5 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs of 2022 | Detail Guide of Cheap Gaming Chairs

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Gaming is the best entertainment source for the new generation these days. People love to play trending games on their PC, TV, and iPads, but they need comfortable sitting. If your gaming chair is not comfortable, it can create a bad posture, and you will not be able to give a good performance in-game. I have shortlisted the top 5 cheap gaming chairs for you, which will not force you to sacrifice quality and will give you perfect sitting at the same time.

Whenever we plan to buy a new gaming chair, we should focus on things like whether it has good lumbar or neck pillows. What’s the weight limit of the chair? Does it have a good recline? I have considered all your questions so you will get an amazing option for the affordable chair here. I have set a $300 budget for this affordable gaming chair guide. You will get a 4D armrest, lumbar back and neck support, and everything in these chairs.

Take your gaming experience to the next level with more comfort and luxury. You will get good options of cheap gaming chairs without any compromise.

Top 5 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs of 2022

Click here to know more about best budget gaming chair. You can choose cheap gaming chair without compromising on quality.

If we talk about cheap gaming chairs, then they can cost you from $100 to a max of $250 dollars. In fact, sometimes you will get them for under $100. Whenever we think about buying cheap gaming chairs, we fear that gaming chairs will break after a few days or months. I will show you some affordable gaming chair options which are good in quality too. 

I have included those chairs which have good cushions, and they will not sink when you sit on them. These gaming chairs are firm enough to sit on, and you will enjoy your gaming process. These affordable gaming chairs come with so many customizations like you can adjust the headrest, lumbar support, and tilt too. You easily recline them to feel the luxury and comfort. To buy a good gaming chair, check out the below-mentioned list.

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1. Cougar Explore S

Click here to know more about best budget gaming chair. You can choose cheap gaming chair without compromising on quality.

The Cougar Explore S knows how it can fit into your budget gaming chair option without sacrificing quality. Cougar Explore S is made with a robust steel frame, and it has great durability. This chair can support up to 264 pounds, so you do not need to worry about heavy weights on a chair. Cougar S is made with a racer seat and has good quality foam wrapped with classy PVC leather. 

The material of Cougar S is very breathable, so you can recline while playing your games. If we talk about the wheels of the chair, it is larger than other wheels. Larger wheels will give you more stability and amazing flexibility to move around. Cougar S comes with extra comfort facilities. This chair does not have any built-in support but does not worry. It comes with a neck and back pillow, which can solve your resting purpose.

Cougar S has 3D arm support, which gives better rest and good alignment to your arms. However, the Cougar Explore offers a relaxing reclinable backrest that is not attached to the chair, so you can enjoy your movement during the game. So, this can be a good gaming chair option for you.

Price: $249


  1. Seat Height: 15-17.32″
  2. Seat Width: 25.8″ 
  3. Seat Depth: 22.44″ 
  4. Backrest Length: 34.3″
  5. Backrest Width: 21.5″ 
  6. Tilt: 90-155°
  7. Facilities: 3D armrests, lumbar pillow, padded headrest
  8. Weight Capacity: 264.55 lbs

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2. OFM ESS Collection Generation 2.0

Click here to know more about best budget gaming chair. You can choose cheap gaming chair without compromising on quality.

If you are not that much impressed with Cougar S features, then do not worry; you will like the OFM ESS chair. The first generation of this chair is very successful so you might like the 2nd generation. If you are here, especially for a good racing chair, then this is perfect. The best part is it does not have bucket seats. 

You will feel complete freedom in terms of a good position. It gives the best alignment to your legs. You will be very relaxed about those wings which come in your way often while sitting. The seat of the OFM ESS  is made with bonded leather material which gives you more comfort. 

You will get padded armrests in this chair which you can also flip for better alignment. If you love to lean back during your gaming for your relaxation, then it gives the best adjustable tilt. You will get lumbar neck support which you can adjust as per your sitting arrangements.

