iPhone 14 Pro Repair Isn’t As Easy As Expected: iPhone 14 Pro Teardown

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The iPhone 14 might be easy to fix, but not the iPhone 14 Pro. Here is all your need to know about the latest hot topic iPhone 14 Pro repair. While we were expecting the repair for iPhone 14 Pro to be similar to iPhone 14, it won’t be. Getting your back glass replaced will be costly on this iPhone.

There are a lot of changes that are made in the iPhone 14 lineup. iPhone 14 has the A15 Bionic chip, whereas iPhone 14 Pro has the A16 Bionic chip. Besides the fast processing chips, iPhone 14 has a new photonic engine. This will make your pictures taken in low light look more amazing. Everyone is still impressed with the changes in design for iPhone 14 lineup. But we couldn’t help but have a good laugh as the iPhone 14 memes took over the internet.

So, will it be easy to fix your iPhone 14 Pro? Let me tell you everything you need to know about iPhone 14 Pro repair.

Is iPhone 14 Pro Repair Easy?

iPhone 14 Pro Repair

iPhone 14 Pro repair will not be as easy as iPhone 14. We expected the ease of repair and accessibility to follow through to the Pro lineup. Apple had not made any statement saying the repair for iPhone 14 Pro will be easy. But we certainly did not expect it to be so bad and expensive.

iFixit has done an in-depth breakdown of the iPhone 14 Pro repair. Say you were to crack your back glass, the only way to repair it would be to visit an Apple Store. This would require you to get a new one for $549. This will be costly, but there is no other way you can fix the back glass on the iPhone 14 Pro as of now.

Another aspect that was problematic was that iPhone 14 Pro did not have a specific satellite antenna. As we all know that the iPhone 14 will have satellite connectivity for sending emergency SOS. We don’t know how that will work for this iPhone. So if you were to repair your iPhone 14 Pro for any damage, it wouldn’t be the easiest fix.

iPhone 14 Pro Teardown

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Wrapping Up

So, it seems like iPhone 14 Pro repair will not be remotely as easy as iPhone 14. As of now, all you can do is make sure you use it with caution. But apart from the difficulty repairing the iPhone 14 Pro, it is one of the most impressive iPhones launched yet. We will be back with more such trending news in technology. Keep checking in with Path of EX!


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