6 Effective Ways To Block Twitch Ads | On-Page, Pre-Roll & Mid-Roll Ads

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Where Twitch streaming is growing with its fan base the time, the major bugs and uninvited ads are causing a major hindrance to Twitch streaming all along. In this article, you will be introduced to the 6 methods to block Twitch Ads, including On-page, pre-roll, and Mid-roll Twitch video ads. Go along for smooth work.

One of the easiest ways to block Twitch Ads is either by installing a VPN and locating it in another country or adding a new ad blocker extension. You can eliminate every kind of Twitch ad using these methods and stream Twitch easily without falling for any disruptor.

To know how to block Twitch Ads easily, you must go on further. Below are the 6 easy methods you need to eliminate those long-lasting ads from your Twitch forever.

How To Block Twitch Ads | 6 Effective Ways

There are two kinds of Twitch ads generally. It includes Static on-page ads and pre-roll or mid-roll ads. To know how you can block these Twitch Ads, check out further.

6 Methods To Block Twitch Ads | On-Page, Pre-Roll, & Mid-Roll Twitch Video Ads

6 Methods to block Twitch Ads:

1. Install A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The first and foremost way to block Twitch Ads is by installing a VPN into your system. VPN allows you to change your online location by using a connected server in a different country and updating your IP address wholly. After you update your IP address, your IP location gets updated, and this blocks all kinds of Twitch ads from showing up on your screen permanently.

Steps to block Twitch Ads Using VPN:

  1. Subscribe to either ExpressVPN or CyberGhost.
  2. Install the application to your system.
  3. Go to the VPN client.
  4. Select your server location from the options mentioned below.
  5. Switch on the VPN connection.
  6. Head on to Twitch.
  7. This will allow you to binge over Twitch without any block ads.

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2. Apply Ad Block Extension

6 Methods To Block Twitch Ads | On-Page, Pre-Roll, & Mid-Roll Twitch Video Ads

Featuring the quickest way to block Twitch Ads, installing and using ad block extension to the server is the simple way to eliminate those uninvited advertisements from the screen.

Steps to block Twitch ads Using Ad Block Extension:

  1. Head on to the uBlock Origin’s Website.
  2. Look for the link you prefer to be added to your browser.
  3. Go to the Browser’s toolbox.
  4. Tab uBlock Origin’s power symbol to enable ad block.
  5. Open Twitch and enjoy ad-free sessions.

3. Use Ad Block Browser

6 Methods To Block Twitch Ads | On-Page, Pre-Roll, & Mid-Roll Twitch Video Ads

Installing the free AD block browser is another powerful way to block Twitch Ads from your screen. Be it Opera or Brave, both of the famous browsers block all third-party advertisements from the browser, allowing you to binge over Twitch freely.

Although there are some drawbacks to this method, like any pre-roll or mid-roll ads cannot be deleted from the browser wholly, or the speed of their mainstream video lacks a bit as compared to the other competitors, but this works well for the private browsers with different range of benefits.

Steps to block Twitch ads Using Ad Block Extension:

  1. Head on to the download page of the browser to download the browser.
  2. Download the browser and run the setup file.
  3. Search Twitch on your Browser, and there will be no Twitch ads on your screen.

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4. Use Ad Block Proxy

6 Methods To Block Twitch Ads | On-Page, Pre-Roll, & Mid-Roll Twitch Video Ads

As we head on to the list of ways to block Twitch Ads from your screen, another method is using Ad Block Proxy to the system. A proxy acts as a mediator between you and the website you wish to connect to from where you can block any and every type of ads overall.

As you log in to the website, your weblink only connects to your proxy server’s IP address, updating a new IP address overall. Just like VPN, a proxy server is used to connect to a country that doesn’t invite any unwanted Twitch Ads. However, one must know that a Proxy isn’t as secure as a VPN.

Steps to block Twitch ads Using Ad Block Proxy:

  1. Go to the Purple Ads blocker Chrome or Firefox listing.
  2. Add your extension to the browser.
  3. As the proxy gets activated, go to Twitch for ad-free binging.

5. Use TwitchIS

If you wish to stream on Twitch in an embedded video then TwitchIS is your one and final solution for all the Twitch ads. TwitchIS allows you to block Twitch Ads and stream Twitch ad-free on an open platform. Though it comes up with some restrictions it works well for the ad-free Twitch experience.

Steps to block Twitch ads Using TwitchIS:

As the basic Twitch URL is twitch.tv/channelname > replace .tv with .com > access to a ad-free window with the new Twitch URL twitchls.com/channelname

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6. Use Another Platform

The last method to block Twitch ads is using another platform say Multistr. eam for Twitch streaming. As you switch on to Multistr.eam, it may cost you total isolation from the Twitch platform and some of the Channel points of Twitch drop, however, it all seems worthy when you stream Twitch without any disturbance.

Steps to block Twitch ads Using Another Platform:

  1. Search Multistre.am in your web browser.
  2. Type Twitch in the search bar.
  3. Tap screen Properties.
  4. Tap Watch Stream.

Featuring all 6 methods to block Twitch Ads, changing the VPN or using the proxy are the most used methods to block Twitch Ads. However, using another platform or a new browser also works wonders nowadays.

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Watch Methods To Block Twitch Ads

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up the 6 methods to Block Twitch Ads, you must try using VPN as your priority method and then switch on to the other methods. Also, do drop your experience in the box below.

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