Snapchat Super Bowl Commercial Explained Here!

Snapchat Super Bowl Commercial Explained Here!

“Less social media. More Snapchat”. With this tagline, Snapchat has hit the headlines across all social media platforms. But how did we get here? Well, it is all because of the latest Snapchat Super Bowl commercial that everyone is talking about on the platform— for all the right reasons. 

Take the Snapchat Super Bowl commercial as a part of a more extensive campaign that wants to promote Snapchat as a more authentic and safer space than other platforms, which can be borderline toxic sometimes.

Does this spark your curiosity about the ad? I bet it does. Then what are you waiting for? The details of the new Snapchat Superbowl ad are covered below! 

Snapchat Super Bowl Commercial Explained Here! 

Snapchat Super Bowl Commercial Explained Here!

The Snapchat commercial first premiered during the Grammys on February 4. However, a 30-second ad version was launched during the fourth quarter of the Big Game on February 11. 

Snapchat’s Super Bowl commercial displays Snapchat as a space to build and foster real connections. The ad tries to make stark differences between itself and other platforms like Instagram, which focuses more on superficial content and puts people in a race to have more views, likes, and followers. 

The 30-second Snapchat Superbowl ad displays why people should adopt a “Less social media, more Snapchat” strategy. Do you want to know what those reasons are? Well, you are about to get lucky.

Details About The Snapchat Superbowl AD

Snapchat Super Bowl Commercial Explained Here!

The Snapchat ad features a carousel of images and videos taken from other social media platforms that display what users generally post. In the ad, you can see a man kissing a cobra, unrealistically perfect pictures, more influencers, people showing off their wealth and bodies (that may have been edited to appear that way), etc. 

Then, the focus of the video shifts to the kind of comments people leave under other people’s posts. The screen is filled with hateful and harassing comments from trolls. After this, you can see people performing dangerous and sometimes life-threatening stunts for the camera. 

Simultaneously, the video indicates this is done to get more likes, followers, views, engagement, etc. The fact that the pursuit of these things on social media makes it toxic doesn’t go unnoticed. 

The video then moves to a serene landscape, that of Snapchat and the background music changes to something more lighthearted and quirky. The screen is filled with lively and fun filters. You can see people trying on wacky filters. In one particular video, a grandpa can be seen laughing with the puppy ear filter on, and it’s just so wholesome. 

Throughout the second part of the video, you can see people having fun and being authentic and goofy. They are not trying to impress anyone. They are focused on living in the moment and sharing the same with others without glossing over the details. This shows how Snapchat encourages people to be authentic and provides a safe and non-judgmental space. 

The campaign is headed by chief creative officer and industry veteran Colleen DeCourcy. Apart from the 30-second commercial, the campaign also includes:

  • A full-page ad that can be seen in the Sunday New York Times.
  • The Sunday New York Times digital properties.
  • Its placement is across other US cities.

Snapchat plans to wrap black taxi cabs with creatives in the UK and run digital ads. 

Snapchat Super Bowl Commercial Video

Even though you’ve looked at a detailed explanation of the commercial, you should see the video for yourself. And so, for your appreciation and amusement, the video is shared below:

Wrapping Up

This is what the Snapchat Super Bowl commercial is about! Wasn’t this super creative and interesting?! Honestly, the ad is unlike any other promotional campaign users have ever witnessed. According to me, Snapchat nailed it with this one. But what do you think about this Snapchat Superbowl ad? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Snapchat Super Bowl commercial about?

The Snapchat Super Bowl commercial is a 30-second video that displays why social media platforms like Instagram can be toxic sometimes and how Snapchat is so much better than them. 

What is the significance of the Super Bowl commercial?

The Super Bowl commercial is a means to build awareness of Snapchat’s products and services among the broad audience that will be present at the Super Bowl. Having the ad display at an event that big will provide Snapchat with greater exposure and may even increase its user base. 

What is the impact of Super Bowl advertising?

The Super Bowl advertisement will enhance engagement, brand visibility, and awareness and may bring more users to the platform. 

How much is a 1 minute Super Bowlad?

As of now, a 1 minute Super Bowl can cost up to around $7 million. This is a rise from the $4.5 million that Super Bowl ads used to cost back in 2019. 

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