8 Alternate Hobbies For A Gamer In 2024 | Discover Your Passion

8 Alternate Hobbies For A Gamer In 2023 | Discover Your Passion

Being a gamer and keeping a continuous check on new releases? That’s a vibe! Undoubtedly, we all love binging over multiple multilayer games with our friends. Adding more, diving into old classics can never be low-stream. In this article, we will unveil some of the drool-worthy hobbies for a gamer. Head on! 

Although, with multiple streaming options, game pass services, digital storefronts, and portable consoles like the Steam Deck, improving smartphone games and more platforms really puts a question mark to our smooth gaming. Obvio, too many options do confuse us and shift our focus from gaming to streaming options. 

Hence, here, you will find a list of some cool hobbies which you, as a gamer, can try. Though it is very tough for a gamer to switch their interest, it is important to let your interest flow and spend some more time outdoors. Read along through this article and try out some of the cool hobbies for you as a gamer. Be it craft, exercise, or dance! Dig in!

8 Cool Hobbies To Try Out As A Gamer | Explore Your Interests

Looking for something more than gaming? We’ve got you covered. With the ultimate expansion of the gaming world, it can sometimes be monotonous to sit in front of a screen all day long. Have a look below for some of the best thrilling hobbies you can get your hands on. 

1. Drone Control

8 Alternate Hobbies For A Gamer In 2023 | Discover Your Passion

The very first hobby in the list of best hobbies to try out as a gamer is Drone Control. TBH, it is one of the best things for gamers to be one of the Drone operators. With the Drone Control, one can enjoy an ultimate flying experience using a handy controller. It allows you to focus all along and also exhibit some photography skills using an attached camera. You can also experience some thrilling stunts. To get started, you can head on to DJI Mini 3 and learn to use a drone there. 

2. Adventure Novels

8 Alternate Hobbies For A Gamer In 2023 | Discover Your Passion

Gaming with reading? Yes Yes! Reading is an amazing hobby among the fantastic hobbies to inculcate while you are midway through your game. Though reading and gaming are two opposite worlds, reading introduces you to a new world in detail; gaming is a completely dynamic world for you to dive in. 

Here, you can find many gaming adventures in novels. Be it the Halo Series to Warhammer 40K and other Sci-fi series, and read the in-detail information on the gaming franchise. For instance, you can learn about the political implications of designing Spartan warriors in Halo and explore two different worlds through reading and gaming. 

3. Dungeons, Dragons & Tabletop Games

8 Alternate Hobbies For A Gamer In 2023 | Discover Your Passion

Next best hobby among the 8 cool hobbies to try out as a gamer is Dungeons, Dragons & Tabletop Games. Though Dungeons and Dragons are more mainstream than ever, it has a lot more niches and spinoffs to fall for. It has a defined ruleset that can be used for tabletop gaming and also, can be put into action in computer RPGs too. 

For instance, the Pathfinder RPG games use the Pathfinder RPG system to provide you with the in-person experience and be prepared for your gaming time. Although, one can also play some board games just so as to enjoy the moment. These board games are becoming extremely popular today, especially when one is not really interested in joining a team sport. 

4. Cosplaying

Cosplay was initially initiated as a novelty in Japan, and with time it became popular worldwide. This is a fun platform that brings many people together and involves multiple crafting techniques all along. Here, you can find many different characters like Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil, Kratos from God of War, and Gordon Freeman from Half-Life. 

As you dress as any one of these characters using make-up, finding the right wig, and wearing an appropriate dress, you can find or craft yourself and alter and textile efforts such as sewing, dyeing, coloring, and building props. 

Hence, Cosplaying is a mega-crafting platform that can absolutely fit into the list of amazing hobbies you can try on as a gamer. 

5. Classic Merchandise Collecting & Selling

8 Alternate Hobbies For A Gamer In 2023 | Discover Your Passion

Being a gamer, it is in our blood to identify minute details, track value, and understand the cost of embedding a particular hobby. Hence this is where Classic merchandise collecting and selling hobby comes into existence. It involves retro games, figurines, trading cards, and dealing in antiques and fashion accessories. 

With this hobby, gamers can learn the art of negotiating and choosing a premium product among the ones available. As you will go along with the process of buying and selling, you can create your own collection and get excited with your merchandise. 

6. Team Sports

8 Alternate Hobbies For A Gamer In 2023 | Discover Your Passion

Wanna be in shape and still not leave the gaming vibe? Team Sports hobby is meant to be yours. With this, no one can ever feel lazy, sitting on the couch and just merely using their fingers. 

This is where Team Sports come into action. People can start with Martial arts for now and can implement their discipline into some more focused outdoor games. Starting from the five-a-side soccer league to playing tennis, these games can allow you to enjoy yourself with your friends and be active at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Be ready to get your physique in shape with Team Sports!

7. Car Conventions

Going on with the list of best hobbies to try out as a gamer, the next hobby we have is Car Conventions. With Car conventions, a gamer can invest his love for winning in car racing games. Here, one can accelerate their speed and go along with the tacks. Be it early mornings, soothing evenings, or blurry nights, Car conventions really drive our excitement in every possible way. 

Get your license, buy a car, and race up your chilling veins with Car Conventions. 

8. Learn An Instrument!

Last but definitely not the least! If you are looking for alternative hobbies for a gamer, Learning an instrument can be suitable for you if you find joy in tunes and beats. You can either learn guitar through titles like Rocksmith or try any other musical instrument. With this, you can finally get away from your screen and use multiple other devices like DJ decks. 

Button presses at the right time, remaining creative within distinct rules, and learning more about yourself and the world through a discipline – sharing the joy of gaming and learning an instrument can be paired in more ways than one.

Here it is! You have finally encountered some of the best alternate hobbies to try out as a gamer. Which one comes out as your fav? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about 8 Cool Hobbies To Try Out As A Gamer. Check out the above guide and let us know which one interests you the most. My personal fav is Classic Merchandise Collecting and Selling. If you have an interest in antiques and fashion accessories, you can also try it. 

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and we will get back to you asap. 

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