Price: $184


  1. Width 48.2 x 28.1
  2. Height 30.3
  3. Facilities: flip-up armrests, lumbar support, neck support, tilt
  4. Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

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3. Razer Enki X

Click here to know more about best budget gaming chair. You can choose cheap gaming chair without compromising on quality.

If you are looking for a bucket seat chair for your racing games, but it does not suit your budget, then Razer Enki X is for you. Razer X looks like an expensive gaming chair, but it is not. Razer Enki X is one of the cheap gaming chairs. This option is perfect and affordable. The only missing thing in this chair is the 4D armrests. 

You will get perfectly wide sitting with a soft cushion which can help you to sit in a good posture. However, you will not get the reactive tilt in this but you can still recline this chair up to 152 degrees. Razer X comes with 2D armrests which will help you to change the height of the armer. You can also rotate the armrests for the perfect gaming position. So, we can say Razer X  is a racing-style gaming chair.

Price: $299


  1. Seat Width: 21″
  2. Tilt: 152° recline
  3. Facilities: 2D armrests, built-in lumbar arch
  4. Weight Capacity: 299 lbs

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4. Corsair TC60

Click here to know more about best budget gaming chair. You can choose cheap gaming chair without compromising on quality.

Sitting is very important when it comes to good gaming chairs. There are so many gaming chairs on the market that give PU leather or pleather, which is not good for your skin if you are wearing shorts and playing games for hours and hours. You can avoid that sticky leather by switching it with fabric chairs. The Corsair TC60 is a perfect fabric chair that has breathable fabric and an affordable price. We can consider it as one of the cheap gaming chairs with perfect racing qualities.

You can recline your chair after every match to relax. It has an amazing synchronized tilt, so you can easily lean back during gaming. You will get adjustable armrests, so that will help you to adjust the height. Corsair TC60 has great lumbar support, which gives you amazing comfort.

Price: $169 


  1. Seat Height: 16.8-20.4″ 
  2. Seat Width: 22.6″
  3. Seat Depth: 17″
  4. Backrest Length: 33.46″ 
  5. Backrest Width: 22.12″ 
  6. Tilt range: 105° 
  7. Facilities: Synchronized tilt, 3D adjustable armrests, Built-in lumbar support
  8. Weight Capacity: 264.5 lbs

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5. Respawn 205 Gaming Chair

Click here to know more about best budget gaming chair. You can choose cheap gaming chair without compromising on quality.

If you are feeling a little hot while playing your games, it is because of the fabric of your gaming chair. The Respawn 205 gaming chair has an affordable price, and it offers a perfect seat that will give you a backrest. The leather of the Respawan 205 is breathable and gives perfect airflow while you are gaming. This chair is constructed with a steel frame so it supports heavy weights.

Basically, Respawan 205 has a perfect bucket seat with caster wheels. It also has perfect lumbar support for long hours gamers. Respawn 205 has 4D armrests so you can set your arms perfectly during gaming. If you love taking breaks during your gaming, then, it will allow you to recline your chair up to 130 degrees.

Price: $175


  1. Seat Height: 19-23″
  2. Seat Width: 20.5″
  3. Seat Depth: 20.5″ 
  4. Tilt: 90-130°
  5. Facilities:  4D adjustable armrests, lumbar pillow, neck pillow 
  6. Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

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Wrapping Up 

In this article, we have learned about cheap gaming chairs which you can buy. I have covered the top 5 budget gaming chairs which have the latest features and are perfect for gamers. I hope you got all your answers for buying a cheap gaming chair with all features. Follow Path of EX  for more tech articles and step-by-step guides. Have a great day!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming laptops worth it?

If you love to move around and often travel then a gaming laptop is the perfect device for you.

Is a gaming chair good for office work?

Yes, you can use a gaming chair for office work also.

What height should my chair be?

The height range of your chair should be 16 to 21 inches. It works well for almost everyone. 


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