All Apple Event Updates in March 2022 | What’s New in Peek Performance?

All Apple Event Updates in March 2022 | What’s New in Peek Performance?

Apple just had the first launch event of 2022. Focusing on more affordable devices and some new finishes, Apple definitely brought something new to the table. The live event was streaming on Apple’s official website and on their YouTube channel. More than a million people were already watching the event five minutes before everything started. Considering the hype, here are all the Apple Event Updates in March 2022

The online stores of Apple were down as usual. Before and during every Apple event, the online stores are officially shut down. It’s done for various reasons. Firstly, it helps them hype their event more. Secondly, it stops its customers from buying any last-minute Apple devices at lower prices, which might be getting a new update in the event.

Last December, Apple increased its Mac revenue by 25%. This was the first cue for bloggers to guess that Apple might bring new devices in its Mac series. At exactly 11:15 PM, March 8, Tim Cook tweeted the link of live stream. The caption “Come take a peek” referred to the Apple event named Peek Performance.

Everything on Apple Event Updates on 8 March 2022 | All Announcements 

All Apple Event Updates in March 2022 | What’s New in Peek Performance?

Since 2020, Apple was referring to the first Apple Event of 2022, saying that spring is loaded”. Well, it is here, and it’s time to know about all the Apple event updates in 2022.

Along with new launches, people also expected some news on iOS 15.4 beta 5. However, Tim Cook did not announce anything about the RC release of the beta version. 

Apple is Entering Live Sports for the First Time Ever!

All Apple Event Updates in March 2022 | What’s New in Peek Performance?

Apple has collaborated with MLB and will stream live games every Friday night. Besides just live streaming the gameplays, Apple will also give pregame and postgame updates of Major League Baseball. Since there will be no local broadcast restrictions, users do not need to have an Apple TV+ subscription at all. 

No one can speculate whether Apple will charge anything for these MLB live game streams or not, but for now, there’s no news of that. Tim Cook also announced that Apple’s MLB live stream would air in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and South Korea.

Apple Launched Green iPhone 13 at Apple Event on 8 March

All Apple Event Updates in March 2022 | What’s New in Peek Performance?

Apple is introducing two more new colors for iPhones. iPhone 13 is getting a new “green” color, and iPhone 13 Pro is getting a new “alpine green”. You will be able to buy these phones from Friday onwards. Until then, you cannot even pre-book your orders. 

Apple Announces Budget iPhone SE Under $450

Among all the Apple event updates on 8 March, getting a budget iPhone might be the best news you will hear. Apple launched the iPhone SE, which is the updated version of the 2020 model. However, the newly launched iPhone SE will have 5G and a new Apple processor, A15.

iPhone SE looks the same as its previous model. With a 4.7 inch screen and Touch ID finger sensor, the budget iPhone has a 12-megapixel camera. 

All Apple Event Updates in March 2022 | What’s New in Peek Performance?

The new budget iPhone launched in the Apple March event in 2022, iPhone SE, costs only $429. iPhone SE will be dropped in the market from 18 March. 

iPhone SE costs only $429. However, it is still more expensive than the last cheapest iPhone model launched in 2020. The bump in price might be due to the all-new processor. 

Apple Launched iPad Air in Apple March Event 2022

Along with a budget iPhone, Apple also launched a new mid-range iPad, iPad Air. The new iPad has an M1 processor and 5G support. The same M1 processor is also used in iPad Pro, which is pricer than iPad Air. 

The front camera in iPad Air is wide-angled 12-megapixel lenses. This camera enables you to use another new feature called Center Stage. iPad Air costs $599 and will drop into Apple stores from March 18 onwards. 

Apple Launched Mac Studio Starting at $1999

After years, Apple has rolled out a new Mac model. The new Mac Studio is an aluminum box with SD card slots and a USB-C port. Mac Studio 2022 is bigger than the last Mac device, Mac Mini. 

You will get a separate Studio Display of a 27-inch screen size with a resolution of 5K. The Studio Display will also have a built-in camera, speakers, and an Apple chip. Using an M1 Ultra processor, the Studio is the most powerful Mac device ever. 

The cost of Mac Studio with M1 Mac chip starts from $1999, and the cost of the same model with M1 Ultra chip starts from $3999. Also, the cost of a separate Studio Display starts at $1599. 

All Apple Event Updates in March 2022 | What’s New in Peek Performance?

Additionally, Cook said, “We’ve transitioned nearly every product in the Mac lineup to Apple Silicon.”

Apple Hinted that a More Powerful Mac Pro is Down the Line

Apple’s Hardware Head, John Ternus, hinted by the end of the Apple March event that a more powerful Mac Pro is coming super soon. 

John Ternus said, “One more product to go: Mac Pro. But that’s for another day”. 

Here’s Everything Apple Announced on Apple March Event in 2022 

Apple Event — March 8

Wrapping Up

The Apple Event streamed only up to 58 minutes, and it is already trending everywhere. Comment below, what’s your take on Apple’s budget iPhone. Are you going to buy it? What about the first-ever game stream? 

Well, I think if Apple can enter into MLB then it can soon collaborate with Super Bowl and bigger events. Share this article with your fellow Apple enthusiasts. 

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