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Is it possible to play Elder Ring on multiple platforms? Does it allow multiplayer? If yes, then how? Elden Ring is FromSoft’s newest game that has finally arrived, and it’s time to explore the multiple-feature of the game. So let’s find out out is Elden Ring Crossplay? Does it contain a cross-progression feature? And most importantly- Can you play Elder Ring on multiple platforms?

The vast fantasy universe of Elden Ring heavily emphasizes game hacking and player participation. The game has a multiplayer feature, but it is limited to PlayStation or players using only PS4 and PS5.

Spellbreak Cross-progression Trailer
Spellbreak Cross-progression Trailer

So let’s go further and find out more about Elden Ring. Scroll down to know about the platforms that support Elden Ring Crossplay and enjoy gaming with your friends.

Is Elden Ring Crossplay ?

Unfortunately, Eden Ring is NOT a Crossplatform game for all the consoles that you can play with your friends. 

Elden Ring Crossplay

But Eden Ring Crossplay is supported for Xbox and Playstation series. Yes, you heard it right! You can use the Elder Ring crossplay feature on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. even the users of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 can all play together. Alternatively, you can call a friend who acquired a next-generation console to assist them.

Despite this, the game does not support cross-console play. Xbox and PlayStation users won’t be able to play with other console users, and PC users won’t be able to assist any other platform users. It’s an immense tragedy because Elden Ring provides an excellent opportunity for community support when dealing with challenging material.

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Alternative Platforms For Elden Ring Crossplay

On this, we are unsure. Neither Bandai Namco nor FromSoftware has issued any formal statements. It doesn’t look good right now, with no hint of the possibility down the road.

Currently, cross-play between Xbox, PlayStation, and PC is not supported by Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Crossplay

Elden Ring will, however, support cross-platform co-op, allowing PlayStation 4 and 5 gamers to team up. The same applies to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S users.

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How Does Multiplayer Works In Elden Ring?

Like the Dark Souls games’ multiplayer functions, Elden Ring allows users to summon other players using in-game signals. For some PvP action, players can also invade each other’s games.

The main distinction from the Dark Souls games is that there are no prerequisites for playing multiplayer. In other words, yes, consumables are still required, but Elden Ring makes it simple to make them. In contrast to Dark Souls 1 and 3, you no longer have Humanity or Embers.

This significant modification makes multiplayer more approachable and straightforward to use. It’s difficult to accept that Elden Ring doesn’t offer crossplay, which limits our options to the player pool.

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Is Elden Ring Crossplay Coming Later?

Considering how little FromSoftware has said about Elden Ring Crossplay, it is not likely that Elder Ring Crossplay would come anytime soon.

Elden Ring Crossplay

However, we don’t know, so they could even shock us later! Crossplay features were never included in any of the FromSoft games like Bloodborne or Dark Souls titles, not even in post-launch patches. But there can be a chance that Elden Ring Crossplay can arrive soon due to its popularity.

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Wrapping Up

We know you are sad, too, after knowing Elden Ring Crossplay is not coming anytime soon. But you can still play the gaming pooling with your friends on the same platforms. Guys, you can choose any crossplay game, Like Destiny 2 from Path of EX, if you miss your friends using other gaming media.

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