iPhone 14 Memes That Made Us Split with Laughter

iPhone 14 Memes

Soon after the Apple Event took place, the internet was flooded with iPhone 14 memes. Some were hands down, hilarious. Many of them mocked the over-the-top prices of the new iPhones. While some users weren’t too surprised with the same design. At this point, a new design for iPhone would actually be the biggest reveal.

Apple Event was an anticipated event among the tech community. With the launch of the iPhone 14, it was a spectacle. iPhone Pro now has a 48MP camera with a telephoto lens. Apple Watch Series 8 was also unveiled at this event. But as much as we love Apple products, the prices are higher than the sky. Don’t you think so?

Well, here are some of the best iPhone 14 memes to make you laugh today.

25+ iPhone 14 Memes

iPhone 14 is literally mocked for its design, display, and price. Here are the best iPhone 14 memes that will make you laugh.

  • Here’s a side-by-side comparison of iPhone 12, iPhone 13 & iPhone 14.
  • While most of us were watching the Apple Event for iPhone 14, some others were ready with their popcorn buckets.
  • Relatable MAX! sigh
  • And the winner for iPhone 14 memes is *drumrolls*
  • Different Display? Apple- Say no more
  • Not me bursting out laughing.
  • A blast from the past, maybe?
  • Well…
  • Think iPhone 14 has the same design? Here’s why-
  • Meanwhile, iPhone 13 be like.

We’ll be right here.

[deleted by user]
by inapplememes

Going to get the new iPhone 14. Bank Account- Maybe Not?

Oh, the disappointment.

iPhone 14 meme
byu/eibeluca inapplememes
  • Where’s the lie?
Pain is on the way
byu/binarystrike inapplememes

Wait, there is a new theme song for iPhone 14 Pro Series?

  • Looking for wallpaper that goes with Dynamic Island? Look no more.
  • For future reference.
Since IOS 16 lets you undo messages I figure we gonna need this.
byu/Omega_Pulse25 inapplememes
  • Do you get déjà vu?
  • Meanwhile Apple Users
Pretty underwhelming, wait for the iPhone 14 or something idk
byu/Benny368 inmemes
  • OHHHHH!!!
Oof! 😲😲
byu/LegoTm2411 inapplememes
  • What payment method will you use?
  • At least, I am free!
Jailbreaking is the best thing i have done!
byu/Pizza-pen inapplememes
*Stares into space*
That‘ll be $1k lol
byu/serialkeeper inapplememes
  • Brace yourself for this new wave on YouTube.
  • How we all wish this was true!
The iPhone has evolved so well that it is now able to be put on a key ring
byu/Rockboy_1009 inapplememes
  • At least, its affordable.
Just got the 14 Pro with the new iLanyard
byu/ninjahunz inapplememes

Wrapping Up

Seeing all the iPhone memes was the best part of today. I know we all will eventually end up getting the iPhone. But these memes are hilarious! You have to agree to it. I hope you had fun while watching these. We’ll be back with more trending stuff. Keep scrolling through Path of EX for more!

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