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The Roku gadget is getting increasingly rich in features and qualities, attracting increasing users. Once your Roku device is installed, you can stream any content you want in HD quality. However, there are times when you should leave the Roku TV on and go to bed. A screensaver feature is required to protect your device from damage. Continue scrolling to learn more about the standard Roku City screensaver feature.

While talking about the Roku City screensaver features, it gives your device high protection from damage and maintains the proper functioning even if left idle for a couple of hours. The screensaver keeps flashing the attractive images once you do not use it and does not let it go off. Without a screensaver, there are chances that the device could get damage to its internal hardware, which can add a burden to your budget.

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Let’s get ready to go through the article till the end to learn more about Roku City Screensaver feature and how to activate it on your device.

How to Activate the Roku City Screensaver

Roku City

Roku gadget is famous among its subscribers for offering unlimited content, easy streaming, and freedom in features. There is no hard and fast rule on changing the current screensavers or looking for new ones.

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Screensavers are a fantastic service that Roku provides for the convenience and enjoyment of its members. One can easily alter the existing the Roku city screensaver feature or can look for the new screensaver by following the steps below:

1. Hit on Home Screen.

Roku City

2. Hit on the Settings option.

3. Choose the Theme icon to launch the theme menu.

4. Choose Screensavers.

5. Pick a Choice currently loaded on your Roku player or select and acquire a new favorite from the many screensavers accessible in the My screensavers section.

6. To see the summary and features for a screensaver, select it and click the OK option on your Roku remote.

7. If the screensaver is already set up, you could choose Set as a screensaver to use it.

8. If the screensaver is not set up, click Show screenshots to see a preview.

9. Choose Get screensaver if it’s an “unrestricted” screensaver or Purchases $X.XX if it’s a “premium” screensaver to download it.

10. You would be prompted to fill in your Roku activation PIN when buying a product. Start creating a PIN for your Roku player if you don’t have one and want to safeguard yourself from illegal transactions.

11. When your credit data is false, you must correct it before proceeding with your transaction.

12. To shift to the fresh screensaver, choose Set as screensaver once it has been successfully installed.

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How to Measure Wait Time for Roku City Screensaver?

You could specify how long your Roku gadget waits until activating the screensaver through the methods below.

1. Following instructions 1-3 over, access the Theme option.

2. Choose the Wait time for the screensaver

3. Select the length of time to pause or deactivate the screensaver.

4. To save, click the OK icon on your Roku remote.

How to Modify the Roku City Screensaver on Your Roku Device

Roku City

The screensavers show whenever the Roku player is idle for a set amount of time, which the customer may specify. One may also customize the screensaver by installing gorgeous and live screensavers from the network stores or using the Roku defaults. Screensavers may improve the graphical user quality.

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One could customize their Roku experiences by selecting a different screensaver. Roku player will, by standard, modify the default screensaver and develop various screensavers in multiple gadgets from time to time. Users would be able to personalize the screensaver as well. Here’s how to modify your Roku City screensaver.

1. You could switch to that screensaver and also set the wait duration using the screensaver option following installing the screensavers on your Roku player.

2. Using your Roku remote, click the ‘Home’ icon.

3. Go up or down the menu of alternatives to find the ‘Settings’ tab.

4. Choose ‘Screensaver’ from the drop-down menu. This brings up the screensaver preference pane. Once the program is launched, follow the instructions underneath to personalize it by replacing or editing the existing screensaver and setting the waiting time.

5. Choose the screensaver you want to create from the number of options.

6. You could choose any screensaver and click ‘Preview‘ to see how it will look.

Wrapping Up

I am sure you are scrolling down the write-up and getting the steps on board to activate the Roku City Screensaver feature on your Roku device. By activating the Roku City screensaver feature on your device, you would be able to protect your device from damage and hardware failure.

Most of the time, you leave your gadget idle after streaming the content for a couple of hours, and if left idle without installing a screensaver feature, it could impact the functioning of the Roku player badly.

Please feel free to write back to me if you have any questions regarding Roku City screensaver features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What films are shown on the Roku screensaver?

Let’s look more closely at the homepage to see if we can spot all of the screensaver’s secret references!
1. Cast Away, 20th Century Fox
2. The Wizard of Oz, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
3. Jaws. Universal Pictures
4. Spider-Man, Sony Pictures | Marvel Entertainment
5. Star Wars
6. Superman
7. Pirates of the Caribbean
8. The Addams Family

What kind of software a screensaver is?

Whenever the system has been inactive for a certain amount of time, a screensaver blanks the touchscreen display or replaces it with visual pictures or designs. Screensavers were established to avoid phosphor fire on CRT and laser display devices.

Is it necessary to have Screensaver installed on the device?

Newer plain LCD monitors do not require screen savers. The latest “screen saver” is letting your machine instantly switches off its monitor — it conserves fuel, lowers your power costs, and increases the lifespan of your charger. Screen savers can appear attractive but only work if nobody is watching.


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