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How to Clear Cache on Roku in 2022

While Roku devices are generally simple to use, they, like any other device, can occasionally stop functioning. Users might have had a cache issue if the software has started running extremely slowly or it has stopped answering commands after becoming accessible for several minutes. Moreover, when looking to know how to clear Cache on Roku, even though gadgets have few moving parts, there’s a good chance your gadget is experiencing a software issue rather than an equipment one. To know more about how to clear Cache on Roku, stay connected to this article.

Much any Roku problem can be fixed by the manufacturer rebooting the gadget, but it will involve you spending a lot of time diligently trying to sign back through every profile on your app. Instead, attempt to clear your cache first. Roku does not provide instructions for clearing your cache, however, there is an extremely simple practical solution that works on all advanced Roku devices. You only need a few minutes of your time and a functional remote. 

I will take you through this article till the end to make you learn how to Clear Cache on Roku with some simple steps that you always remember.

How to Clear Cache on Roku in 2023?

How to Clear Cache on Roku

When looking to know how to clear cache on Roku, and why clearing a cache frequently solves problems, it’s because devices frequently “cache” old information for quick retrieval. Unless your Roku didn’t cache definite data, it would have to fetch it from online every time you switch it on, which would significantly slow things down. 

However, retaining obsolete or distorted information in a cache can have a negative impact on the performance of your device. 

When an app on one’s Roku player is still not functioning right, start removing the cache prior to actually going any further.

First, make sure your Roku player is turned on and linked to the Web. Also, ensure that you have the most recent software for your device. If you’re unsure, verify the settings screen.

To begin, make absolutely sure your Roku player is turned on and linked to the web. Also, ensure that your gadget is running the most recent software. If you’re not sure, go to the settings menu and double-check.

1. Navigate to the Roku Main Screen

How to Clear Cache on Roku

As far as how to clear cache on Roku is concerned, please understand that, like most Roku troubleshooting steps, begins on the main screen. If you aren’t already there, click on the button on your controller.

2. Choose the Offending App

How to Clear Cache on Roku

To learn how to clear cache on Roku, navigate to the platform that has been causing you problems. If you use it frequently, it will be close to the top of your main screen; otherwise, you will have to scroll down to find it. For instance, Hago, Samsung video editor, ChatOn Voice, and Video Chat.

3. Take out the Channel

How to Clear Cache on Roku

On your controller, press the settings icon, which resembles an asterisk (*). It will open an interface with the number of choices. Select “Remove channel,” next confirm your selection. 

After a few instants, the Roku will remove your software from the main screen. You’ll ultimately have to reinstall the software, but don’t do it yet. To clear the app’s cache, restart your Roku entirely.

4. Reboot your Roku

How to Clear Cache on Roku

If you’ve never restarted your Roku previously, it’s a fairly simple process. Choose System and System Restart from the Settings menu. 

Unless you can’t find this alternative for whatever purpose, please try to unplug the computer. It’s not nice for your Roku to detach it like this on a routine basis, but it won’t upset anything occasionally.

5. Reinstall the App  

How to Clear Cache on Roku

While talking about how to clear cache on Roku, you could now reinstall the app and start over from scratch. Users can either navigate the Roku Channel Store or undertake a voice or text quest to know what you’re looking for. 

The final outcome would be the same regardless of how you get there: Choose one app and then tap Add Channel.

6. Log Back in Again

Further, talking about how to clear cache on Roku, this procedure will vary based on the platform, but you will need to sign back in until you can use it ordinarily. 

If your issue has been resolved, you are finished; if not, you may need to factory reset your Roku. Anything more complicated than that will necessitate a call to Roku customer service.

Why Isn’t My Roku Working Properly?

As far as how to clear cache on Roku is concerned, there are numerous things that could go wrong in advanced connected phones, and Roku is no exception. Your Roku’s poor performance could be the result of a faulty system update, a recently installed channel, or even a cache pile-up.

Furthermore, your Roku device may be easily out of date – these systems are developed to last, however, the effects will not improve over time. With any piece of technology, this is always a downward spiral.

Wrapping Up

Even though these methodologies should help you improve the performance of your Roku, if the device is obsolete, you should recognize purchasing a new one. In any case, even brand spanking new devices will benefit from a restart and a cache clear-out.

Have you ever restarted your Roku? What technique) did you use it? Was it successful? If you have any questions, tips, or advice, please leave them in the comments section below.

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