How to Fix Roku Airplay Not Working in 2024 | Easy Troubleshooting Steps

Fix Roku Airplay Not Working

AirPlay is a specialized wireless transmission protocol stack/suite designed by Apple Inc. that enables audio, video, device screens, pictures, and associated metadata to be streamed between gadgets. Initially only available in Apple’s software and gadgets, it was known as AirTunes and was only used for sound. Since then, Apple has licensed the AirPlay network protocols as a third-party software application technology to producers who create products compatible with Apple’s gadgets. If you face an error like how to fix Roku Airplay not working, you need to go through the listed steps in the article.

AirPlay challenges on Roku can be driven by concerns with your iOS gadget, Roku, or internet service. However, most of AirPlay’s problems are internet-related or temporary concerns that can be resolved with a restart or reset. Because AirPlay specifically was designed to be user-friendly and necessitate little tweaking to get up and running, diagnostics issues with AirPlay are likewise simple.

I will take you down through the article to know all the troubleshooting steps that will help you to understand how to fix Roku Airplay not working.

How to Share iPhone Models to Roku Device

Fix Roku Airplay Not Working

AirPlay is among the most comfortable ways to share iPhone models with media players such as Roku. Subscribers can screen mirror films, songs, and some other video services from their iPhone gadgets to the Roku TV in a few seconds. However, as with any other software, the problem emerges when AirPlay stops working to link to Roku.

How to Fix Roku Airplay Not Working Issues?

Fix Roku Airplay Not Working

When looking to fix an error like fixing Roku Airplay not working, we understand that AirPlay troubles on Roku could arise from various causes, ranging from connection problems to transitory Roku mishaps and much more. It could be difficult to understand why something went wrong with AirPlay on Roku, but there are several basic remedies you could try to see whether they help.

1. Restart the Roku Device

Fix Roku Airplay Not Working

A restart, whereas simple, could even fix a broad range of temporary problems, so it’s a fine place to begin when looking for solutions. When it’s taken offline, pause a few seconds before powering it back up. Acting accordingly must resolve the issue like fix Roku Airplay not working.

2. Restart your Router and Modem if Necessary

Fix Roku Airplay Not Working

Because AirPlay is reliant on Wi-Fi, when you’re having trouble connecting, it’s possible that your AirPlay isn’t working with the Streaming platforms. Restarting your firewall and modem is a great way to resolve short-term network problems.

3. Attempting to Mirror the Screen

Fix Roku Airplay Not Working

While using AirPlay to mirror your screen on a Roku device, guarantee screen mirroring is turned on. This operation is only a few steps long, and if that was the issue, mirroring can begin making major modifications immediately.

4. Apple Supported Suggestion

Fix Roku Airplay Not Working

Follow Apple Support’s first-step suggestions for resolving problems like fix Roku Airplay not working. Apple suggests that you make sure two AirPlay systems are well within reach of one another, that these platforms are upgraded, and that both platforms are restarted.

Resetting your Gadget, however, it might sound drastic and should only be used as a last alternative, could fix a variety of problems with the Roku app’s programming. There’s nothing significant to bother about when you reset your Roku, but you’ll have to go through and select your configurations again.

5. Get in Touch with Roku Support or Apple Customer Support

Whereas the unlikely, there is a possibility you are experiencing a one-of-a-kind issue with your particular device such as fix Roku Airplay not working. Attempting to contact an official from either organization will ensure that you locate out if anything is faulty; maybe there is another solution to your problem.

How Can I Set Up Airplay on Roku Device?

To set up Airplay on Roku, you need to follow the underlying steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings option.
  2. Tap on System.
  3. Hit on the Fast TV Start option.
  4. Choose Enable Fast TV Start to authorize the TV switch on fast from rest mode while using Airplay.
  5. Make sure Airplay is turned on from Settings.
  6. Click on Airplay and then Homekit.
  7. Choose the required Code and select a different option to set the Airplay code priorities. or reset paired devices.

How Can I Airplay From an iPhone to a Roku TV?

To AirPlay from your iPhone to a suitable TV, kindly follow the below-given steps:

  1. Launch Command Center.
  2. Tap the AirPlay icon on your phone.
  3. Select your Roku TV. 
  4. Enter the AirPlay code that appears on your TV if prompted. 
  5. You can use a similar method to AirPlay from a Mac to a TV.

Wrapping Up

Let’s hope that the troubleshooting steps given in this article were of great help to you. The steps are designed very clearly and help understand and implement at home. You don’t need to be hardcore tech to use the instructions given in the article. If the problems are not solved, I recommend you contact the customer support service, either Roku or Apple. It would be best to help you out with this.

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