How Much is a TikTok Universe Worth: Know The Value of Gift!

How Much is a TikTok Universe Worth: Know The Value of Gift!

Are you thinking about gifting your favorite creator, the Universe, to show your support? Great! It is one of the most valued gifts on TikTok. But do you know how much is TikTok Universe worth? If you are not sure about TikTok Universe value but want to know how much is TikTok Universe gift this article is for you. So come along and learn how much is a TikTok Universe.

The Universe gift is one of the virtual gifts that you can send to your favorite creator and can even earn if you are a creator whom people love to watch. But this is not the only virtual gift that one can earn. There are gifts with different coin values like Galaxy, Lion, Rose, etc. Out of these, the coin value of the Rose is the least, but Lion is the second most valuable TikTok gift. To buy these virtual gifts, you either need to earn or win free TikTok coins. Each coin you earn or win on TikTok has some monetary value using which you can buy gift items depending on these TikTok gift points worth.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the article and learn about how much is TikTok Universe Worth. Why wait, then? Let’s begin!

How Much is a TikTok Universe Worth?

How Much is a TikTok Universe Worth?

The Universe gift on TikTok is worth a whopping 34,999 coins. So if you want to buy a Universe gift for your favorite creator to show your support, you must have 34999 virtual coins in your TikTok vault. 

But wait, does that means the creator gets 34,999 coins which is the TikTok Universe worth, when you send them a gift worth these many coins? Well, the answer is No! TikTok takes a 50% commission from it, which means the creator only gets 50% of the coin’s value. And not to make it evident, TikTok has set a rule to convert these coins into diamonds when sent to a creator, which means you sent a gift worth x coins, but what the creator earns is diamonds, not coins worth the gift.

If you are wondering how coins are converted into diamonds, let me tell you how to find TikTok Universe worth in diamonds; here is the way to convert them. You need to divide the total coins by 2 to get their value in the diamond. This means when you send a gift worth 10 coins, the creator earns 5 diamonds. Got it or not? Remember, 50% goes to TikTok! To make it appear clean, TikTok set the value of 1 Diamond = 2 coins; this way, they get the 50% of the gift’s value.

If you are wondering what is the value of 1 TikTok coin, nowadays, the value of 1 coin or 0.5 diamonds on TikTok is $0.01532

Now as the TikTok Universe worth is 34,999 coins which is equivalent to 17,499.5 diamonds, its worth in USD for a creator is 17,499.5 x 0.01532 = $268.09. Creators get approximately $268.09 when someone sends them a Universe gift. Its actual worth is $536.18, but as TikTok takes away 50% as commission, the value which the creator get is only $268.09.

So to conclude, the actual worth of TikTok Universe is $536.18 and the creator gets $268.09.

What is the Most Expensive TikTok Gift?

What is the Most Expensive TikTok Gift?

Now that you know how much is a TikTok Universe worth, let’s talk about the most expensive TikTok Gitt. The Universe gift is the most expensive TikTok gift that one can send to a creator. These virtual gifts are here so that fans can send them to their favorite creators and express their gratitude for inspiring them.

These virtual TikTok gifts are also a great way to show your love and support for the creator whose video brings a smile to your face, entertains you when you are exhausted, and inspires you to keep doing what you are good at no matter what. To know about the other TikTok gifts, keep reading, as the Universe gift is just one gift in the long list of available TikTok gifts.

Other TikTok Gift Prices

Other TikTok Gift Prices

The Universe gift is not the only gift that you can send to your favorite creators. There are ample gifts you can choose from. TikTok Universe worth is 34,999 coins, but even if you only have 1 coin, you can buy a gift for your favorite creator. For TikTok lovers and creator’s fans like you, below I have provided you with a list of other TikTok gifts apart from the Universe gift that you can gift to them.

