How to Get Free TikTok Coins in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

How to get free tiktok coins

Have you ever come across a trending dance challenge on TikTok and wanted to participate in it, only to find out that you need to buy coins to unlock certain features? Well, fret not! There are ways to get free TikTok coins and enjoy all the app has to offer without spending a dime. I will guide you on how to get free TikTok coins as well as how to purchase them in just a while.

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I get these free coins?” The answer is simple. TikTok offers its users various ways to earn coins, and one of them is by participating in the app’s virtual gifting system, like TikTok Rose gift. This system allows users to send gifts to their favorite creators, and in return, the creators receive coins that they can use to purchase different in-app features.

But wait, there’s more! In this article, we’ll delve into various ways to earn free TikTok coins, including participating in contests and giveaways, completing surveys and tasks, and exploring the rate of the coins, their uses, and much more. So, if you’re ready to get your hands on some free TikTok coins, keep reading to learn how to get free coins on TikTok!

How to Get TikTok Coins?

how to get free TikTok coins

There are several ways to get your hands on free TikTok coins and purchased ones. Here are three methods that you can try to get free coins TikTok:

01. In-App Purchase: This is the easiest way to get coins on TikTok. All you have to do is purchase coins from the app’s virtual coin store using your credit card or other payment methods.

02. Earning Coins by Completing Tasks: TikTok also offers coins as a reward for completing tasks like watching videos or inviting friends to the app. The more tasks you complete, the more coins you’ll earn.

03. Joining Live Streams: Some TikTok users go live and offer coins to their viewers as a way to increase engagement. By joining their live streams and engaging with their content, you can earn coins.

Now, let’s explore how to get free TikTok coins in more detail and see how you can maximize your coin-earning potential!

How to Purchase TikTok Coins?

If you want to know how to recharge TikTok coins for free, let me tell you that TikTok offers two ways to recharge your account and get coins: in-app and web recharge. While the in-app TikTok Recharge is convenient, it may come with extra fees. However, you can save up to 31% on your TikTok recharge by going to the Get Coins webpage on the platform’s website. So, it’s a wise decision to try it out! Here’s how to get coins on TikTok from the TikTok web in 2023:

Step 01: Go to the TikTok website from your phone or PC and log in to your account.

Step 02: Click or tap on your profile icon, located in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 03: On the drop-down menu, tap on Get Coins.

how to get free TikTok coins

Step 04: On the Get Coins page, select the number of coins you want to purchase.

Step 05: Tap on the Recharge button.

how to get free TikTok coins

Step 06: Select your payment method and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the payment process with your bank or card.

how to get free TikTok coins

That’s it! Now you have TikTok coins to use as you please. So, go ahead and use them to unlock special features, participate in virtual gifting, or simply show some love to your favorite creators.

How to Get TikTok Coins for Free?

how to get free TikTok coins

Finally, the wait is over. If you are looking for ways to get TikTok coins free, this section is for you. I will show you several ways to get free TikTok coins without spending anything.

01. TikTok Gifts

Virtual gifting is one of the most popular ways to get free TikTok coins. There are a bunch of gifts on TikTok that are worth different amounts! During a live stream, users can send virtual gifts, such as emojis, stickers, or other virtual items, to their favorite creators. In return, creators can take those gifts and cash them in for some real-life money, as a way of saying thanks for the support. The more virtual gifts you send, the more coins you can earn. So, if you want to get free TikTok coins, participate in a live stream, and show some love to your favorite creators!

There are some really cool gifts that you can give to your favorite TikTok creators. Check it out, you can give them a Lion as a gift, which is a great way to show them some love. Or, you can give them a Galaxy which is another Gift option. If you ask me, I love the Universe Gift, which will really make my favorite influencers on TikTok feel appreciated.

02. TikTok Challenges

Participating in TikTok challenges is another way to earn free TikTok coins. These challenges are viral trends often involving users creating videos based on a particular theme or idea. Some challenges offer prizes, including TikTok coins, to participants who create the best videos. So, if you’re feeling creative, participate in a TikTok challenge and show off your skills to win some free coins.

03. Grow Your TikTok Followers

Growing your followers is an essential step in getting free TikTok coins. If you wanna make it big on TikTok, you gotta focus on growing your followers, man. The more followers you have, the more likely you are to receive virtual gifts and win contests. To increase your followers, post regularly, identify the best time to post on TikTok, use popular hashtags, and engage with other users’ content. You can also collaborate with other TikTok users to reach a broader audience and gain more followers. The more followers you have, the more opportunities you have to earn free coins!

04. TikTok Coin Hacks

While some users claim to have found ways to get free TikTok coins through hacks or cheats, Path of EX doesn’t recommend these methods. These hacks can result in your account getting banned or scammed. It’s best to stick to legitimate ways to earn TikTok coins to avoid any risks. Remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so don’t fall for any scams or hacks that promise to give you free coins!

Getting free TikTok coins is possible through virtual gifting, participating in challenges, growing your followers, and even trying out TikTok coin hacks (although I don’t recommend it). So, go ahead and start sending virtual gifts, participating in challenges, and growing your followers to earn those free coins!

What Are TikTok Coins For?

