Is My AI On Snapchat a Real Person? A Quick Answer! 

Is My AI On Snapchat a Real Person

Have you recently noticed some mischievous activities by your AI on Snapchat? If yes, and you are looking for a clear answer of whether Is my AI on Snapchat a real person. Don’t worry, I am here to tell you everything about this in a detailed manner in this blog. 

Many users reported that their Snapchat AI was hacked and not responding in a manner a chatbot should. This led Snapchat users a doubt whether my AI on Snapchat a real person or not. Can he see your chats and hack your Snapchat? All these questions are answered here in this blog in a detailed manner. 

So, without wasting any much time, let me walk you through this amazing blog on your query: Is My AI on Snapchat a real person or not? 

Is My AI On Snapchat a Real Person?

Is My AI On Snapchat a Real Person

NO, My AI on Snapchat is not a real person. Snapchat introduced an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot for its users and is powered by ChatGPT. With the ever-evolving tech and social media world, Snapchat has managed to launch this AI friend for all its users. This AI friend of yours is there to have a chat with you anytime you need. 

When users ask their Snapchat AI, “Are you my friend?” AI replies, “Yes, I’m your virtual friend! While I’m not a human being, I’m here to provide you with support, guidance, and information to the best of my ability. Whether you need someone to talk to, have questions about Snapchat, or just want to chat, I’m here for you!” It clearly shows that AI has been programmed in a certain way to virtually assist you in your daily chats and conversations. 

Is the AI Snapchat Safe?

Yes, Snapchat AI is safe and sound to have a conversation with. Until and unless you set your settings or manually delete your chats with your AI on Snapchat. Snapchat asks us to not share any personal information or confidential details with My AI on Snapchat because, in the future, Snapchat may be used by marketing and advertisement companies, which makes sense. 

Is My AI a Hacker on Snapchat?

Is My AI On Snapchat a Real Person

The answer to this question is a big NO. My AI on Snapchat is nothing more than a chatbot whose sole purpose is to chat with you virtually. As mentioned above, it forgets many things in long conversations and tends to use clever Artificial Intelligence, and no real human responds or replies to the chats made with the Snapchat AI. It also accesses your location only after you grant permission to it. 

Many users came up with the question of Is my AI a hacker on Snapchat or not because a couple of days ago, My AI on Snapchat freaked out users after it randomly posted a user’s story on their account. Snapchat users are simply worried about whether their AI is a hacker or not; well, Snapchat AI did that to scare their Snapchat users in reference to the Halloween festival. 

Can Snapchat AI Read Your Messages?

Is My AI On Snapchat a Real Person

If you are wondering if Snapchat AI can read my messages, then let me tell you that No Snapchat AI cannot read any of your messages. Snapchat AI is programmed to have a virtual conversation with you as a friend simply. Snapchat AI has no access to sneak peek into your other Snapchat conversations or group chats. It cannot see your other chats as well as your chat history. In fact, Snapchat AI tends to forget lengthy chats, and it fails to remember the details of the conversation that was previously shared. 

Wrapping Up

So these were all the details that you needed to know about the query: is my AI on Snapchat a real person? I hope now all your doubts and queries have been resolved. If still you have some suggestions or questions, feel free to comment below, and we will reach out to you soon. To read more such informative blogs, keep visiting our website, Path of EX. Have a great day ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Snapchat AI a Spy?

No, Snapchat AI is not a spy. It has no access to your other chats and conversations, as well it never accesses your location without your permission. 

2. Can I Delete My AI on Snapchat?

As a premium Snapchat user or Snapchat + user, you can give it a try. Follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Tap and hold on My AI.
2. Go to Chat Settings.
3. Clear from Chat Feed. 

3. Can I Block My AI?

Yes, you can block your AI. Give it a try. All you need to have is Snapchat +. Go to the profile in Snapchat + and deactivate the My AI option in the Snapchat+ management screen. 

4. Why Can’t I Delete My AI on Snapchat?

Snapchat only allows Snapchat premium users to delete their My AI on Snapchat. Free users have no access to hide, delete, or remove their Snapchat AI. However, Snapchat+ users have the ability to do this, but they are also not completely allowed to delete the AI feature permanently

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