How To Get Your Linkedin URL | Use Only 6 Steps To Get The Link

How to get your LinkedIn URL |Use Only 6 Steps to Get The Link

Would you believe it Linkedin has more than 800 million users on its platform globally. I firmly believe Linkedin helps you to enhance your career and reach out to people whom you could not have otherwise. You can use your Linkedin profile in your CV as it gives you an added advantage. Hence, to do that you have to know How to Get Your Linkedin URL. This information is essential to help you to share the link with others.

Your Linkedin profile has the power to change your career. Hence, you need to update it and make new connections and maintain it regularly. So, read our news article ahead and get to know all the required details. You can also share your feedback in the comments below.

How to Get Your Linkedin URL on Web Browser?

It is easy to find your Linkedin profile URL, you only have to follow a few simple steps, and within a minute, you get your URL. Please follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Open a web browser and go to the website of Linkedin.

2. Sign into your profile.

3. On the top of the homepage, click on the Me icon.

Select the view page to get the linkedin URL

4. Select the view page.

5. Go to the edit public profile and URL tab, and click on it.

6. In the edit URL, you get the public URL.

Note: You can copy the link and share it with others.

How to Get Your Linkedin URL on iOS?

People who use iOS devices, please refer to the steps mentioned below to find the URL.

1. Download the Linkedin link from the App store and log in.

2. Click on the profile picture.

3. Go to view profile.

4. Go to the contact section.

5. Get the Linkedin URL for your public profile in your profile.

6. You can copy and paste the link and share it elsewhere.

How to Get Your Linkedin URL on Android?

Android device users, you can refer to the steps mentioned below to get your Linkedin URL.

1. Download Linkedin from the Play store.

2. Log into your profile.

3. Click on Your profile image.

4. Get the public URL.

5. You can copy and paste the link and share it.

How to Get Your Linkedin URL?

Get the URL to your LinkedIn Profile

Wrapping Up

Getting your Linkedin URL is quite straightforward. You can easily get the link and even share it outside whenever required. So, if you wish to know more about Linkedin or any other social media platform then please refer to our website Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get your Linkedin URL?

If you wish to get your Linkedin URL then you have to go to your profile and then click on the public URL in it. You can share the URL whenever required.

2. Can I get my Linkedin URL on my iPhone?

Yes, you can get your Linkedin URL on your iPhone. You have to log into your profile and go to the contact section ad you would find your Linkedin URL.

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