Is Samsung S8 5G Compatible & What Samsung Devices are 5G Compatible?

Is Samsung S8 5G Compatible?

The advent of 5G has made lives as fast as the internet. People are using 5G for enhanced transmission speed. 5G has far better connectivity and lower latency. all major cellular phone brands like Samsung and iPhones are adopting 5G. So, if you are a Samsung user like me, you might be thinking, is Samsung S8 5G Compatible?

The compatibility quotients depend on the chip and the year of the model. The latest Samsung phones are 5G compatible. With 5G, there is a higher possibility of implementing virtual networks. With 5G, it is like carrying a world of infinite possibilities with you.

The premium range of mobiles phone are being launched with 5G. 5G uses wave-based frequency, considered to be the fastest in wireless mobile communication industry. So, the point is with the earlier versions. In this case, if you think is Samsung S8 5G compatible? We have the answer.

Is Samsung S8 5G Compatible?

Is Samsung S8 5G Compatible?

So, the answer to the query is Samsung S8 5G compatible is No. No, Samsung S8 is not 5G compatible. As of now, only the higher-end premium line cellular phones are 5G compatible.

Why Is Samsung S8 Not 5G Compatible?

Well, though new Samsung phones are 5G compatible, Samsung S8 is not 5G compatible.

1. This particular model is not 5G compatible because the cellular chip that the phone contains, is limited to 4G LTE.

Is Samsung S8 5G Compatible?

2. The 4G technology that the Samsung S8 mobile phone uses is not 5G network friendly.

3. The 4G mobile phones are designed to receive frequency using 4G. For 5G compatibility, Samsung S8 requires an in-built 5G capable modem, such as Qualcomm XT55. Samsung Galaxy S8 lacks.

4. Samsung Galaxy S8 possesses 4G LTE modem. On similar lines, even the latest S10 lineups do not support 5G networks.

5. Do not get confused if your WiFi supports 5G, and accidentally your 4G model connects. It can connect, but it does not imply the phone is 5G. You might see 5Ge, which means enhanced LTE.

Is Samsung Galaxy S8 Tab 5G Compatible?

Is Samsung S8 5G Compatible?

For some regions Samsung Galaxy S8 Tab is 5G compatible, while for some regions, it is not. Also, in some regions, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus supports 5G, while the S8 has to rely on LTE. It is a setback that Samsung is not selling even the LTE versions of the S8 Tab in the US.

Which is better? 4G or 5G Phones in 2022?

Even if 5G phones are available in your country, with the best of features and technology, your 4G phone, like Samsung Galaxy S8, is equally competent. Remember the time when 4G was launched? It took time to get into action. So, if your 4G Samsung Mobile is new and working well, you can wait for some time to get 5G into action.

Wrapping Up

Here is your answer to the query is Samsung Galaxy S8 5G compatible? And, as you know, the answer is no. The reason is also mentioned above. Every day, we get to see technological advancements. 5G is undoubtedly seeing the world with a new lens altogether. However, it does not necessarily mean that your 4G Samsung phone is not worth it. Every technology that is introduced takes time to process. So, wait, and you can purchase the new device when required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Samsung S8 5G compatible? If no, Why?

No, Samsung S8 is not 5G compatible because the cellular chip is 4G LTE limited.

Can I make my Samsung S8 5G compatible?

You cannot do so, because this device does not support 5G.

Is Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Tab 5G compatible?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Tab is 5G compatible.

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