naz0o._.19)

6. Never Miss a Monday: 61.7 Million Views

Again the hot mumma in the list!

Kylie has a wow some body. Her curves are loved by all. But do know what is the secret behind her great curves?

Let me tell you!

There is no other secret than working hard. Yeah, that’s not a joke.

She in her recent reel shared her workout journey. From running up the hill to working out in her gym, this is what she does to remain so fit. No cheat days allowed and she captioned the reels as Never miss a Monday. This particular reel has got 66.7 million views with 6.7 Million likes.

7. Therefore I Am: 48.5 Million Views

Be it her blonde hair transformation or the music video poster, every post of her are capable of getting millions of likes in less than 24 hours. Whatsoever she does, becomes a trend!

And one of her reels falls on the list of the Most Viewed Instagram Reels 2021.

The reel is about “Therefore I Am“. She announces the release of the new album on next day at 10 AM via her reel. And this announcement reel got 48.5 million views.

8. Bole Chudiyan: 47.3 Million Views


Yes! again a Bollywood reel song on the list.

Soni kitni soni aj tu lagdi wae“!!!

Bollywood songs are always special and have got fame not only in India but in Hollywood as well.

And particularly this song, Ahhh! it must be ruling your feed as well. A boy duet, enjoying dancing in a fun way made the internet busted with the reels made on this song. The video was uploaded on Instagram by OyeAnkit who mostly reposts the amazing videos.

This reel has got 47.3 million views and 2.6 million likes by far.

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6. Leo Messi: Pepsi – Uniting Soccer and Basketball: 34.9 Million Views

Yeah, again a reel by Messi!

Well, the interesting thing is that he has only two reels by far and both of them have got the most views on Instagram.

In one of his reels, he collaborated with a remnant basketball player for a video under the paid partnership for Pepsi global.

Even, this became the trend and many of his fans made a duet video with him.

This particular reel has got 3.4 million likes and 34.8 Views by far.

7. Feet at the Back: 25.3 Million Views

Instagram reels are the best platform to experiment with!



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And that is what the reel of Sanakhan00 did.

Till now we have heard only the witches have feet towards the back! But Sana showed this to us in reel.

Haha! No, she is not a witch!

Yeah, definitely not.

Her reel made people confused! Oh damn! the reel was so perfect and got 25.3 million views and more than 662k likes.

Pilling up:

Most Viewed Instagram Reels

So, these are the 10 most viewed Instagram reels that made these accounts famous especially Kabhy Lame who has got the most views.

Also, there is a short difference in views between the grooving on Tunak tunak and the mother-daughter duo. But, on the other hand, Messi’s football tricks are more impressive in my personal opinion.

But we want to hear from you in the comment section, which one is your favorite among these most-viewed Instagram videos by far in 2021.

Frequently Asked Question

Which is the most viewed Reel on Instagram?

First on the list of the most viewed reel on Instagram 2021 is Khaby Lame.

Which is Kylie Jenner’s most watched reel on Instagram?

The 3-year compilations of Stormi’s life is the most viewed Instagram Reel.


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