Skip These Roku City Memes If You Don’t Have a Roku!

On today’s list of weird-things-people-are-obsessed-with we have no celebrity, no bizarre TikTok, but a screensaver. There’s this one Roku screensaver that’s making everyone want to live in a hypothetical city. Just as NYTimes said, “Pack Your Bags, We’re Moving to ‘Roku City, ’” people have started with their puns on Twitter. I do not want you to miss these Roku City memes, so here’s a little collection of them.

The Roku city screensaver is designed by Kyle Jones. The idea behind creating a screensaver filled with references was to promote upcoming and old movies on the streaming platform while hyping the people. Kudos to the team for their successful mission.

Enough with the chit-chat. Let’s head straight to the Roku City memes, but make sure you mention in the comment box which meme is your favorite.

Roku City Memes & Tweets in October 2022

It all started when a user on Twitter posted a tweet saying, “What if we kissed in Roku City“. Well, we cannot blame the guy for dreaming about it, the place definitely looks utopic. Here’s the tweet-

Another user wrote on Twitter, “This kind of smart, walkable, mixed-use urbanism is illegal to build—”. I agree. Its too good to be true.

Another user expressed his adoration for Roku city by saying, “a lengthy facebook post about why I’m leaving New York for Roku City.”

Roku City Memes & Reactions

Apparently, Bo Burnham is also trapped inside, did you look closely?

Roku City Memes & Tweets

People just cannot leave Bo Burnham out of Roku City memes. Watch the video below to see where is Bo hidden.

Also, someone’s boyfriend asked them “Would you live here? In Roku City?”. Umm, say yes, say yes!!

Roku City Memes & Tweets

Another Roku city meme finds Kramer asking Jerry, “Kramer, what is going on in there?”. To which he replies, “It’s Roku City, Jerry.”

Who’s going to tell this person to never take both pills at the same time! Now he’s stuck in Roku city.

Here’s another Roku city meme I found on the internet.

Roku City Memes & Tweets

People cannot get over this meme, can they?

Roku City Memes & Tweets

People are obsessed with the Roku city screensaver after glow. This is what a user said on Reddit.

Roku City Tweets You Cannot Miss If You Have a Roku

So, people will only consider metaverse only if it is in Roku City. #notnmywords.

Wrapping Up

Those were the “it” Roku city memes. I am pretty sure you found many of them relatable. Comment below your favorite memes out of this post and share this article with your friends who want to live in the Roku city as much as you do.

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