Did Spotify Remove Liked Songs? Get Your Liked Songs Back With This Trick

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Twisha Shah
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Are you missing those red hearts on your favorite music app Spotify? Well, Spotify has made music much easier to catch for users. The convenience of the app is much more than you think. However, users are thinking about why Spotify is down. If you are also here to know about did Spotify remove liked songs, then let us jump on the whole story.

I woke up today and was about to start my liked playlist on Spotify, and guess what – there were no red heart songs. It was quite disheartening that all my efforts to collect good Spotify artists and albums got wasted. My first doubt was about my Spotify subscription. Maybe it is expired, but it was not the reason.

If you are also unaware of the reason, then you will get a lot more here. I have shared below all the updates about did Spotify remove liked songs. So stick to the post to get those songs’ vibes back.

Did Spotify Remove Liked Songs?

Spotify ; Did Spotify Remove Liked Songs? Get Your Liked Songs Back With This Trick

No, Spotify has not removed liked songs from the app. You cannot see the liked songs because of the app glitch or bug. Spotify never removes the liked songs intentionally.

Apart from the app glitch, there could also be other reasons for Spotify not working, like you are using the standalone app. Moreover, it is also possible that a user has accidentally unliked the songs.

If you are upset and thinking about why Spotify removed heart and how I can get it back, then do not worry. I have shared below some easy ways that you can try to get Spotify-liked songs back on your app.

  1. Update your Spotify app.
  2. Try to Re-install your Spotify app.
  3. Go to Spotify settings and check for hidden songs.
  4. Go to Your Library in the Spotify app and check for your liked songs.
  5. Try to Log in and log out from your Spotify app.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I have covered all about did Spotify remove liked songs. The app is going through some app glitch, so Spotify removed heart is a rumor. So there are chances that your app is not updated or you accidentally have unliked songs accidentally. I have shared some easy fixes that you can try to get your songs back. Follow Path of EX for more updates. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Spotify remove liked songs?

No, Spotify has not removed any liked songs. So if you cannot see any of your selected themes, then it is because of an app glitch.

How to get Spotify-liked songs back?

You can get the Spotify-liked songs back by visiting your library and hiding some settings.


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