How to Get Paramount Plus for Free | Stop Paying for Steaming in 2022! 

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Paramount is the new CBS. Paramount Plus is the streaming service launched in March 2021 for Viacom CBS networks. When giants like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix rein the market, no one wants to step into Paramount Plus before getting a peek. What if I said you can take this sneak peek for free? Here is how to get Paramount Plus for free.

CBS has had its streaming service for a pretty long time already. It is super cheap with all the exclusives. After the merging with Viacom, CBS found this an opportunity to mark their space on the market. They even rebranded the name as Paramount Plus, leaving CBS All Access. CBS’s Paramount Studios are much more popular than Viacom and CBS itself, which explains the catch behind the new name.

Paramount Plus is doing everything to draw customers, and the developed marketing strategies are almost winning. Here is everything on how to get Paramount Plus without spending a dime.

How to Get Paramount Plus For Free | Watch Paramount Plus for Free!

When your free things are of utmost quality, customers might want to take a bite of your premium services- Nice try, Paramount Plus! When CBS became Paramount Plus, it needed straightforward tactics to announce its existence. You have two methods to get Paramount Plus for free and one penny-spend way to get Paramount Plus with Amazon.

paramount plus logo; how to get paramount plus for free

How to Get Paramount Plus for Free With Coupons

Every month, Paramount Plus does release some free one-month coupons as a part of the promotion for both free and returning customers. Paramount Plus has two plans- Essential and Premium. With a code, BIRTHDAY at checkout, you will get an Essential Plan for $1 per month and a Premium Pan for $2 per month. 

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paramount plus payment method; how to get paramount plus for free

According to official sources, the birthday coupon by Paramount Plus was successful. So we might get this for a long time, I suppose. In parallel, Paramount was also offering free coupons without spending a dime. WALMART30 is the only available coupon, as I checked last time. I wish you good luck with that.

How to Get Paramount Plus for Free with Free Trial?

Paramount Plus offers a free seven-day trial on their website. Here is how to get Paramount Plus for free with a website free trial. 

paramount free trial steps; how to get paramount plus for free

1. Visit the Paramount Plus website.

2. Click on ‘Try it Free.’ 

3. Click on ‘Continue’ to pick up your plan (Essential or Premium).

4. Enter your information and payment method.

5. Get your free Paramount Plus free trial.

Don’t forget to cancel your subscription before the free trial ends unless you are a die-hard Paramount Plus shows fan.

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How to Get Paramount Plus Free Trial with Amazon Prime?

What if I said, you can get double entertainment now. Paramount Plus offers a 7-day free trial with one month of Amazon Prime. Here is how to get Paramount Plus for Free with Amazon Prime.

1. Visit ‘Amazon Prime’s Paramount Plus website.’

2. Click on ‘Start your Free Trials.’

3. Sign in to your Amazon account.

4. Choose your Plan (Limited Commercial Plan or Premium Plan).

paramount plus payment plan; how to get paramount plus for free

5. Start watching Amazon’s Paramount Free Trial.

 These are the possible three ways to get Paramount Plus for free. I would wait for monthly coupons forever as I am not a hardcore Paramount Plus fan, and freebies are cool!

How Much Does Paramount Plus Cost?

Paramount Plus looks promising with its plans. An ad-supported Essential Plan for $4.99 per month and a Premium Plan for $9.99 per month without ads. Also, you can save up to 16% by choosing the annual plan since it costs only $4.17 per month for Essential Plan and $8.33 per month for Premium Plan.

paramount plus payment plan; how to get paramount plus for free

Is Paramount Plus Worth It?

On one note, they have Paramount Studio, global franchises, and local production hubs, which makes them worthy enough. It also has a pretty extensive library of content with Viacom. Big Brother, Young Sheldon, and Survivor in real times are the main shows of interest for fans.

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Wrapping Up

Paramount Plus is the new CBS All Access. If you are a CBS shows fan, here are the three ways to get Paramount Plus for free. Try out these free coupons and explore all the new Paramount Plus treats.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Paramount’s free trial work?

It works for 7-days. After that, your payment method will auto-renew your chosen plan.

2. How do I use Paramount Plus for free?

You can use Paramount Plus free trials on the website or utilize free coupons occasionally released by Paramount Plus.

3. How long do you get Paramount Plus for Free?

You can get Paramount Plus free trial for 7-days.


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