Google Halloween Game | Halloween Doodles 2023 Updated List

Google Halloween Game

Google has been creating Halloween-themed game doodles for many years. These Doodles are interesting, typical games-based technology doodles that celebrate the holiday in a fun and festive way. Every year, Google releases new Google Halloween Game Doodles. The most featured Halloween Doodle is “The Great Ghoul Duel,” released in 2018 and brought back in 2022 with new Google Doodle Halloween features. Scroll down to learn different Doodles created every year for other Halloween Games. 

After that, the next popular around-the-corner Halloween Game’s Doodle is “Magic Cat Academy.” This was first released in 2016 and followed the Story of a Momo, a cat who tries to save the Magic School from a ghost. Players must help Momo cast spells and defeat the ghosts. Then, every year, Google releases new Doodles for its Halloween Game, like Pumpkin Eastre, Trick-or-Treat, Ghost Patrol, baseball, and many more. 

Below, you will find year-wise released details for Google Halloween Game Doodles. Also, I have made brief notes about the Google Doodle Halloween game and its method. 

What is the Google Halloween Game Doodle?

Google Doodle Halloween

Halloween Google Doodle is a popular browser game. Google Doodles is the creator of this game, and the game is also known as Magic Cat Academy. On 30 October 2016, the game’s first version, Magic Cat Academy, was launched. After four years, the second version of the Halloween Google Doodle game, Magic Cat Academy 2, was launched on 30th October 2020. 

Players need to explore several spooky maps in the Halloween Google Doodle game. If you are already an existing player of the Halloween Google Doodle game, you know that in this game, you need to rescue Momo, a feline cat. Momo goes to a magic school where a ghost steals her spellbook. Momo will defeat the ghost to win the game. 

How to Play the Halloween Google Doodle game?

Google Halloween Game | Halloween Doodles 2023 Updated List

There are five levels in the first version of the Magic Cat Academy game. To play the Halloween Google Doodle game, you must control Momo, a feline cat, in a magic school. Momo will fight with ghosts in the first installation of the Magic Cat Academy game to bring back her spellbook that a ghost will steal. 

Momo will fight with ghosts in the school’s library, cafeteria, classroom, gymnasium, and rooftop. These are all the five levels and locations of the game. The gameplay of the Magic Cat Academy game is simple. To defeat ghosts, you need to click and swipe the mouse in definite directions about the icon atop the heads of the ghosts. 

These swiping directions include a horizontal line, a vertical line, a “v” shape, a “ʌ” shape, and a lightning bolt. This lightning bolt will summon lightning, weakening all the on-screen enemies or ghosts. Occasionally, you can swipe in a heart symbol to regain health. 

The second installment, the Magic Cat Academy 2, will occur under the sea. After winning the first part, a ghost somehow managed to escape from Momo, reach the ocean, and possess many marine animals. In the Magic Cat Academy 2, Momo will again fight enemies in five stages. Momo will fight with ghosts and possess marine animals such as an immortal jellyfish, a bank of bogues, a vampire squid, an anglerfish, and the final boss, an underwater volcano. 

What are the Doodles for Halloween Google Games?

Throughout the year, Google launches various games themed to various events. All the browser-based Doodles for Google games usually finish within a few minutes. Here, I’m giving you a brief introduction to the best Doodles for Google games. 

1. Google Doodle Halloween 2022

The creation date of this doodle was 30 October 2022. The sequel to the 2018 Great Ghoul Duel Doodle is a great multiplayer game. In this game, players must explore several spooky maps and collect as many wandering spirit flames as possible. 

Players must capture wandering spirit flames in just two minutes and return them to their home base. After two minutes, the team collects the more wandering spirit flames will win. Emerald, Moss, Mauve, and Amethyst are the characters of this game.

2. Google Doodle Halloween 2021

To celebrate 2021 Halloween, the Google Doodle team created this doodle on 31st October 2021. The theme of the 2021 Halloween Doodle wished Google searchers an “imPECKable Halloween.” Google wrote, “Time flies! The spooky season is upon us again…..” on its Doodle page. The Halloween 2021 Doodle art depicts two crows wearing witch hats and cooking something in a pot. 

3. Google Doodle Halloween 2020

The doodle was created on 31st October 2020 for the 2026 Magic Cat Academy Doodle game. Momo, a feline cat, must cross the Sunlight Zone, Twilight Zone, Midnight Zone, and The Abyss to fight against the Big Boss ghosts and its school of ghouls underwater. 

Momo has to take back her magic wand from the ghost. The Halloween 2020 Doodle art depicts an underwater picture where you can see Momo on the left side and some spooky ghosts on the right side. In the middle, you can see a ship and some fish. 

4. Google Doodle Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 Doodle was based on ghastly tasks of deciding what to wear on Halloween. On 31st October 2017, Google created the Doodle that checks in on Jinx, the lonely ghost. The mission of Jinx was to find the perfect costume and a place to belong. Before the Google Doodle team landed on the perfect apparition of Jinx, it had already gone through many forms. This Doodle art showcased some spooky houses. 