TikTok coins are the app’s in-app currency that users can purchase with real money to show their love and support for their favorite content creators. But what are TikTok coins for, and how can you use them?

TikTok coins are primarily used to buy virtual gifts that you can give to other users on the app. When you give a virtual gift, the creator receives a certain number of coins that they can then use to purchase in-app features or exchange for real money.

The virtual gifts you can purchase with TikTok coins come in various forms, including emojis, stickers, and other virtual items. Each gift has a different value, and the more expensive the gift, the more coins it will cost you. So, if you want to show your support for a content creator, you can purchase a virtual gift and send it to them during a live stream or as a direct message.

It’s also worth noting that TikTok coins can be a source of income for creators. If you have a large following and receive many virtual gifts, you can exchange your coins for real money. TikTok has a program called the Creator Fund that pays creators based on their engagement and followers. So, if you’re serious about creating content on TikTok, earning virtual gifts and coins can help you build your audience and even earn some cash.

What Do TikTok Coins Cost?

If you’re planning to buy TikTok coins, the cost of the coins fluctuates frequently. As of April 2023, the TikTok website lists the following prices for buying coins. Kindly note these prices may differ from region to region and from time to time. You can also compare them to the prices shown on your TikTok app; they will be higher. Here is the latest price list as per TikTok’s Get Coins webpage:

Number of CoinsPriceRate per Coin

Note: Purchasing coins from the app might cost you more than buying them from the TikTok website. You can save up to 31% by buying coins from the website instead of the app.

Difference Between TikTok Coins and Diamonds

Now you know how to get free TikTok coins, what they are used for, and how to make TikTok recharge. You may have heard of TikTok diamonds, and you might be wondering what the difference is between coins and diamonds.

Coins can be purchased with real money from the app, and users can use them to buy virtual gifts to give to their favorite creators. When a creator receives a gift, they can convert it to real money and withdraw it.

On the other hand, diamonds are earned by creators through the TikTok Creator Fund program. When a creator is part of the Creator Fund, they earn diamonds based on the engagement of their videos. The more engagement a video gets, the more diamonds the creator earns. Like coins, diamonds can also be converted to real money and withdrawn.

Here’s a table to compare the differences between coins and diamonds:

How to earnPurchase with real moneyEarned through the TikTok Creator Fund program
PurposeTo send virtual gifts to usersTo earn money for creators
ConversionConverted to real moneyConverted to real money and withdrawn by creators
Value RangeSmall to expensiveVaries based on video engagement
EligibilityValue RangeEligibility criteria apply for the Creator Fund

In short, while coins and diamonds are both in-app currencies on TikTok, they serve different purposes. Coins are for users to send virtual gifts to creators as a way to show support, while diamonds are for eligible creators to earn money from their content through the Creator Fund program.

Types of TikTok Gifts

You now have those free TikTok coins, and you have purchased some as well. Now you want to know what you can purchase with them. There are several types of TikTok Gifts that users can purchase using TikTok Coins. These gifts come in different prices and styles, so you can pick the one that fits your mood and budget. Check out some of the most popular ones:

Gift NamePrice (coins)Description
Panda5Animated dancing panda
Italian Hand5Animated cake on fingertips
Love Bang25Animated heart explosion
Sun Cream50Animated lotion application on the beach
Rainbow Puke100Animated puking rainbow colors
Concert500Animated concert stage with cheering fans and flashing lights
I’m Very Rich1000The animated penguin that spins around and says “drama queen”
Drama Queen5000Animated penguin that spins around and says “drama queen”

So, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Watch How to Get Free TikTok Coins

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Wrapping Up

So, that’s all about how you can get free TikTok coins. Remember, there are several ways to earn coins on TikTok for free, such as participating in challenges, contests, and giveaways, as well as sharing high-quality content that people will love to watch and send you gifts. You can also buy coins using real money if you want to support your favorite creators.

If you want more TikTok-related guides, tips, and tricks, don’t forget to visit Path of EX regularly. I’ll be posting more content to help you become a TikTok pro in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I transfer TikTok coins to other users?

No, you can’t transfer TikTok coins to other users. But you can convert them to a gift item and send them to your favorite creators or friends as a token of appreciation for their content.Β 

2. Can I convert TikTok coins to real money?

No, you can’t convert TikTok coins to real money. They can only be used to purchase gifts for other users who can exchange those gifts for real money.

3. Can I earn TikTok coins by watching videos?

No, you can’t earn TikTok coins by watching videos. However, you can earn them by purchasing them with real money or by participating in promotional events and challenges on the app.

4. Can I get free TikTok coins?

Yes, there are several ways to get free TikTok coins. You can participate in TikTok’s promotional events and challenges, follow and engage with creators to receive gifts, or receive gifts from other users. You can also use third-party websites or apps that offer free coins, but be cautious as they may not be legitimate.

5. Do all gifts cost the same amount of coins on TikTok?

No, gifts on TikTok vary in price depending on the type of gift. Some gifts, such as the Panda or Italian Hand, cost only 5 coins, while others, like the Concert, cost 500 coins. The most expensive gift is the Drama Queen, which costs 5000 coins.

6. How can I check my TikTok coin balance?

You can check your TikTok coin balance by going to your profile and clicking on the three dots in the top right corner. From there, select “Balance” to see your current coin balance.

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