How to Create Instagram Reels Ads | Promote IG Reels on The Feed

How To Create Instagram Reels Ads To Increase Your Brand Reach?

Instagram Reels have created a viral sensation on Instagram. From celebrities to common people, reels have created a different platform for everyone. Creators and influencers are choosing Instagram reels to grab people’s attention. Now, the new rollout features Instagram Reels Ads are creating a buzz all around. If you want to know about this feature, keep reading the article.

Instagram is an amazing photo-sharing application, and Reels acted as an add-on to the charm of Instagram. We spend hours and hours on reels and enjoy video entertainment in our leisure time. Now, business owners can also benefit from reels and create awareness for their brand, products, or services.

If you are scrolling through the pages to get the information on Instagram Reels Ads, stop here and get every information right at your fingertips. So, let’s get started with the process right now.

How To Create Instagram Reels Ads To Increase Your Brand Reach?

How To Create Instagram Reels Ads To Increase Your Brand Reach?

Instagram Reels ads are the best platform where businesses and creators reach their brand. Reels ads appear on your full-screen. People can find your organic content flowing vertically on their feed. Reels ads are 30-second videos that create a loop form. The audience can like, share, and comment on your Reel ads.

Reels ads appear in the Reels icon, Explore icon, and the audience’s feed.

To discover organic content on Instagram, Instagram Reels are the perfect platform, and for the advertisements, it is a great fit. Whether you are running a large or small business, you can create a creative Instagram Reels ad format and let it flow on the feed.

Let’s get started with how to create Instagram Reels Ads. Go through the steps below-

1. Select the Objective

How to Create Instagram Reels Ads

To get started on creating Instagram Reels ads, select the objectives for the advertisements. For this, you can choose the Facebook ads manager to create the Instagram Reels ads. You will be asked to choose the campaign objectives. The following information will appear on your screen.

  1. Tap on Create New Campaign.
  2. Choose Campaign objective: Brand awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.
  3. Now, set your Brand name, Ad Set, and Ad.
  4. Tap on Continue.
  5. Now, fill the Special ad categories.
  6. Add Campaign details like Buying type and Campaign objective.
  7. Now, set Campaign budget optimization, Campaign budget, Campaign bid strategy, and Ad scheduling.
  8. Finally, tap on Next.

2. Fill Details at Ad Set Level

How To Create Instagram Reels Ads To Increase Your Brand Reach?

Once you have selected the objective, the next step is to fill in details at Ad Set level. Here, you can select the Budget, Schedule, and Target audience. You can set the target audience’s locations, detailed targeting, age, gender, and languages. Once you have adjusted the settings, click on the Next icon.

3. Place The Advertisement

How To Create Instagram Reels Ads To Increase Your Brand Reach?

To create the Instagram Reels ads, start creating the ad on the Placement page. You will see two options on Placement: Automatic placements and Manual placements.

  1. Click on the Manual Placement.
  2. Navigate down through the options and check the box of Instagram Reels.
  3. Click on Next.

4. Adjust Campaign Settings

How To Create Instagram Reels Ads To Increase Your Brand Reach?

In the Campaign settings, you can set brand safety, Inventory filter, Blocklist, Content type exclusion, and in-stream topic exclusions. Campaign settings help you correct mistakes and enjoy a safe experience for your advertisements. Once you are done with everything, click on Next.

5. Fill Details at Ad Level

3. Place The Advertisement

Now, set the Ad creative for your advertisements. Here, you can add Primary text, Headline, Optimize text per person, and CTA.

Below down, you will see the two options under Media: Add media and create Video.

  1. Click on Add media.
  2. Now, click on either  Upload media or Account videos.
  3. You will see the various options under Account videos: Business videos, Videos URL, and Page videos if you have opted for multiple ad placements.
  4. Set the Length duration, Aspect ratio, and width. 

You can crop the video if the video length is inappropriate for the Instagram Reels ads. For this, go to the left side of the screen and tap on Crop.

6. Publish Your Instagram Reels Ads

How To Create Instagram Reels Ads To Increase Your Brand Reach?

Now, it is time to publish your reel. Before tapping on the Publish icon, you can select Tracking for your advertisement. This helps you to track the events of Website events, App events, and offline events. Finally, click on the Publish icon.

Wrapping Up

Instagram reels advertising is an entertaining feature for the audience. Now, you can reach potential customers with the help of Instagram Reels Ads. Feel free to share the article with your friends. Now it is time for a wrap-up. Stay tuned for the exciting updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you promote IG Reels?

You cannot promote IG Reels on the Instagram application. However, you can promote ig Reels on the Facebook Ads Manager.

Can you promote a Reel on Instagram?

No, you cannot promote a Reel on Instagram. You can promote only through the Ads Campaign.

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