5. Google Doodle Halloween 2016

31st October 2016, the Google Doodle team created a Doodle that followed freshman feline cat Momo on her mission of rescuing her magic school. By swiping in the shape of the icons above the heads of the ghosts, players helped Momo cast out mischievous ghosts. Momo needs to defeat the ghost that stole her master spellbook. The Doodle art will give you a vibe of a fight scene between Momo and ghosts. 

6. Google Doodle Halloween 2015

The Google Doodle team created the Global Candy Cup Doodle on 31st October 2015. The Global Candy Cup game had a fierce competition between four extraordinary witches. The race between them was to collect the most candy before the end of Halloween. 

The golden retriever is the spirit animal of Blue. Honey badger is Red’s spirit animal. This Doodle art showcased a trophy, some witches on their magic brooms, some candies, two bats, and a ghost. 

7. Google Doodle Halloween 2014

On 31st October 2014, the Google Doodle team created the Doodle to invite some favorite monster artists. These monster artists need to create a series of spooktastic animated GIFs. Six types of Doodles were there.

  1. Markus Magnusson created two types of Doodles that depict funny monsters and werewolves. 
  2. Olivia created two Doodles of witches and ghosts. 
  3. Taylor Price created the last two Doodle arts that depicted scarecrows and spooky pumpkins.

8. Google Doodle Halloween 2013

Google Halloween Game

To celebrate the 2500th anniversary of the Marathon, the Google Doodle team created the Doodle on 31st October 2013. That year, Google celebrated Halloween with a scary animation. Some claimed that it was one of the scariest Doodle art by the Google Doodle team. The game of this Doodle art contains witches, magic brooms, coffins, spider webs, spiders, and bones. The sound effects made it more spookier. 

9. Google Doodle Halloween 2012

Google Halloween Game

To celebrate the 165th birthday of Bram Stoker, the Google Doodle team created a Doodle for Halloween on 8th November 2012. The Doodle depicts Bram Stoker’s 19th-century story Dracula. There were seven protagonists, four antagonists, and one who fell somewhere in-between in the Doodle. You must carefully notice the Google Doodle art to highlight these characters.

10. Google Doodle Halloween 2011

Google Halloween Game

The Google Doodle captured a fascinating transformation when carving pumpkins for Halloween 2011 on 31st October 2011. Rather than picking up pumpkins from a grocery store, they decided to work on six giant pumpkins. The pumpkins were delivered from nearby Half Moon Bay. The pumpkins on Halloween 2011 Doodle art seems spooky and scary. 

11. Google Doodle Halloween 2010

Google Halloween Game

Halloween 2010 Doodle, created on 31st October 2010, showcased a Doodle of a fairy and a vampire. The Doodles were not scary at all. Some candy ghosts and bats ran behind a fairy with a magic wand and a vampire in that Doodle art. It was a night scene. You can also notice a house nearby where a kid visits for trick or treat. Also, there was a bus on the road and a spooky pumpkin. 

12. Google Doodle Halloween 2009

Google Halloween Game

Halloween 2009 depicts the discovery of water on the moon. The Doodle art was created on 13 November 2009. The creator of this Doodle said that discovering water on the moon was a fun project for Halloween 2009. This Doodle art looks creative. It depicts the night sky and the moon. If you look carefully, you will see a rocket or something like that landed on the moon.  

13. Google Doodle Halloween 2009

Before discovering water on the moon-themed Doodle, the Google Doodle team created a simple Doodle art on 31st October 2009. The Doodle was so simple that they changed it with the moon theme. You will only notice a pentagon-shaped pumpkin at the end of this Google Doodle art. There was nothing much special in that Doodle art. 

14. Google Doodle Halloween 2008 

Halloween 2008 Doodle art was created on 31st October 2008. It was again one of the spookiest Doodle arts of Halloween. Wes Craven was the designer of Halloween 2008 Doodle art. A spooky and scary pumpkin, a burning candle, a knife, and some other spooky elements made this Doodle art very scary. Because of this intense look, many people declared the Doodle art for Halloween 2008 the spookiest. 

15. Google Doodle Halloween 2007 

The Google Doodle team created Halloween 2007 Doodle art on 31st October 2007. There was no story behind the Halloween 2007 Doodle art. The Doodle art depicts an old room. That old room of a house is covered with spider webs, stairs, a chair, a mirror, a photo frame, and a chandelier. This Doodle art will give you a spooky vibe. It was a unique Doodle art for Halloween by Google. 

16. Google Doodle Halloween 2006 

Google Halloween Game

The Doodle of Halloween 2006 was created on 30th October 2006. It was again a simple Doodle art for Halloween. The Doodle art for Halloween 2006 showcased the letters in Google Word, covered in bandages. You will notice a skeleton’s hand coming out of the grave. It was a night scene because the moon was covered with clouds behind the letter ‘g.’ 

