All Among Us Characters: Roles and Colors | Updated List of 2022

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Among Us has taken over our hearts since forever! Its mystery plots, codes, and suspicious gameplay have always been a huge hit. With time, the creators keep introducing new elements and features. Among them, one such update really created a buzz among its fans- The introduction of Among Us Characters. But what exactly are the roles of these characters in the gameplay? Go on and you will learn a lot about the Among US Characters, including how many Among Us characters are there and their defined role-plays.

There are a total of 12 crewmates types available in Among Us. Every Among Us Character brings in a lot of quirkiness and a distinct vibe throughout the game. Adding more, one of the best features of Among Us characters is that they are customizable from head to toe. You can play with their outfits, avatar, and a whole lookout as many times a day. 

There are many other games like Among Us but no one can ever beat the specialities of these 12 Among Us characters. Go on further and look how you can adorn your basic Among Us gameplay with something fun and exciting. 

Who Are Among Us Characters? 

Among Us characters are the crew members of a spaceship that own the faceless avatars, representing the anonymous identity of the players. There are a total of 12 Among Us characters, and each one has a different color of spacesuit. Players with different characters can either comply with the crewmate role or a totally random one. These roles include the role of an engineer, scientist, ghost, or guardian angel. 

These Among Us characters are invaded by a strange and deadly imposter. However, the imposter can be any one of the crewmembers available. The fun fact is no one can ever differentiate the imposter from the crewmate as everyone looks quite the same. Also, there is no pre-defined hierarchy of these crewmembers which means anyone can perform any task present on the ship. 

Continue to read and learn how many roles are there for Among Us characters and how you can change the name of these Among Us characters before starting the new round. 

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How Many Among Us Characters Are Present In The Game?

There are a total 12 Among Us characters present in the game where each one has a different color of spacesuit, exhibiting a different kind of traits.

Different Among Us Characters Based On Roles

There are different roles available for Among Us Characters which play a major role in the whole gameplay of Among Us. Read out loud the further dropped features of these roles and fulfill your role of Among Us character today. 

1. Engineer 

An engineer has the ability to imply the vents like a pro imposter. Although this cannot be done during a clean vent task, this can do wonders when another vent is interconnected with it. 

2. Scientist

Scientist holds the ability to make the best use of portable Vitals monitor, available on any place of the map. Though they should not forget that these portable vital monitors do come along with a limited charge and they require a charging that can be done by performing various tasks. 

3. Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is said to be the killed crewmember who acts as a shield to other living crewmates and protects them from being killed by the impostor. This is one of the most reliable role of Among Us characters.

4. Ghost

Another killed crewmember that is considered as the most visionary role among the Among Us characters is Ghost. After being ejected, a ghost ought to move faster and communicate with the living crewmates in any functional way. 

5. Sheriff

The role of Sheriff is yet to be implemented though it was announced during the Summer game fest. As the makers cannot afford to skip this major role of Among Us characters, there are high chances that Sheriff will be introduced in the next update. 

6. Impostor

Impostors can be as random as one thinks it to be. As the gameplay of Among Us begins, every player gets a fair chance to be an Imposter without considering any prior record or experience. Impostor plays the major role in leading the further game ahead. 

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7. Shape Shifter

The last Among Us character based on a role is Shape Shifter. This Among Us character allows the impostors to transform into crewmates. They can change their player’s color, wearables, and even name to fit in perfectly among the other crewmates.  

Amazing, isn’t it? The above-mentioned roles of Among Us characters do define this whole gameplay of Among Us as an exclusive masterpiece. 

Different Among Us Characters Based On Colors

https://www.yoAmong Us Characters: Updated List Of 2022 | Colourful Among Us

Unboxing one of the finest treasures in Among Us! There are a total of 12 Among Us characters available in the gameplay and every Among Us character has its own pretty color. Further is the list of all the Among Us characters, read along!

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Brown
  4. Cyan
  5. Green
  6. Lime
  7. Orange
  8. Pink
  9. Purple
  10. Red
  11. White
  12. Yellow

Every color represents the unique traits of every character with a visor, two legs, and a backpack. Choose wisely and make the most of these Among Us characters. 


Though these different colors of Among Us characters is always a vibe, Among Us also introduces you to one of the amazing attributes: Cosmetics. Cosmetics allows the player to customize his distinct-colored character with wholesome elements available. Players can put to use various hats, nameplates, pets, skins, and visor cosmetics to embellish his Among Us character into something fancy. 

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How To Change The Name Of Your Among Us Characters?

How To Change The Name Of Your Among Us Characters?

This is one of the amazing features inbuilt in the Among Us Characters! You, as the player, can change your Among Us character’s name and trick your pals after every round. All you need to do is follow 3 simple steps. Read along to know how you can change the name of your Among Us characters:

1. Go to the ‘Online’ menu.

2. Click Enter Name.

3. Enter your new name

Easy right? These three simple steps mentioned above to change the name of Among Us characters can really upgrade your basc gameplay to another whole level. Now, to know how many Among Us characters are really present in the game, you have to checkout further. 

Among Us characters is the crucial driver of Among Us that puts in the players to a whole insane mood. Their suspicious energy shoots up with the different-colored spacesuit of their Among Us character. As they can even change the name of their Among Us characters timely after every round, players have always considered Among Us as one of the amusing games available. Talking about the other feature Cosmetics, players of Among us have always been on the roll with their Among Us characters and other fun-elements.

Wrapping Up

Summing up the ultimate guide of Among Us characters, all we can say is Among Us characters do play a major role in the whole gameplay. Obvio! Which player will ever stick around a boring and dull game.  

I hope all your questions regarding the Among Us characters are answered well. It is always a pleasure to serve you better. Path of EX welcomes any kind of suggestions and opinions with open arms. Feel free to write to us underneath!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Among Us characters called?

Each player takes on one of two roles. Some of them are Crewmates, and the least number call themselves Impostors.

2. Are Among Us characters humans?

The Among Us characters are humanoid creatures with a portly appearance, and they wear full-body spacesuits and small backpacks. 

3. What is the name of the black Among Us character?

Black was initially called “Gray” and is usually used as The Impostor.

4. Why do Among Us characters have one bone?

If An Impostor kills a Crewmate, they will leave behind a decapitated corpse, which appears as the bottom half of the body lying down with a single bone sticking out of it.


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