How to Use Snapchat Dress Up | New AR Feature to Try Fashion Trends!

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Looking back to the years of development, we can see the changes introduced to social networking platforms and messaging applications over years. They are performing more than they are built for. Every social media platform is trying hard to steal the show now. Snapchat sweeps all the glitter now with its new Snapchat Dress Up feature.

Brands like Gucci and Balenciaga introduced AR lenses to try on their products on Snapchat in 2020. Now you don’t have to go to brand’s pages to try on lenses. Snapchat announced its new augmented reality feature, Snapchat Dress Up, to enhance the shopping experience at their Partner Summit 2022. Users can try on clothes and accessories from creators themselves through these AR lenses. 

It is a misconception that ‘Added to cart’ is the final shopping step, but it is the beginning of Snapchat. Try on clothes from your favorite brands through the Snapchat Dress Up feature before buying the product. Snapchat said, “Any brand’s Lenses will be considered for Dress Up if they’re available on their Brand Profile.” 

Hover around here for a few minutes to learn how to use the Snapchat Dress Up feature.

How to Use Snapchat Dress Up Feature?

If you recall the history, you will know that businesses flourish in towns and days of celebrations. It means that you need audiences to leverage your business.

Social networking sites are the perfect arena to bet on your business now. YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat use ‘Try-on’ features to flavor the user experiences of shopping.

PUMA is the first Snapchat partner brand to use the Snapchat Dress Up feature. Here is how to get Snapchat Dress Up feature,

1. Open’ Snapchat.’

2. Tap on the ‘Smiley’ icon near the ‘Camera click’ option.

How to get Snapchat dress up feature; Steps

3. Open the ‘Explore option’ from the bottom right corner.

How to get Snapchat dress up feature; Steps

4. Click on the ‘Dress up’ option on the top right.

Snapchat dress up tab ; Snapchat dress up

5. Select the brand of your choice and try it on with the lenses.

You got all dressed up! The Snapchat Dress Up feature can be the future shopping mall, according to experts, where you hang out with friends trying new fashion and accessories. After trying it on, you can take a picture of yourself with the dress and share it with your friends for your opinion. How cool is that!

Why Is Snapchat Dress Up Impressive?

Snapchat Dress Up is impressive in the way creators use it. Some brands like Too Faced cosmetics introduced lenses to try on the eyeshadow palette with how-to-do-it videos.

Snapchat is working on its technology side to improve the AR experiences now. When paired with user-provided data such as height and weight, Snapchat can improvise augmented reality much better. 

Snapchat AR lens ; Snapchat dress up

Before the Snapchat Dress Up feature, users only had to go to a specific brand to try on their product. With the arrival of the Snapchat Dress Up tab, users have all the brands with try-on lenses on their screens now.

So you don’t have to buy those PRADA sunglasses; you might find something better and cheaper. Try on as much as you want!

Why Can’t I Find the Dress Up Feature on Snapchat?

When one feature is introduced, it might not be available to every user; creators would test its potential in the market. So be patient; the feature will roll out shortly. Meanwhile, you can try reinstalling Snapchat or updating the latest version to check whether you have the feature or not. 

Wrapping Up

Snapchat’s dress-up feature is an excellent tool to experience your online shopping more like a reality. Thanks to Snapchat AR lenses for creating an online shopping mall with Snapchat Dress Up. With this feature, users can access every creator with ‘Try-on’ lenses in one place.

So it helps you to explore more options, giving you a glimpse of other shopping sites’ experiences. Here I have covered everything on the Snapchat Dress Up tab and How to use Snapchat Dress Up. 

I hope you enjoyed the ride. Kindly share this article with your shopaholic friend to help them explore more until we meet again, Adios!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you dress up on Snapchat?

Click on the smiley icon beside the camera clicking option. Open the explore page and find the dress-up tab on the top right. Tap on your brand of choice and try on their AR lenses.

2. Why can’t I find the dress-up tab on Snapchat?

Try reinstalling the application, or updating the latest version might help you.

3. Can you buy outfits for Snapchat?

You can buy Bitmoji clothes, gear, and more on Snap Store.

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