17. Google Doodle Halloween 2005

Google Halloween Game

The Doodle art for Halloween 2005 was a bit spooky. The Google Doodle team created it on 30 October 2005. The Doodle art depicts an image of a bizarre vampire. You can’t see the face of that vampire. But the outfit of the figure tells that it is a vampire. The hand of the vampire is scary. You will also notice some hanging bats from the letter ‘G,’ flying bats, a round yellow moon, and a mansion. 

18. Google Doodle Halloween 2004 

Google Halloween Game

Halloween 2004 Doodle art was created on 30th October 2004. This Doodle art was, again, a simple one. Halloween 2004 Doodle art told the life of a witch. It will show you how a witch lives or what she does. The Doodle art for Halloween 2004 showcased a witch flying on her magic broom far away near a round yellow moon. You will also find a witch hat, a pot, and a broom. 

19. Google Doodle Halloween 2003 

The Google Doodle team created the Halloween 2003 Doodle art on 31st October 2003. This Doodle art was cute rather than scary. A cute little boy dressed up as a ghost with a bucket in his hand for trick or treat. It was again a night scene. In the background, you can see a leafless tree and a round yellow moon. There was also a spooky pumpkin in front of the tree. The entire Doodle art was covered with mist. 

20. Google Doodle Halloween 2002 

The Doodle art for Halloween 2002 was effortless. It was created on 31st October 2002. It showcased a big mansion in the background. There was also a spooky pumpkin, flying bats, and a yellow round moon. The whole Doodle art for Halloween 2002 will remind you of a scary animated scene from a movie or a story. But the Doodle art was not that much scary. 

21. Google Doodle Halloween 2001 

The Doodle art for Halloween 2001 depicts the cute ghost, Casper. Those who are big fans of horror movies or love Halloween must be aware of the cute ghost Casper. The entire Doodle art gives a cute vibe rather than a spooky vibe. You will also find a spooky pumpkin and a frightened cat. This Doodle art was, again, a simple one. It was created on 31st October 2001.

23. Google Doodle Halloween 2000 

Google Halloween Game

The Doodle art for Halloween 2000 was created on 31st October 2000. Guest illustrator Lorie Loeb created it. The Doodle art showcased two spooky pumpkins. This Doodle art is a moveable animation that will captivate kids’ minds. The pumpkins were blinking their eyes, and you could also see lights in those pumpkins. You will also notice a spider web and a spider coming down from the web. 

24. Google Doodle Halloween 1999 

The Doodle Art for Halloween 1999 was one of the most simple Doodle Arts for Halloween. It was created on 31st October 1999. Halloween 1999 Doodle art depicts only two spooky pumpkins. There was nothing much special in that Doodle art. In 1999, Google was not that much proficient in making Doodle Arts. You will notice the difference when comparing the Halloween 1999 Doodle art with the Halloween 2022 Doodle art. 

25. Google Doodle Halloween 2012

The Google Doodle team decided to bring the trick-or-treat experience to the homepage of Google on Halloween 2012. It was created on 31st October 2012. The creator intended for you to feel the excitement of knocking on a neighbor’s door to see their costume and get a jackpot of a king-size candy bar. Halloween 2012 Doodle art depicts a house. You will notice some spooky monsters in the house’s doors and windows. 

26. Google Doodle Halloween 2018 

On Halloween 2018, Google created its first multiplayer interactive game powered by Google Cloud. The game was called Trick-or-Treat: The Great Ghoul Duel. It was created on 30th October 2018. Players worldwide join forces on one of two teams of four players in the Great Ghoul Duel Doodle game. Players must collect ghosts as much as possible within two minutes and return them to their home base. 

27. Google Doodle Halloween 2019 

Halloween 2019 Doodle art was created on 31st October 2019. Halloween 2019 Doodle art depicts a bunch of spooky and cute animals. Those animals were associated with ghost stories, Halloween decorations, and scary movies. The animal you see depends on the door you choose. This Doodle art is again the best example for kids. Kids like to play the games because the Halloween 2019 Doodle art is not scary. 

28. Google Doodle Halloween 2020 

Google Halloween Game

Because of COVID-19, people and their families spend more time at home. In light of this, Google launched a throwback Doodle series on 6 May 2020. At that time, Google launched some of its popular interactive Google Doodle games so that people could enjoy them while staying at home. This was a great initiative by Google for everyone. The Halloween 2020 Doodle art depicts a moving cat with a magic wand in its hand who vanishes a ghost. 

Wrapping Up

The Google Halloween Game doodles are a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday. They are also a great way to learn about different aspects of Halloween, such as its history and traditions. You can find details on the Google Doodle Halloween sequentially in the above post. 

Which Google Halloween Game Doodle do you find the scariest? Please share your views with me in the comments section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Halloween Google Doodle Game?

The Halloween Google Doodle Game, the Magic Cat Academy, was released to celebrate Halloween. In this popular browser game, you must rescue Momo, a feline cat, from ghosts.

2. Is Momo a girl cat?

Yes, Momo is a girl cat.

3. How does Momo look?

Momo is a black cat with round and big yellow eyes. Momo wears a gray robe and carries a magic wand.

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