Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives | Choose the Right Aim in 2022

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Businesses are spreading their wings on social media platforms to expand their business. The power of social media has benefited businesses to achieve massive successes. Various social media platforms like Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook offer advanced features to stay connected with customers. One of the amazing features on Facebook that you use to create advertisements is the Facebook Ads Campaign. To use this feature effectively, you must know about the Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives.

Almost 97% of business uses social media platforms to increase their brand reach. However, it just needs the right strategy to increase the leads for the business. To achieve this, you have to set the aims and objectives for your business. Likewise, you need to set the campaign objectives for advertisements on Facebook to make the right decisions.

I know many of you are confused about how to choose the right Facebook ads campaign objectives. To make it easier for you, I am giving you a simple guide that helps you choose the right objectives. So, let’s get started.

3 Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives and  Goals To Set For Business

Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives | Choose the Right Aim in 2022

Advertisers and marketers know Facebook advertisements are important to increase the customers for the business. You might be thinking you have created the advertisements and your work is done? The answer is a big NO. You have to set the right objectives for your audience while choosing the Facebook ads campaign objectives.

For example, soft drink companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi have chosen the campaign objective as Brand awareness. This objective has helped them create brand awareness for their soft drink and generates.

Likewise, you have to choose the right Facebook ads campaign objectives for the success of your business. Your campaign objective describes how people can reach you. Let’s get started with how to set the Facebook ads campaign objectives.

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1. Awareness Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives

Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives | Choose the Right Aim in 2022

To set the Facebook ads campaign objective, go through the following steps-

  1. Open the Create New Campaign Page.
  2. Below you will see the option “Choose a campaign objective.” 
  3. Now, Set the Awareness objective.  You will see two options under this: Brand Awareness and Reach.

Brand awareness helps you to reach a large audience. It helps people to identify your brand among the various brands. Brand awareness increases the chance that people will like to buy the products from you. It helps you to increase website visits, grow the audience, and increase the leads for your business.

However, brand awareness needs a big budget to carry on the advertisement process. Large business organizations can follow the strategy, and small business organizations can choose other objectives.

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Reach helps you to get more and more views on your advertisement. If you set the Reach objective, Facebook helps you to show your advertisements among the target audience according to your budget limits. This objective is best suitable when you want advertisements to be seen by your niche audience. Reach also increases the impressions for your business.

2. Consideration Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives

Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives | Choose the Right Aim in 2022

The next objective is Consideration.  Under Consideration, you will see various options like Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation, and Messages. If you want the audience to take action, then Consideration is one of the best Facebook ads campaign objectives.

  1. Traffic increases the followers on your website, and you can set the optimization for Ad delivery like Link Clicks.
    Under Link Clicks, you will see two options like Landing Page Views and Link Clicks. Link Clicks will deliver your ads to the people who mostly like to click on your links.
  1. Engagement helps you to get more page likes, event responses, post reactions, comments, or shares.
  1. App Installs help you to increase the downloads of your app.
    App Installs are likely to show to the people who will download the application. If they click on your advertisements, they will be taken to the app store for downloading the application. 

Under App Installs, two options will appear:- Automated app ads and App ads.

Automated app ads improve the ads campaign process automatically. At the same time, App ads help you to manually set up and run your app campaign.

  1. Video Views helps to increase the video views on your advertisements among your target audience.
    You can choose the Optimisation for ad delivery like ThruPlay and 2- second continuous video views. This plays your advertisements for 15 seconds or shorter and 2 seconds or more. 
  2. Lead Generation helps you create a form as a Content question like Custom questions, or Perfil Questions. You can also choose the type of information you need from the customers like Email, Contact, Full name, or any other details.
  3. Messages help you to start a conversation with people. If someone clicks on your advertisements, they will be taken to messenger, and you have to respond to their messages or queries.

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3. Conversion Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives

Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives | Choose the Right Aim in 2022

The Conversion Facebook ads campaign objectives allow your audience to take specific action on your advertisement. You can choose various options like lead and purchase. Conversion Facebook ads campaign objectives help you to increase the sales for your business.

You see two options under the Conversion objective like Catalog Sales and Store Traffic.

Catalog Sales helps you showcase your products to the audience, while Store traffic helps you add multiple stores to drive all the traffic to your business website.

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Wrapping Up

So this was all about the Facebook ads campaign objectives. Set these objectives and see the growth for your business. These Facebook ads campaign objectives work according to the goals of your business. If you want to see good results, try the different Facebook ads campaign objectives and see what works best for you. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.


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