How to Install Tor Browser on iOS? Easy And Useful Steps

Disclaimer: Use just the Tor Browser when no other iOS browser promises to have the same features! Except if the Tor Project advises against it. In addition to being expensive, other applications are usually fraudulent, unsafe, or perhaps even dangerous to your confidentiality or identification.

By employing the Tor network to maintain the anonymity of your website traffic, the Tor Browser is a web browser that simplifies safeguarding your real identity. The Tor Browser could be the appropriate choice for your needs if you’re looking into a rival, studying the other side of a legal case, or find it weird that your Provider or the authorities know what websites you access. There are other web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox at your service. You only need to download the Onion Browser in order to set up the Tor browser on iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tor users cannot access some of the most popular web services, and Tor browsing is shorter than clearnet browsing. Additionally prohibited in authoritarian governments that wish to stop individuals from communicating, posting, and browsing covertly is the use of the Tor browser on iOS.

This article will explain to you how to install Tor Browser on iOS in an all-inclusive manner.

What is Tor Browser on iOS?

 Tor browser on iOS

In actuality, using the Onion Browser on your iPhone or iPad is the suggested method by the Tor Project. There’s really currently no alternative to installing Tor and running some iOS apps beneath Tor. You would have to purchase an Android operating system and utilize the Orbot Tor app if you required such Tor capability on your mobile phone.

The Onion Browser can meet all your demands if everything you need to do is use your Apple device to access Onion addresses or navigate the internet discreetly. The Onion Browser Application for iOS is an unauthorized version of something like the Tor Browser; it is open-source software, provided free of charge, and listed as a substitute for the authorized Tor Browser on iOS on the homepage of the Tor network.

You can download the Onion Browser application from the iOS App Store to get it installed on your iPad or iPhone. 

If you decide to routinely use Tor and the Onion Browser, think about making a contribution to The Tor Project or the Onion Browser Project to support continued development:

  1. You need to Spend money on the Tor Project.
  2. And contribute to the iOS Onion Browser Project.

Additionally, you may assist the creator of the Onion Browser by making in-app purchases.

How to Download Tor on iPhone?

Tor browser on iOS

The following are the steps to download Tor on iPhone in a comprehensive manner.

  1. Firstly, you need to activate the App Store. The app icon is blue and features a white “A” inside of a white circle.
  2. Then, you have to click Search. The bottom of the screen’s magnifying glass symbol represents it.
  3. Hit the search feature. It is at the very highest point of the screen.
  4. Hit Search after entering “TOR.” When you do this, a selection of browsers that support TOR will appear
  5. Choose a browser that supports TOR. Choose the browser which meets your requirements the most by scrolling through the list.
  6. Either Red Onion or VPN Browser is an affordable and reputable choice.
  7. Be mindful that not every app is complementary; if you choose to pay for one, search for highly-rated options and check several customer reviews before purchasing.
  8. Hit GET. This represents the blue icon visible towards your chosen application’s right.
  9. The icon will show the pricing rather than “GET” if the application you choose is not complimentary.
  10. Click INSTALL. Here is the identical option you clicked to download the software. You can now start downloading.
  11. To begin the installation, you might need to input your Authentication Methods or Apple ID.
  12. Press the Open button. The icon you first selected to begin the installation will now say “OPEN” once the software has finished downloading.
  13. If requested, select Connect to TOR. Although VPN Browser does not employ this popup, the Red Onion app seems to do. Numerous apps, although not all, might ask you to join the TOR network sometimes in a way.
  14. Begin your search. On your iPhone, you are currently logged in to the Tor browser. By periodically allocating browser queries throughout a network made up of hundreds of intermediaries, TOR definitely makes it impossible to determine your surfing position.

Wrapping Up

The Tor Browser utilizes the Tor network, which includes more than 6,000 relays spread out throughout the globe, to cloak users’ internet behavior and position. This guarantees your confidentiality and prevents other individuals from seeing your movements. Comment down if you find the article insightful, and share your thoughts on how to install Tor Browser on iOS.

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