  • Tennis: 1 coin
  • Love Letter: 1coin
  • Football: 1 coin
  • GG: 1 coin
  • Mini Speaker: 1 coin
  • Coffee: 1 coin
  • Ice Cream Cone: 1 coin
  • Barbell: 1 coin
  • Rose: 1 coin
  • TikTok: 1 coin
  • Pandas: 5 coins
  • Heart Finger: 5 coins
  • Mic: 5 coins
  • Hi: 5 coins
  • Magic Letter: 7 coins
  • Hand Waving: 7 coins
  • Bottle of Hope: 9 coins
  • Snowboard: 9 coins
  • Gamepads: 10 coins
  • Lollipops: 10 coins
  • Perfume: 20 coins
  • Love Bang: 25 coins 
  • Mirror: 30 coins
  • Donuts: 30 coins
  • Sun Cream: 50 coins
  • Origami: 99 coins
  • Hat: 99 coins
  • Crown: 99 coins
  • Heart: 100 coins
  • Rainbow Puke: 100 coins
  • Confetti: 100 coins
  • Butterfly: 169 coins
  • Musical Notes: 169 coins
  • Witch’s Hat: 177 coins
  • Heart: 199 coins
  • Glasses: 199 coins
  • Ski Goggles: 199 coins
  • Padlock and key: 199 coins
  • Glasses: 199 coins
  • Rock n’ roll: 299 coins
  • Bridal Veil: 299 coins
  • Boxing Gloves: 299 coins
  • Balloon Joget: 300 coins
  • Tumpeng Rice: 300 coins
  • Campfire: 388 coins
  • Sweet Dreams: 399 coins
  • Swing: 399 coins
  • Necklace: 400 coins
  • Marine trap: 400 coins
  • Coral: 499 coins
  • Money Rain: 500 coins
  • Concert: 500 coins
  • Ice Machine: 538 coins
  • Record Player: 600 coins
  • Love Balloon: 699 coins
  • Goose: 699 coins
  • Shoes: 700 coins
  • Pearl: 800 coins
  • Train: 899 coins
  • Gold Mine: 1000 coins
  • I’m Very Rich: 1,000 coins
  • Mirror Flower: 1000 coins
  • Fireworks: 1088 coins
  • Gaming Chair: 1200 coins
  • Bombom Car: 1288 coins
  • Flower Arrangement: 1500 coins
  • Champion: 1500 coins
  • Drinking Time: 1777 coins
  • Tree House: 1799 coins
  • Fast Boat: 1888 coins
  • Magic Album: 1999 coins
  • Makeup Box: 1999 coins
  • Autumn Candle: 1999 coins
  • South Korea: 2020 coins
  • Music Box: 2399 coins
  • Travel: 2888 coins
  • Motorcycle: 2988 coins
  • Old Famous Car: 2999 coins
  • Superstars: 2999 coins
  • Ringworm: 3000 coins
  • Spilled Flowers: 4000 coins
  • Pirate Ship: 4888 coins
  • Private Jet: 4888coins
  • Pool Party: 4999 coins
  • Drama Queen: 5,000 coins
  • Submarine: 5199 coins
  • Airplane: 6000 coins
  • Race Car: 7000 coins
  • Match Trophy: 7999 coins
  • Yachts: 9888 coins
  • Aquarius: 9999 coins
  • Interstellar: 10000 coins
  • Planets: 15000 coins
  • Rocket: 20000 coins
  • Lion: 29999 coins
  • TikTok Universe: 34999 coins

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope you now know how much is a TikTok Universe Worth. So don’t wait any longer; if you have 35,000 TikTok coins in your TikTok balance and want to help your Creator grow, send them the Universe gift now. And yeah, for any further queries related to TikTok, you can comment down below.

So, guys, that is it for today. Take Care! And keep visiting our website, Path of EX, for more such queries related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Till then, Bye! Bye!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is TikTok universe gift worth?

The Universe gift is the most expensive TikTok gift. It’s worth a whopping 34,999 coins and will cost you over $500.

2. How much is a TikTok Galaxy worth?

The Galaxy gift on TikTok costs 1000 TikTok coins. 

3. How much is 1 million TikTok coins worth?

1 Million TikTok coins are worth around $18k.

4. How much is a TikTok Universe in diamonds?

The value of TikTok Universe in diamonds is 17,499 diamonds. This means on sending the Universe gift worth 34999 coins; the creator receives 17,499 diamond points.

5. How much is the rose gift worth on TikTok?

The Rose gift on TikTok is worth 1 Coin.

6. How much is a TikTok Lion worth?

The Lion gift is the second most expensive TikTok gift. It’s worth 29,999 coins and will cost you over $450

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