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One of the widely used and popular social media platforms across the globe – Instagram, is a rather fun-oriented and entertainment app. But as they say, there are two sides to the same coin. In this article, we’ll shed some light on why Instagram is toxic.

You might have seen your friends taking a break from Instagram which leaves you wondering why exactly people do this. Is Instagram really toxic? Yes, It CAN BE toxic if used in an unhealthy manner. And that’s exactly what we’re going to cover in our article.  

Check out how exactly Instagram can become toxic for your lifestyle if left with unchecked and improper usage.

  • Unrealistically-Set Standards
  • Reel vs Real
  • The FOMO
  • Stuck in an Infinite Scroll Loop
  • The IG – Addiction
  • Messed Up Time Management

Read along the article to better understand each point on why the IG could be toxic for you.

Reasons Why Instagram is Toxic?

We’re fully aware of the positives that the IG community brings to the world from motivation to laughter to positive vibes. However, this is an article about the dark side that the IG can bring if used inappropriately. 

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1. Unrealistically- Set Standards

How does this reason assert the idea that Instagram is toxic?

A toxic behavior from the IG app that we, as people, have cultivated is the senseless comparison of our lives with the lives of top influencers. The feeds of these influencers can leave some of us with unrealistic standards about our bodies. This constant comparison leads to low confidence and low self-esteem along with self-doubt and a sense of poor body image.

6 Reasons Why Instagram is Toxic: Unrealistically-Set Standards
Source: stayglam.com

Already with lower self-esteem, some people become an easy target for manipulation and some brands exploit this very fact and market their products to make us feel better about ourselves. Once you understand this toxic cycle, it’s easy to break out of it. 

2. Reel vs Real

How does this reason assert the idea that Instagram is toxic?

Oftentimes, we get so lost in the virtual world that reality seems to be an illusion. The countless number of hours spent watching the Reel videos on Instagram can leave us with a false sense of pleasure (courtesy of dopamine!)

As a consequence of this unchecked usage of the social platform, our Real-life suffers. Our daily tasks, our goals, our plans to meet with friends – everything gets put on hold because of the very fact of the easily available dopamine kicks from using the IG app.

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3. The FOMO

How does this reason assert the idea that Instagram is toxic?

FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out is a form of social anxiety. FOMO is described as being in constant touch with people and/or events as a response to the belief that something interesting is going on somewhere(or with someone).

6 Reasons Why Instagram is Toxic: The FOMO
Source: nottherapy.us

You already might know someone from your group dealing with FOMO. And even if you don’t, just recognize that the toxicity is real (not limited to only IG) and the mental exhaustion the app brings is real too.

4. Stuck in an Infinite Scroll Loop

How does this reason assert the idea that Instagram is toxic?

The interface of the Instagram app is great. Add in a variety of content like memes, dance videos, goofy videos of dogs and cats, etc. from hundreds and thousands of users across the globe, and we’ve got an endless feed in front of us that not only takes up our valuable time but also affects the mental health to a certain degree.

6 Reasons Why Instagram is Toxic: Stuck in an Infinite Scroll Loop
Source: BroBible

Once you indulge in an infinite scroll loop, it’s easy to guess that you’re probably going to end up spending hours of worth of time in that mindless scrolling. This is not healthy from both the physical and psychological points of view. There has to be some restraint put into place for the effective use of the app.

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5. The IG – Addiction

How does this reason assert the idea that Instagram is toxic?

The next point is a closely associated problem with the endless loop of posts on Instagram. Let me ask you this: How many times has it happened that you come out of the IG App, only to find yourself again scrolling through your feed and checking for messages within minutes of putting down your device? If you find yourself relating to this situation, then my friend you’re on the Instagram addiction.

6 Reasons Why Instagram is Toxic: The IG - Addiction
Source: nexusnewsfeed.com

It’s not a bad thing, per se, but the toll it takes on your mental health can prove detrimental in the long run. Just like with other addictions, this IG addiction could be reversed and overcome but first acknowledge the fact that you’re, indeed, an addict of this vicious cycle. And then start working on limiting your time to the app.

6. Messed Up Time Management

How does this reason assert the idea that Instagram is toxic?

Talking about limiting the time in the app, we find ourselves in yet another inter-linked point (All these points are connected at a deeper level) – the messed-up time management. It’s no surprise to see someone putting off their important tasks because they are too busy in the virtual world of dogs and cats and whatnot! (Sidenote – I adore animals, not a fan of the human ones though).

6 Reasons Why Instagram is Toxic: Messed Up Time management
Source: ThoughCo

Using Instagram poorly has crippled a huge chunk of the world’s population. No doubt, running your fingers through the feed all day will disrupt your daily schedule. This is a more major issue than it sounds. The improper use of the Instagram app has the potential to derange your lifestyle. If you find yourself missing out on your responsibilities and duties due to the app, then let it be a reality check for you.

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Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our journey on Why Instagram is Toxic. We hope that you take into account the points mentioned in the article and work on a better routine for using the IG app. Let us know if you relate to some of the points made in the article, in the comment section below.

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