How to Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working? 6 Quick Fixes!

How to Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working

YouTube users are going mad over this one issue- YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working for the past two-three days. Reddit is full of complaints that the Spacebar is not pausing and unpausing the YouTube video, and people are wondering if this issue is unique to them. Therefore, I’m here with some quick fixes to help resolve this issue.

There is an alternative to Spacebar, as you can use the ‘K’ Key to pause and unpause YouTube videos. But users are not comfortable with this change which requires them to change the muscle memory they have built over a long period of time. One user said, “Spacebar is much more reachable and convenient. K is a smaller button in the middle of the keyboard and can be missed easily. It’s a bit tedious.” So now the situation is that every time a user presses Spacekey, it either doesn’t work or scrolls down the YouTube page.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the article and learn how to fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working.

Why is YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working?

YouTube Spacebar pause not working issue can be due to many reasons, and naming one is a little difficult. But that doesn’t mean you cannot fix it, as the potential reason for such an issue is either a bug or some default in your system, and out of these two latter can be easily resolved using the fixes mentioned in this article.

But before looking at the fixes, let’s name some of the most common reasons for YouTube spacebar pause not working.

  • A Bug
  • Some issues with the compatibility of the Browser with YouTube
  • YouTube Settings.
  • Some issue with the Spacebar key in the Keyboard.
  • Outdated operating System

How to Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working?

How to Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working?

Now that you know what the potential reasons for Sapcebar pause not working for YouTube are, it is time to look for the fixes that will resolve the issue you are facing.

1. Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working by Refreshing the Page

If you find that the Spacebar key is not pausing and unpausing YouTube videos, then the first step you should go for is to refresh the page. This is because, many a time, some common glitches interfere with the normal functioning of the platform and can result in a particular function not working.

2. Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working by Check Your Keyboard

If, even after refreshing the YouTube page, the issue persists with the Spacebar key, then the next thing that is needed to be checked is your keyboard. Try to use the Spacebar in some other programs or websites and check if it works. If you find that the key is not working on other programs as well, then you know what is needed to be done- Repair! But if the key is working normally, then let’s move to the next fix.

3. Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working by Clear Cache and Cookies

 Clear Cache and Cookies

Another way that can be useful to fix issues like YouTube Spacebar pause Not Working is to clear the cache and cookies. To do that, follow the steps stated below:

Step 1: Press Ctrl + H.
Step 2: Select Clear Browsing Data.
Step 3: Select Cached images and Files only and unmark others.
Step 4: Tap on Clear Data.

And you are done! This will delete the Browser cache for you and will also fix the issue.

4. Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working by Disable Browser Extensions

If you are using any Browser extensions, it can also result in YouTube Spacebar not working. So try to disable browser extensions if any are in use and see if the Spacebar pause works normally again. On disabling, if you find that Spacebar is pausing and unpausing the video, then either remove it or disable it while using YouTube.

5. Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working by Trying a Different Browser

Clear Cache and Cookies

If you are using a browser other than Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox, it is advisable to switch to these browsers. These browsers are the most compatible browser with YouTube. And the reason for the Spacebar pause not working can be the incompatibility of the browser you are using to access YouTube.

6. Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working by Contact YouTube Support

If nothing works, at last, contacting YouTube Support is the last thing you should go for. Because if the above fixes couldn’t help you to fix the issue of the Spacebar pause not working, it is only the YouTube support team that can help out and can suggest you a foolproof solution.

You can report your issue to YouTube by following the steps stated below:

Step 1: Scroll down to the bottom of the side menu bar on the left.
Step 2: Tap on Send Feedback option.
Step 3: Write about the issue you are facing in the space.
Step 4: Tap on the Submit button.

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this, and I hope you now know how to fix YouTube Spacebar Pause not working. So without any delay, try these fixes out and tell me in the comments section which of them worked for you. And yeah, for any further queries related to YouTube, you can always comment in the comments section below.

So, guys, that is it for today. Take Care! And keep visiting our website, Path of EX, for more such queries related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Till then, Bye! Bye!

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why can’t I pause my YouTube video?

There was some bug that was interfering with the pause feature on YouTube, but now you can pause video either by tapping on Spacebar or the ‘K’ key.

2. Why is my YouTube short button not showing?

You might be using an outdated app if YouTube short button is not showing on the platform. Another reason can be some technical glitch or bug.

3. What is the smart pause feature?

The smart pause feature is an earbud feature that automatically pauses the playback when the earbud is removed from the ears and resumes the playback as you insert it again.

4. How do I turn off smart pause on YouTube?

You can turn off auto play on mobile under the Time Watched option on your profile page. There you can turn off the auto-play by turning the toggle off next to the option. You will not find this option on your PC. But Smart pause is something that is a feature of earbuds that you can not turn off.

5. What is the command to pause a YouTube video?

Click the ‘K’ key to pause a YouTube video as mentioned in the list of YouTube’s Keyboard Shortcuts. But Spacebar is most commonly used to pause YouTube videos.

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