How To Drag Opponents In WWE 2K23 | Drag Grounded, Standing & Outside The Ring Opponents

How To Drag Opponents In WWE 2K23 | Drag Grounded, Standing & Outside The Ring Opponents

Are you looking for how to drag opponents in WWE 2K23 who are standing on the ground? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the correct place. You can use various techniques when fighting an opponent to subdue them. Yet, some maneuvers are only effective when the adversary is close to the turnbuckle. Also, while attempting to cover an opponent, there is a danger that the rope will break. Therefore, you should know how to drag opponents in WWE 2K23 in such circumstances. 

In WWE 2K23, it’s essential to understand how to manage, drag, and position an opponent to execute massive maneuvers and finishes. Players who take the fight outdoors must be able to hurl their rivals back into the ring and position them on the announcer’s table, stairs, and ring post.

This article teaches you how to drag your opponents in WWE 2K23. The article will let you know about the different opponents and their places which will help you to drag opponents in WWE 2k23 easily. So keep and find out more.

How To Drag Opponents In WWE 2K23 | Grounded, Standing, & Outside The Ring Opponents

Positioning an adversary correctly can make a big difference in the outcome when you drag them into the game. In WWE 2K23, competitors who are too close to the ropes can take a rope break and jump out and can be dragged there easily. However, if they want to launch an aerial assault, they must also be near the turnbuckle. 

You can find your opponents in the game at different places, and these opponents can be dragged from their respective places. 

Have a look below to know what kind of opponents you can find in WWE 2k23 are:

  • Grounded Opponents 
  • Standing Opponents 
  • Opponents Outside the Ring

Head on further for a detailed guide on how to drag opponents in WWE 2K23.

How To Drag Grounded Opponents In WWE 2K23 | PC, PS, & Xbox

You can easily drag your grounded opponent in WWE 2K23 on any platform you play. To make it easier, scroll down and follow the steps. It will help you to drag your grounded opponents in WWE 2K23.

  • PC – Grab by tapping the ‘L’ Key, then tap the ‘U’ Key to begin the Drag.
  • PlayStation – Grab by pressing the Circle key, then initiate the Drag by pressing L1.
  • Xbox – Press B to snatch an opponent, then begin the Drag by pressing LB.

How To Drag Standing Opponents In WWE 2K23 | PC, PS, & Xbox

In WWE 2K23, dragging a standing opponent uses the same techniques as dragging a wrestler on the ground. Nonetheless, they tend to speed up their recovery when standing. So, holding off on moving them around the ring is advisable until they are shocked. Now scroll down and follow the steps for standing opponents in WWE 2k23.

  • PC – Press the ‘L’ key to grab the opponent and hit the ‘U’ key to initiate the Drag.
  • PlayStation – Use the Circle button to grab and the L1 button to enter the dragging position.
  • Xbox – Grab the opponent by pressing B on the controller. After that, press LB to begin dragging the opponent.

How To Drag Opponents Outside The Ring In WWE 2K23?

Thanks to the feature, numerous occasions are outside the ring where placing and pulling the opponent is more precise. Follow these instructions to maximize your chances of using the outside as a weapon in WWE 2K23’s WarGames, Hell in a Cell, or ordinary matches. You can drag your opponents outside the ring in WWE 2k23 by following the below steps.

  • PC– If it’s a standard match, move the battle outside the ring and pay attention to the referee’s countdown.
  • PlayStation- Circle, the opponent to grab them. Take them to the announcer’s table, the guardrail, or the ring post.
  • Xbox– While using the surroundings as a weapon, the game will encourage the player to hit them by pressing the X/Square button.

Please remember that if the Drag is kept too long, the opponent may counter it. Thus, be sure to cause any environmental damage or pin the adversary in place. That concludes our tutorial on dragging opponents in WWE 2K23.

Wrapping Up

It’s a wrap! Here you with everything about how to drag opponents in WWE 2K23. You now have all the information necessary to gain the upper hand in dominating an opponent inside and outside the ring. In WWE 2K23, players can use super finishes and more brutal assaults to attack other wrestlers in this way. For more articles about WWE 2K23 and other gaming platforms, visit Path of EX and enjoy sharing them with your friends.

Happy Gaming!

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